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A Collection of Twitter Tweets on LIFE Lessons/Motivation/Inspiration/Dhamma for Reflection to grow in Compassion, Wisdom and Peace. The Tweets are mostly written in poetic form with URL links for more points of relevance to the Tweets.

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Thoughtful Twitter Tweets To Treasure

  3. 3. iiiiTHE GIFT OF DHAMMA EXCELS ALL OTHER GIFTSTitle: Thoughtful Twitter Tweets To TreasureAuthor: Oh Teik BinTeluk Intan, Perak, MalaysiaFront and back cover by Oh Teik BinEmail: ohteikbin@gmail.comPrinted for free distributionNot for saleThis edition (2013) : 1000 copiesThis Dhamma Dana literature is a gift, printed solely for freedistribution. Lots of other educational and Dhamma material bythe same author are available at the following Websites: copyright is applicable to this publication and anyorganizations, societies or individuals are welcome to reprintpart or all of it. However, such reprints must be for freedistribution. It would be appreciated if the author could beinformed by email of any reprint.Printed by: Majujaya Indah Sdn. Bhd (85902-U)68 Jalan 14E Ampang New Village68000 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Kuala Lumpir, MalaysiaTel: 03-42916001
  4. 4. iiiiiiDEDICATION“Thoughtful Twitter Tweets To Treasure”is dedicated in ever loving memory ofMy late ParentsOH KHAY LENG ( 1924 – 1999 )LIM SAW GHIM ( 1924 – 2012 )ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSMy sincere thanks and gratitude go to the following:All Sangha and lay members who have taught the sublimeDhamma and valuable LIFE LESSONS atPersatuan Buddhist Hilir Perak, Teluk Intan since 1987All my friends who have in one way or other contributed tomy growth in the DhammaThis book has been sponsoredfor free distributionFrom the Royalty Payment of my Book“Wisdom From Laughter”DEDICATION OF MERITSMay all beings share in the merits of this Dhamma Dana.May they find happiness, peace and liberation.
  5. 5. ivivCONTENTSDedication/AcknowledgementsPreface1 Mind 12 Wisdom 103 Peace 224 Happiness 295 Truth 356 Loving-Kindness 417 Compassion 468 Morality 509 Virtue 5610 Education 6011 Giving 6812 Attitude 7113 Mindfulness 7614 Anger 8015 Delusion 8416 Meditation 8917 Freedom 9218 Humor 9619 Aspiration 10320 Miscellaneous 109Dedication
  6. 6. vThoughtful Twitter Tweets To Treasure is a collection ofthe Twitter Tweets I posted on the Internet since the year2009. They can be found at my Twitter Home The more than 500 tweets conveyDhamma, educational messages or Life lessons grouped intotwenty subjects like Mind, Happiness, Virtue, Freedom,Education and so on.This book is written with the following objectives:* To convey some important Dhamma points for reflection,practice and realization* To inculcate moral and ethical values in the young* To point out our defilements and help to overcome them* To teach some valuable educational and Life lessonsIn a world of mobile SMSes, Emails, MSN Chat andmessages, Skype, Blogs, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter,not many read educational, motivational or Dhamma booksfilled with long linear texts. Twitter on the Internet has ahuge following of users. It is a powerful communication tool.Nearly all the Tweets in Thoughtful Twitter Tweets ToTreasure are written in a Couplet form. There is rhyming ineach of the couplet pairs and each line in the pair bears thesame number of syllables. This makes for easier and catchyreading. After each Tweet there is a URL link to aPowerPoint presentation, video or document which hasrelated points to the Tweet.Most of the Tweets have been penned based on the Author’sreflections over the 25 years of Dhammaduta work at thelocal Buddhist Association, Persatuan Buddhist Hilir Perak.It is hoped the various Tweets can help the young and oldalike reflect upon and actualize the Dhamma points in them.May we all strive on diligently along the Path to grow inCompassion and Wisdom.OH TEIK BIN 2013PREFACEv
  7. 7. 11 MINDIn the Dhammapada, the Buddha said, “Mind is theforerunner of all things. All that we are arises with ourthoughts.” How very true this is! We create our mental world,our happiness and sorrow and other mental states.Today we see more and more problems among people, theyoung and old alike due to a mind that is not well-directedand trained. It is trapped in this sensual world; it isoverwhelmed by the kilesas or mental defilements of greed,hatred and delusion. On account of this, there is much mentalsuffering despite the material and technological progressman has made. Until we are completely liberated throughEnlightenment, our minds are defiled. It is imperative thatwe train and purify our mind and conquer the hindrances thatobstruct mental peace. The hindrances include:* Unwholesome sensual desires* Restlessness and worry* Anger and ill-will* Sloth and torpor* Skepticism and doubtThe Buddha said, “It is good to control the mind. To masterit brings happiness.” How subtle and elusive the mind is!The task is to quiet it – by ruling the mind, peace andhappiness are found.“With single-mindedness,The Master quells His thought.He ends their wandering.Seated in the cave of the heartHe finds Freedom.”Mindfulness is the Way to Peace, Bliss and Freedom. Trainyour mind to be awake; contemplate and watch. Work withcare and attention. Live in the Noble Eightfold Path. Withthe foundation of morality, train the mind in stillness anddevelop wisdom through Right Understanding and Thought.
  8. 8. 221 MINDWe are what we think. All that we are arises with ourthoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. Speakor act with an impure mind and trouble will follow youas the wheel follows the ox that draws the card.The Buddha1 Do good, avoid vice, purify the mind.This leads to happiness and peace sublime. A worried, angry or restless mindwill lead one away from Peace Sublime. Wholesome and wise thoughts in the mindcan lead to joy and Truth Sublime. Be Good. Be Wise. Be Kind. Have a Creative Mind. Do we wisely use our priceless time?Do we find time to purify the mind? May your righteous thoughts actualizeto help you become kind and wise. ways
  9. 9. 3MINDA man is but the product of his thoughts;what he thinks, he becomes.Mahatma Gandhi7 Relax...let your mind think out of the box.Then youll untangle many Puzzle "Dont have a rigid mind," the sage says."Look at a problem in different ways." With a mind of determination and cultivation,strive on for peace and liberation. Our Real Home lies within the Mind.Strive on to realize this Truth Realize that Mind precedes everything.May Wisdom arise through clear thinking. For the mind to think most clearly,you need to practice
  10. 10. 4MINDThe mind is its own place, and in itselfCan make a heaven of Hell, a hell of Heaven.JOHN MILTON13 When thoughts transform the mind positively,one lives more happily and When the mind is heedless and lacks clarity,one can expect actions of A mind thats creative and discerningwill understand many a happening. Train the mind to think divergently.You can then see many things clearly. The mind needs exercise just like the body;only then can one think so creatively. Mind your Brain, Mind your MINDfor Joy and Peace sublime.http:/
  11. 11. 5MINDDo not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future,concentrate the mind on the present moment.Buddha19 A mind with Wisdom and Clarityis filled with joy and serenity. Tapping into the Silent Mindgives insights of the wisest kind. A Righteous and a confident mindhelps one on the Path to Peace Living wisely helps the mindwhen it comes to THINKING TIME. Hard it is to keep in check our mind.Train ardently for mental Peace Misunderstanding what is saidcan cause pain that is truly
  12. 12. 6MINDThe teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enterthe house of his wisdom but rather leads you to thethreshold of your mind. Khalil Gibran25 Amidst our busyness do find timeto be in solitude to train the mind. When the mind is confident and strong,there are fewer things that will go wrong. Knowing truly the 8 Gifts that are free,you will be more joyful with less Words of wisdom enrich the mind.They help mental peace grow with time. Courage and positive thinkingneed diligent cultivating. When right views and right thoughts fill the mind,well have happiness and peace sublime.
  13. 13. 7MINDAll wrong-doing arises because of mind. If mind istransformed can wrong-doing remain?Buddha31 When one trains ardently the mind,one will find joy and peace sublime. When one knows how to think wisely,one can live much more peacefully. Creative minds think out of the box.They are not imprisoned by their thoughts. Stop and ponder from time to time.May Wisdom arise in your mind. Do you exercise your Right Brain sufficiently ?No? That’s why many cannot think creatively! Train your mind to think ‘out of the box’.Enjoy puzzles with tricky twists and knots.
  14. 14. 8MINDTo a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.Zhuangzi37 When one has the Right View of everythingthen there is little mental suffering. Unexpected things can happen anytime.Realize this, it is important for the Regular Exercise of the mindcan help to prevent it from decline. Like the body, the mind needs exercise.If you lack thinking, start now, gals and guys! When you have had a busy time,a good Hymn can recharge your mind. One cannot live peacefully and wellwith an untrained mind that creates hell. When the mind is calm, clear and steady,one is more peaceful, free and happy.
  15. 15. 9MINDDo not overrate what you have received, nor envy others.He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind.Buddha44 Renunciation is one of the Paramis.It leads to tranquility, freedom and peace. If we do not mind our MONKEY mind,we are heading to spiritual decline. Wise words are great food for the mind.They bring thoughts of the wholesome kind. When the mind is confident and strong,there are fewer things that will go wrong. ‘Keep your thoughts clear, right and wise.’This is really treasured advice. The unclear mind is easily tricked.The untrained mind is muddled indeed.
  16. 16. 102 WISDOMAccording to Wikipedia, Wisdom is the judicious applicationof knowledge. It is a deep understanding and realization ofpeople, things, events or situations, resulting in the ability toapply perceptions, judgments and actions in keeping withthis understanding. It often requires control of one’semotional reactions so that universal principles, reason andknowledge prevail to determine one’s actions. Wisdom isalso the comprehension of what is true, coupled withoptimum judgment as to action.In Buddhism, Wisdom or Panna in Pali, together withCompassion are mental qualities or states that whendeveloped to perfection bring about Enlightenment. Onewith great wisdom can see or realize to a great degree thetrue nature of all physical and mental phenomena. Herealizes the Truth of* suffering or unsatisfactoriness in all conditioned existence.* ignorance and craving as the cause of suffering.* a mental state where suffering can cease.* a Path that can lead to the end of Suffering.The wise person can also see the truth of dukkha (suffering),anicca (impermanence) and anatta (non-self) in Samsara. Heunderstands that we are all subjected to the eight worldlyvicissitudes, namely gain and loss, pleasure and pain, praiseand blame and honor and dishonor.The person of wisdom, realizing the Truth or Nature’sUniversal Laws, can live in harmony with all beings and theenvironment. He is happy, peaceful and tranquil. He lives alife of virtue and moral righteousness. He is loving, kind,compassionate, generous, patient and offers selfless serviceto others in need. He knows when to ‘let go’ and let thingsbe when it should be so. His steady and unruffled mind hasequanimity amidst the changing conditions of our world.
  17. 17. 112 WISDOMKnowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is truewisdom. Mastering others is strength; masteringyourself is true power. If you realizethat you have enough, you are truly rich.Tao Te Ching50 Forgiving and letting go cut suffering and woe. Simplicity gives peace and serenity.52 Your life wont last if its a Dont forget what you have or get.54 Should be does not always fit Understand and see things clearly.We can then live more peacefully. Yesterday - its dead. Tomorrow - yet to be made.Live TODAY, the wise Dishonest ways will lead to woeful days.58 Can one really tell that all is well?
  18. 18. 12WISDOMThink truly, and thy thoughts shall the world’s faminefeed. Speak truly, and each word of thine shall be afruitful seed. Live truly, and thy life shall be a great andnoble creed. Horatius Bonar, D.D.59 Living a life of worthinesswill lead to peace and happiness. Self-interest and selfishness kills happiness.Cant forgive? Then suffer and When one is perfectly wise,there are no more pain and Learning and realizing Lifes Lessonsneeds moments of quiet reflections. Living without Wisdom and Compassioncan bring much suffering and confusion. Self-confidence you certainly needif you want to achieve and succeed. When you need to think, then think.When not thinking, keep noting.
  19. 19. 13WISDOMKnowing is not enough; we must apply.Willing is not enough; we must do.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe66 Through mindfulness and constant reflection,wisdom can come to face a KNOW when you dont truly know;one day youll get out of woe. What truly matters at the end of the day,one must reflect as one walks the Dhamma The past is gone; the future is yet to come.Value the present. It is a Gift. Must you all really think twiceto walk the path of the wise? Dont worry. Be happy.Laugh greatly. Learn wisely.
  20. 20. 14WISDOMA wise man is superior to any insults which can be putupon him, and the best reply to unseemly behavior ispatience and moderation. Moliere72 When wisdom arises in the mind,one is nearer to true Peace Sublime. Accepting inevitable things is wise.They could be truly a Blessing in disguise. When one sees that things are always changing,one has a wiser view of everything. Misinterpreted speech and actionscan lead to unexpected reactions. In Life, if we wonder and ponder,we could become kinder and wiser. Reach out to others and look in the mindto attain Happiness and Peace Sublime Remember this important thing-Right Thoughts lead to peaceful
  21. 21. 15WISDOMBy three methods we may learn wisdom: First, byreflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation,which is easiest; and Third by experience,which is the bitterest. Confucius79 Wise Quotes help us grow and cope in Lifes flow. When Impermanence is realized,one will become peaceful and Much wisdom can be realized from a storyif we calm the mind and reflect Count MORE our Blessings, LESS our miseryin order to live peacefully. Realizing our defilements withinhelps us to relate with every Do reflect when we are alone...How much has our Wisdom grown? Do mindfully contemplate and reflect.Wisdom lies beyond the mere
  22. 22. 16WISDOMThe doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge ofour own ignorance. Benjamin Franklin86 LIFE Lessons of Wisdom seen and caughtmatter more than anything youve Reflecting ardently on a WISDOM storycan help one to grow in mental Dont associate with fools, Wise Ones say.They can in no time lead you Wise ones reflect and change for the better.They then spiritually progress further. In life, when wisdom is lacking,one will feel much more suffering. Understanding clearly what needs to be done,the wise pursues good goals until they are Knowing the things that really matter,the defilements wed want to conquer.
  23. 23. 17WISDOMIn seeking wisdom thou art wise; in imagining that thouhast attained it - thou art a fool.Lord Chesterfield93 Forgiving and letting gocan cut suffering and woe. LIFE Lessons put into practicereduce mental pain and DIS-EASE. We need to digest spiritual foodto cultivate what is wise and good. Wise words to reflect on carefullyhelp us all to grow spiritually. Marriage is not all honey; there are times of misery.Ignorance is not bliss; it can bring you dis-ease. There arises lots of pain and sufferingwhen one reacts to others views and thinking.
  24. 24. 18WISDOMKnowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself istrue wisdom. Mastering others is strength;mastering yourself is true power. Laozi99 One filled with money-mindednesscannot find real happiness.Expectation is one thing...reality can be surprising. When will we say Goodbye to SamsaraAnd start to walk The Path to Nibbana? Knowing the Greatest things in Human living,can help one realize Lifes purpose and meaning. The wiser a person is,the greater his mental ease. As time passes, everything will pass.Why attach knowing that nothing will last? If you do not heed wise hints and advice,you will soon be sorry and pay a price.
  25. 25. 19WISDOMThe art of being wise is the art ofknowing what to overlook. William James105 Make the very best of what is in TODAY.TOMORROW?We cant know what will come our way. The wise one knows how to live life well.His peacefulness and happy ways tell. In Great Books lie an immense Treasure.The Wisdom found is beyond measure. When the Enlightened One’s Words areactualized,true Happiness, Peace and Wisdom are the PRIZE. When a person lives life wisely and well,his interactions with others will tell.http://www/ There are stories that teach LIFE’s meaning.Wisdom arises when there’s clear SEEING.
  26. 26. 20WISDOMA wise person knows that there is somethingto be learned from everyone.Unknown111 When there is contentment in the mind,youll find Happiness and Peace Embarking on a spiritual quest,we realize much more by doing less! In life there will be meeting and parting.Realizing this, there will be Peace within. When we see clearly WISDOM Ways,we can have much more happy days! …115 When more Wisdom points are realized truly,we have less suffering and misery. Good stories can teach us a lot.Wisdom bit by bit can be caught.
  27. 27. 21WISDOMBe not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living,and your belief will help create the fact.Henry James117 In life, when wisdom is lacking,one will face much more suffering. It certainly would be good and niceif people heed wise words of advice. Knowing the things that really matter,mental poisons we’d want to conquer. The Dhamma we need to learn and actualize.Only then can we see where sublime peace lies. The Buddha’s Teachings put into right practicewill reduce mental suffering and DIS-EASE. If KIASU is your great ‘disease’,you will suffer and have no peace.
  28. 28. 223 PEACEA few years ago a longtime friend whom I had not seen forfifteen years or so, paid me a visit at our local BuddhistAssociation. We talked about old times when we were doingDhammaduta work. I remember this friend of mine used totell me she had no mental peace. She suffered from insomniaand was constantly in a state of restlessness, worry,frustration and filled with ill-will and anger towards certainfamily members and working colleagues. She had told methat she was desperate to settle down by finding a life partnersoon. She believed she would then find happiness and mentalpeace. I knew she was holding wrong views of the nature oflife and things but there was little I could do to ‘change’ her.Now, meeting her again after so many years, I saw that shewas still not at peace. Despite having settled down with ahusband and two teenage daughters already, she was stillvery troubled in her mind. She showed me her bagful ofmedication – a lot of them psychotic drugs.Today we see many who suffer from mental afflictions. Theycannot cope with the problems, stress and conflicts ofmodern living. Some suffer from depression, schizophreniaand other stress-related mental illnesses.To have mental peace is indeed a great Blessing. Thepeaceful man is free from unhappiness, stress and tension.The mind is calm, contented, tranquil and steady. He has apeaceful living and he is in harmony with himself, with theothers and with the environment. This mental peacesurpasses all the worldly wealth, possessions and power.To have peace in the mind, one has to walk diligently theNoble Eightfold Path of Right Understanding, Right Thought,Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort,Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration. Ultimately hewill attain Perfect Happiness and Peace which is the Goal ofall Buddhists, the attainment of Enlightenment.
  29. 29. 233 PEACEDo not overrate what you have received, nor envy others.He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind.Buddha123 When our sense faculties are used wisely,there will be more peace and The spiritual way needs practiceto attain true mental peace True Teachings of Wisdom and Compassionhelp one attain Peace and Liberation Seeking for Happiness and Peace?Nirvana is the highest Bliss. Peace develops with less expectation;be present, be aware, pay attention. Open your heart, Watch your mindAnd you will have Love and Peace Right Thoughts in the mind lead to Peace sublime.
  30. 30. 24PEACEHuman beings are of such nature that they shouldhave not only material facilities but spiritualsustenance as well. Without spiritual sustenance, it isdifficult to get and maintain peace of mind.Dalai Lama130 Sing a Buddhist Hymn mindfullyto relax oneself peacefully. Developing Wisdom of the mindleads to Peace of the highest Dhamma Reflection of the wise kindcan lead to a greater peace of Solitude is a need for the mindto have peace of the sublime When we have Virtue and Mindfulnessthen we will get Peace and Happiness Thoughts that are truly wise and rightgive you mental peace day and
  31. 31. 25PEACEA mind at peace, a mind centered and not focused onharming others, is stronger than any physical force inthe universe. Wayne Dyer136 When more Wisdom grows in the mind,there will be greater Peace sublime. Listen to what the Sage saysif you wish for peaceful days. Stress? Take steps to beat itto get the Peace you need. To live in peace, joy and serenity,follow the Laws of Life When the mind is truly wise and clear,supreme happiness and peace is When we observe and reflect mindfully,we will live a life much more
  32. 32. 26PEACEEach one has to find his peace from within. And peaceto be real must be unaffectedby outside circumstances. Mahatma Gandhi142 Getting along well with everybodyhelps bring to the mind peace and harmony. When Wisdom arises in the mind,Peace still reigns when things dont turn out fine. True Peace lies within the mind.You can find this Truth Sublime. We know that true peace is much needed.When will words of wisdom be heeded? Wisdom arises through Awakening.Peace and Freedom come through Seeing. Putting the reflective mind into practiceis an important step to wisdom and peace.
  33. 33. 27PEACEPeace cannot be achieved through violence, it can onlybe attained through understanding.Ralph Waldo Emerson148 When thoughts and words are truly wise,you will have more peace, gals and guys When we dont react negatively,we will have much more peace mentally. When Wisdom rules the mind,Peace comes most of the time. Fun and pleasure differ from true mental peace.Investigate, reflect...youll find which is which. May we not destroy Natures Wonders andBeauty. In Nature seek out Peace, Bliss and Serenity. When too much high-tech stuff fills the mind,we will lose the state of Peace Sublime.
  34. 34. 28PEACEPeace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue,a state of mind, a disposition forbenevolence, confidence, justice.Baruch Spinoza154 The restless mind cannot be at peace.Be mindful and this hindrance will come to cease. Do check your sensual desires from arising.Peace and contentment you’ll soon be experiencing. A peaceful mind is a true treasure that ispriceless.Cultivate your mind to attain peace and happiness. Keeping the precepts is a must for peace of mind.The mind can then be trained to realize TruthSublime. Greed and anger rob the mind of peace.With these defilements, you have DIS-EASE. With Right View, Right Concentration and RightMindfulness,you’re on the Path to ultimate peace and happiness.
  35. 35. 294 HAPPINESSEvery sentient being wants to be happy. But the interestingpoint is this: “What do you mean by being happy? What isreal happiness?” I have asked many people both young andold alike, “What do you think will make you happy?”Ponder on the answers commonly given by many people:* I will be happy if I have a lot of wealth.* I will be happy if I get to travel round the world.* I will be happy if I fall in love and marry the mostgorgeous girl or boy.* I will be happy if I own the most sophisticated hi-techgadgets (iPod, iPhone, iPad?).* I will be happy if I score all As in all my exams.* I will be happy if I have a good family with no problems.* I will be happy if I am successful in my business orpolitical world.And the list goes on and on…Do all the above things really bring you true happiness andpeace? Undoubtedly they do give you pleasures of the sensesand some sort of temporary worldly happiness. The irony isthat so many people, so successful in acquiring much wealth,fame and worldly possessions are still not truly happy orpeaceful. We hear of a growing number of ‘successful’people sinking into worry, stress and depression. They resortto drugs, drinking and other unwholesome activities thattitillate the senses more and more in a futile attempt to findinner meaning, peace and happiness.The truly happy person is peaceful, contented and more freefrom desires of the senses. He finds inner joy through thespiritual practice of reaching out to others in need of help.His mind is calm and tranquil through ‘letting go’ andcompassion and wisdom fills his mind and heart. Truehappiness and peace has these elements. And the highesthappiness is Nibbana.
  36. 36. 304 HAPPINESSThe happiest people dont necessarily have the best ofevery thing, they just make the best out of everythingthat comes their way . Unknown160 Living by a wise philosophywill help make one peaceful and happy! The greatest gifts are intangible things.They bring meaning and joy to all beings. Bring to children happiness.Teach them some songs of goodness. Do remember that true friends are priceless;they help us walk the path to happiness. Happiness first, then Success;this should be everyones quest. Material gains dont give true happiness.It is Compassion and
  37. 37. 31HAPPINESSOur days are happier when we give people a bit of ourheart rather than a piece of our mind.Unknown166 Having worldly and spiritual successdoes indicate that you are indeed blessed. When Dhamma is reflected on, practiced,youre on the way to Happiness and Always heed wise words and adviceto have happiness as the prize. No happiness? No true SUCCESS!If you have happiness, youre really LIFE Lessons will help one to grow wise.In LIFE Lessons, The Path to true happiness People in the East or in the Westwant to get happiness and success.
  38. 38. 32HAPPINESSIt isnt what you have, or who you are, or where youare, or what you are doing that makes you happy orunhappy. It is what you think about.Dale Carnegie172 There is so much suffering and DIS-EASE.However theres a Path to Peace and Bliss With an Open Heart, Radiant Mind,May we find Happiness Sublime. For happiness and peace sublime,one needs clear insights of the mind. Thoughts of Wisdom and Kindnesspave the way to Happiness. To be truly peaceful and happy,one needs to know when to Let Things Be. There must be happiness for successEnlightenment is by far the best.
  39. 39. 33HAPPINESSThere is only one way to happiness and that is to ceaseworrying about things which are beyond the power ofour will. Epictetus178 Start your day with a Hymn of devotion.It will raise a positive emotion. When we actualizeBuddhas Words of Greatness,we will all attain true Peace and Happiness. When we develop our Wisdom and Compassion,well attain the highest bliss and liberation. When more LIFE Lessons are realizedin the mind,we will find more happiness and peace sublime. Happiness…we want to know the ‘WHAT’ andthe ‘HOW’.The trained mind knows that Happinesslies in the NOW. There is a good Recipe for living happily.We need to understand and follow it
  40. 40. 34Pictures and Quotes of great inspiration,can bring happiness and satisfaction.HAPPINESSThe action is best that secures the greatest happinessfor the greatest number. William Dean Howells184 Many chase after happiness in the world outside.True peace and happiness come from within throughinsight. Pictures and quotes of great inspirationcan bring happiness and satisfaction. When people are more compassionate and wise,the world will be much more happy and wise. When we know how to count every Blessing,we will be much more happy deep within. Our attitude and the manner we view a thingwill determine our happiness and well-being. When we all know how to live Life,we’ll be more happy and alive. to-live-40-10812716
  41. 41. 355 TRUTHReligions and the various spiritual faiths all claim to teachthe Truth, that according to their founders or masters willlead man to happiness, peace and salvation. It is sad that inthe course of human history so many wars, conflicts andtrouble have arisen out of religious beliefs that theirteachings and dogmas represent the Truth.Now, what is the Truth? To my mind, Truth is that state ofUltimate Reality, the Way things naturally are, the UniversalLaws that govern all physical and mental phenomena in allthe realms of existence. In Truth, there is righteousness, love,compassion and wisdom.Many students in the course of my teaching career overthirty years , have commented or asked me questions such as:* There are so many religions and spiritual faiths in theworld today. Which is the true one?* If all religions teach good, why is there still so much eviland trouble in the world today?* How do we know if a spiritual faith is teaching the Truth?I pointed out that there may be various spiritual paths thatlead to ultimate salvation or liberation of the mind. Despitehaving good religious teachings, man still commits evil orunwholesome actions primarily because of their mentaldefilements of greed, anger, hatred, ignorance and delusion.For me, there is Truth in a spiritual faith if it brings about* a lessening of one’s greed, attachment, anger, ill-will, ego,conceit and delusion* love, compassion and wisdom* harmony and peace within oneself and with all beings* generosity, virtue, morality and righteousness* a mental state of ‘letting go’ resulting in mental peaceIn the Dhamma I find Truth and the Way to ultimatehappiness, peace and bliss.
  42. 42. 365 TRUTHAnyone who doesnt take truth seriously in smallmatters cannot be trusted in large ones either.Albert Einstein190 With a mind thats wise and good,one will soon realize the Truth. When a person lives mindfully,all his days will pass peacefully. When thoughts are based on RightUnderstanding,then Wisdom, Joy and Peace will keep Enlightening Answers to deep questioninggreatly help one understand Lifes Know that all conditioned things dont last.Attach not to them; they will all Seeing things as they truly are,then, along the spiritual path one will get
  43. 43. 37TRUTHThree things cannot be long hidden:the sun, the moon, and the truth.Buddha196 When real LIFE values are gone,pain and DIS-EASE come along. Striving hard to get things of beauty we would.The greatest beauty is the Beauty of Truth. Realizing what life really means,one detaches from many Where is Real Peace, True Paradise?The Truth is realized by the Wise. To end all suffering and misery,realize the Truths of Nobility. LIFE Lessons we need to learn and actualize.Only then can we lessen sorrow and You can create a Paradise within your mindif you strive to realize the Truth Sublime.
  44. 44. 38TRUTHTruth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove thecobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear.Mahatma Gandhi203 What are the things you hold dear?Do you realize why you are here?To the Dhamma do lend an ear.You’ll then have less worry and fear. When people desire MORE and MORE,there will be more suffering in store. Contemplating on the Truth of transiency,let’s walk the Spiritual Path diligently. Life is truly transient, that’s Truth sublime.May we live a life that’s righteous and kind. Do you know what the 5 Facts for Reflection are?Contemplate on this to get spiritually far. If we practice well the Dhamma,we will all realize Nibbana.
  45. 45. 39TRUTHYesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks beforeemperors. But today we kneel only to truth,follow only beauty, and obey only love.Khalil Gibran209 No one is free from suffering or Dukkhauntil he crosses the Sea of Samsara. Conflicts, problems, stress and pain there will be.SEEING the Dhamma will ease certainly. The Buddha’s Discourse on Blessingsis one of the great Dhamma things. Reality lies within this mind and bodyRealize this in the Truths of Nobility. Old age, sickness and death will come certainly.The sage trains the mind to face this peacefully. When Wisdom arises in the mind,peace still reigns when things don’t turn out fine.
  46. 46. 40TRUTHThe truth is you dont know what is going to happentomorrow. Life is a crazy ride,and nothing is guaranteed.Eminem215 True Beauty goes beyond the physical.This fact is certainly a Wisdom Do not seek refuge in gods, wealth or kin.Your ultimate true refuge lies When we realize the Teachings of The Buddha,spiritually, we can certainly go Many an ‘impossible’ thing has been done.Through persistence many ‘battles’ have been won Impermanence one has to see clearly.Only then can wisdom arise truly. The Truth of Dukkha must be contemplated on.We will over time understand why we were born.
  47. 47. 416 LOVING-KINDNESSWhen we speak of love, most people think of the romanticlove between two people, a love that is conditional and hasembedded in it strong attachment. Such a love can turn intoanger, ill-will, enmity, and hatred. We hear of many caseswhere a person out of jealousy hurts or kills his or her lover.In Buddhism, there is the positive emotion of Metta, anunconditional love that surpasses all other forms of love.Various terms have been used to translate the Pali wordMetta – loving-kindness, goodwill, friendliness, benevolenceand just love. Metta has all these ingredients. In Metta, thereis a strong wish for the happiness and welfare of oneself andothers. The heart opens unconditionally encompassingeverything. It is devoid of self-interest. One with Metta hasthe attitude of a friend who wants to give another the best tofurther his or her well-being. Just as a mother gives her ownlife to protect her child, so Metta only gives and never wantsanything in return.The practice of Metta Bhavana or Meditation on Loving-kindness is a most important thing to do on a regular basis.The Buddhist scriptures list eleven benefits, namely: One sleeps happily One wakes up happily One has no bad dreams One’s countenance is radiant One is dear to human beings One is dear to non-human beings One is protected by the gods One is not harmed by fire, poison and weapons One’s mind concentrates quickly One dies without bewilderment If one develops no further, one will reach at least tothe Brahma World.
  48. 48. 426 LOVING-KINDNESSIf you could only love enough, you could be the mostpowerful person in the world. Emmet Fox221 Loving-kindness leads to happiness.Stubbornness will hinder peacefulness. Interconnected and interdependent we all are.Spread Metta to all near and Spreading Loving-Kindnesswill bring much happiness. Great Gifts go beyond material things.They include love, care and Metta is Love, pure and sublime.It is supreme, a Love War brings so much pain and misery.Spread loving-kindness, live peacefully. Send thoughts of love and compassionto the suffering ones of every
  49. 49. 43LOVING-KINDNESSLife without love is like a treewithout blossoms or fruit.Khalil Gibran228 Send thoughts of love and compassionto the suffering ones of every Practice Metta in your heart and mind.To all animals let us be kind. Do learn to forgive, accept and love yourself.Then radiate thoughts: "May All Be Happy and Well" A mothers love is truly great.Show our gratitude, do not wait.Make your mind at ease. Metta will help this. When we share Dhamma and Loving-kindness,we fill our hearts with Peace and Happiness. Did you know that In Life Humor and Laughtermatter but its Love and Wisdom that conquer.?
  50. 50. 44LOVING-KINDNESSLove is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise,the amazement of the Gods.Plato234 Spread Metta to all and cultivate the mindto reach Nibbana’s Shore beyond space and time. War brings so much pain and misery.Spread loving-kindness, live peacefully. When loving-kindness fills the mind,there will be more peace you will find. Affectionate love and care in the familywill foster peace, harmony and stability. When there is love, conflict fades away.Live your life filled with love everyday. Metta or loving-kindness we need to cultivate.We will reach great spiritual heightswhen we’re free from hate.
  51. 51. 45LOVING-KINDNESSJust as one would feel friendliness on seeing a dearlybeloved friend, so does one extendloving-kindness to all creatures. The Buddha240 Metta is unconditional love supreme.Do spread Metta to each and every being. The practice of Metta is good spiritual practice.To oneself and all beings it can bring joy and peace. Metta entails loving-kindness, goodwill andfriendliness.The benefits Metta Bhavana brings are tremendous Metta Bhavana can conquer anger and hate.This will then lead to a most peaceful mental state. Many things will turn out good and rightwhen strong metta is spread far and wide. Metta Bhavana practiced with dedicationcan truly help one to build up concentration.
  52. 52. 467 COMPASSIONCompassion or Karuna in Pali is one of the four positiveemotions or sublime states. The other three are loving-kindness (Metta), altruistic joy (Mudita), and equanimity(Upekkha). Compassion is that emotion of wanting torelieve the suffering or pain of other sentient beings. A trulyspiritual person is filled with compassion and wisdom.Many Chinese people are devotees of Kuan Yin or theGoddess of Mercy as this Bodhisattva is commonly knownas. Chinese homes often have an altar or shrine where thestatue or image of Kuan Yin is placed for worship andprayers. However, sad to say, there is little understanding ofwhat Kuan Yin stands for. She is prayed to just like manyother gods and deities to ask for favors in a worship ofsupplication. Little do they realize that this Bodhisattva is theembodiment of Compassion, which together with Wisdom,constitute the central practice in Buddhism. The cultivationof Compassion is essential in Dhamma practice.I recall one occasion many years ago at our BuddhistAssociation, when there was a religious function of chantingand worship led by a monk. There was this Kuan Yindevotee, a lady who came to participate in the ceremony. Sheparked her car in a ridiculous manner blocking two othercars already parked there. She did this despite being advisednot to do so by students on duty. Half-way through theceremony, one of my friends whose car was blocked,received a phone call and he had to go home urgently. Hecould not reverse his car out. The ‘mindless’ lady was busyreciting the name of Kuan Yin in her worship, not realizingthe suffering she had caused by her indiscriminate parking. Itwas after about 20 minutes before things could be resolved.Now where is the practice of mindfulness, consideration andcompassion for others? Kuan Yin must be very ‘sad’ at this!
  53. 53. 477 COMPASSIONThe purpose of human life is to serve, and to showcompassion and the will to help others.Albert Schweitzer246 We need Wisdom, Kindness and Compassionin our quest for peace and liberation. May The Enlightened Ones Words and Advicehelp us to be compassionate and wise. The practice of Love and Compassionwill lead to Peace and Liberation. Reach out today, don’t hesitate.Dont wait until it is too late. One with great Wisdom and Compassiongets great respect, love and We must have thoughts and deeds of care.The Blessings we have we must
  54. 54. 48COMPASSIONI have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience,compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.Lao Tzu252 Are we really clear in our thinking?Do we feel for others suffering? A mothers sacrifice is beyond any price.254 Down with racial discrimination!All deserve respect and compassion. To the needy give your help and attention.To them show understanding and compassion. The cultivation of compassion and wisdomis a must to attain Peace and Enlightenment The Cultivation of Wisdom and Compassionleads one to Peace, Happiness and Liberation. When people are more compassionate and wise,the world will be much more peaceful and nice.
  55. 55. 49COMPASSIONLove and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.Without them humanity cannot survive.Dalai Lama259 Love and compassion lift up one’s spirituality.These positive emotions can help end misery. Compassion must always be coupled with wisdom.One will then be on the way to Enlightenment. Great spiritual Masters have strong compassion.They’re on the Path to ultimate salvation. Compassion is Karuna in Pali.Cultivate it to grow spiritually. When one has great compassion for every being,one ‘kills’ the ‘Self’ that is the root of suffering. The Buddha is the All-Wise and All-Compassionate One.He is the Fully-Enlightened Being second to none.
  56. 56. 508 MORALITYIs our morality on the decline? We hear or read in the newsof growing cases of immoral actions from thefts, robbery tokidnapping and sexual misconduct. Has our educationsystem failed in inculcating good moral and ethical values inour students right from an early age? We have anexamination subject called Moral Education but how far hasit succeeded in molding the moral character of a person? Inthe early 1990s, I taught the subject Pendidikan Moral(Moral Education) for a couple of years. I got somewhatdisillusioned as the students were more concerned withscoring As in the subject rather than developing their moralcharacter through putting the moral values taught intopractice. I used to catch a number of students cheating orattempting to cheat in the Moral Education tests andexaminations! What an irony!I remember my schooldays in the 1960s when there was nosuch examinable subject. Instead there was a compulsorydaily short lesson on Moral Science taught by dedicatedteachers who really inspired us in developing our moralcharacter. I was part of a school population where so manydisplayed exemplary moral values like generosity and charity,honesty and integrity, kindness and love, helpfulness andservice, consideration, gratitude, responsibility and a host ofother virtues.A good lay Buddhist has to practice Sila or moral conduct byobserving the basic five precepts of no killing, no stealing,no sexual misconduct, no lying and no intoxicants. These aremoral training rules one undertakes to uphold and develophis morality. One also cultivates through constant practice,the positive values of kindness, compassion, generosity,contentment, mindfulness and wisdom.Morality is indeed the necessary base from which spiritualdevelopment can take place.
  57. 57. 518 MORALITYMorality is the basis of things and truth is thesubstance of all morality.Mahatma Gandhi265 Ones actions of immoralitybring to the mind guilt, fear and What we think, say or docan affect ourselves and others Realizing The Law of Moral Causation,May we purify our mind, speech and action. Outcasts - from unwholesome action.Saints - from wisdom and compassion. Unwholesome speech, action and mindwill lead to spiritual decline. Faith and industry are a need to succeed.Honesty is a key of
  58. 58. 52MORALITYReverence for life affords me my fundamentalprinciple of morality. Albert Schweitzer271 For Blessings and Happiness,walk The Path of Righteousness. Morality is a MUSTto have True Peace that will last Views and conduct of the wrong kindwill soon shatter your peace of One who is dishonest in his wayswill eventually face woeful days. We all shape our own destiny.We must think, speak and act Keep your thoughts clear, righteous and wise.This is really treasured advice.
  59. 59. 53MORALITYIt is curious - curious that physical courage should beso common in the world, and moral courage so rare.Mark Twain277 We must practice moralityto have true peace internally. It is not wealth, fame or power but CHARACTERthat will at the end of the day really matter. Reflecting upon a moral story,may we all learn to live more wisely. We can learn a lot from a moral storyas we strive to live much more meaningfully. When we live righteously and wisely,our days and nights will pass peacefully. When one strays from wise and righteous ways,one is heading for suffering days.
  60. 60. 54MORALITYKnowledge becomes evil if the aim be not virtuous.Plato283 We can learn a lot from a moral storyif we can read and reflect patiently. Do we live righteously and well?Reflect within and we can tell. When you know Kamma and Rebirth is a reality,you would urgently want to live your life righteously. When good values in life are practiced,we will attain happiness and peace. Greed, selfishness and self-centredness..these are sure ways to unhappiness. Conquer anger, hatred and aggression.Cultivate love, kindness and compassion.
  61. 61. 55MORALITYI reject any religious doctrine that does not appeal toreason and is in conflict with morality.Mahatma Gandhi289 When we have Right Vision and Good Action,we will attain peace and liberation. Follow the advice of the Wise.Live well and avoid any vice. Immoral conduct arises from the mind;you will suffer…it is a matter of When you let immorality grow,you are in for much pain and sorrow. Our speech, action and livelihood must be right.Only then can the mind be wise, clear and bright. Greed and delusion cause moral values to besacrificed.If this is not checked soon we will have to paya heavy price.
  62. 62. 569 VIRTUEThe four cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, temperance orrestraint and fortitude or courage are recognized in thewritings of classical antiquity. In Buddhism, there are tenperfections to develop to attain supreme peace and happiness.The ten perfections are generosity, morality, renunciation,wisdom, energy, patience, truthfulness, determination,loving-kindness and equanimity. We see that most of thesepertain to virtue or spiritual values.Vice is the opposite of virtue. What are the common vices?They include the following: smoking, drinking, gambling,internet addiction, doing drugs, sexual promiscuity, greed,selfishness, dishonesty, adultery, foul speech, jealousy,cruelty, gluttony, aggressive or violent behavior and so on.Many of my friends who have taught for more than thirtyyears lament on the growing loss of virtue and valuesespecially among the younger generation. The causes aremultifold: poor parenting and upbringing, family problems,bad influence of the mass media and the internet, a schoolsystem that seems to emphasize only on academicachievements, lack of moral and religious guidance and aninsatiable desire for material wealth and possessions.Unless we follow the spiritual teachings on virtue from thegreat religions, there will be more and more problems andsuffering afflicting the individuals and society at large.Let us reflect mindfully on what the Buddha said on Virtue:* Virtue is the foundation, the forerunner and origin of allthat is good and beautiful; therefore one should purify virtue.* One is not low because of birth nor does birth make oneholy. Deeds alone make one low, deeds only make one holy.* Train yourself in doing good that lasts and bringshappiness. Cultivate generosity, the life of peace, and a mindof boundless love.
  63. 63. 579 VIRTUEAll the gold which is under or upon the earth is notenough to give in exchange for virtue.Plato295 So many deceive and cheat today.The wise knows this is a foolish way. For what we have or get, be grateful.This leads to a mind that is peaceful. The virtuous man practices Good Action.He is on the Path to Liberation. The Great Virtue of RESPECT goes a long wayto relating well with people come what Follow the advice of the Wise.Live well and avoid any vice. Be mindful of the words we speak.To harm and pain wrong speech will lead.
  64. 64. 58VIRTUEPeace is not an absence of war;it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition forbenevolence, confidence, justice.Baruch Spinoza301 We need to constantly stop and reflect.Then we can all wisely think, speak and act. Great are those who despite their shortcomings,live life doing many positive things. Sincere generosity is much admired.This virtue is desired and One needs to practice selfless giving.This will help to stop painful When young ones are not guided morally,this will lead to regret and misery. With Patience, my mind grows calmer andclearer. I become much more peaceful and happier.
  65. 65. 59VIRTUEThe three hardest tasks in the world are neither physicalfeats nor intellectual achievements, but moral acts: toreturn love for hate, to include the excluded,and to say, "I was wrong".”Sydney J. Harris307 Understanding, love and kindnessbring out in people their Patience is a most important virtue.You need patience to cultivate Right View. One who indulges in vices declines spiritually.Much suffering and pain he will have to face finally. With patience, my mind grows calmer and clearer.I become much more peaceful and happier. Remember the importance of the virtue of kindness.Gratitude and kindness reap so much peace andhappiness. People who do right action gain much admiration.They are on the way to real peace and liberation.
  66. 66. 6010 EDUCATIONTo me something is not right about the Education processtoday. Education is supposed to help realize and develop thepotentialities of an individual in all aspects: the cognitive,affective and psychomotor. Has education here achievedthese objectives? I think not. We hear so often today of* ‘educated’ graduates who cannot be employed because of alack of emotional and intellectual maturity, poorcommunication and other soft skills* ‘educated’ persons, who despite possessing high academicqualifications, have low emotional quotients; they cannot beat peace with themselves and have relationship problemswith other people and the environment* ‘educated’ people with bad attitude in life and lack terriblyin terms of spiritual qualities. White collar crime involvingsuch people is getting more prevalent.An education system that overemphasizes cognitivedevelopment and paying little attention to the physical,emotional and spiritual growth of the individual is reallylopsided and detrimental to the individual’s happiness andpeace. Society too will suffer with such ‘educated’ misfits.In the materialistic society today, a proper spiritual educationis very lacking. Moral values and ethics seem to be on thedecline and this has brought about increasing problems to theindividual, family and society.In Buddhism, Dhamma education is of paramountimportance. We need to teach and inculcate spiritualqualities in the individual; his mind must be cultivated tocheck defilements like greed, covetousness, anger,restlessness, ill-will, hatred, pride, ego and delusion.A truly educated person must possess the traits of kindness,love, compassion, mindfulness, patience, gratitude andwisdom. Only then can he be truly happy and peaceful!
  67. 67. 6110 EDUCATIONThe object of education is to prepare the young toeducate themselves throughout their lives.Robert M. Hutchins313 Some words and axioms truly inspire ...these we admire, desire and require. Creative learning is much in need indeed.Without it, one cannot think wisely and lead. A Story can be more than just a story.One can be inspired to live life Do remember to find the timefor exercises of the mind. The mind needs exerciseto stay alert and wise. When one develops creativity,problems can be solved more effectively.
  68. 68. 62EDUCATIONEducation is not preparation for life;education is life itself. John Dewey319 The Dhamma, children must learn and know.In the Dhamma, may the children grow. Bringing up a child in unskillful wayscan lead the child to problematic days. When we speak rightly and wisely,there will be peace and harmony. Be a Lover Of Your Liver.This you will not regret ever! Eat Healthily. Serve Joyfully. Live Happily. One needs to give good attentionto right-brain imagination. For education and pleasure,books are a treasure beyond measure.
  69. 69. 63EDUCATIONTell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember;involve me and I’ll understand. Chinese proverb326 Doses of Motivation and Affirmationare needed for a Mind of Distinction. Have positive motivation and actionfor a happier and successful position. To really excel, communicate well A thinking mind we desire, require.We can then inspire. Wrong Words said can bring Hate.331 Assuming without checking can cause Health is a treasure beyond measure.Indulge not in unwholesome pleasure. Its unique that a human being can thinkand reflect on "Lifes Meaning"
  70. 70. 64EDUCATIONYou cannot teach a man anything;you can only help him find it within himself.Galileo Galilei334 Conflicts, problems, stress and painthere will be.SEEING the Dhamma will stop them certainly. When people do not live wisely,they will face pain and misery. Reflecting on a good moral storycan help the mind grow and mature wisely. When there is Fun in any learning,lessons become more motivating. Paradoxes are good food for thought...Ponder, reflect, you can learn a lot! Judge not a book by its cover-theres much inside to discover.340 We must know this thing-Life is inter-linked.* Wh ll hi k di l bl
  71. 71. 65EDUCATIONEducation is the best gift you could ever receive, becauseonce you have it, no one can ever take it from you.Unknown341 When we can all think more divergently,problems can be resolved effectively. When learning has elements of real fun,the battle for knowledge is easier won. Do you have enough exercise?"Do exercise," the Wise advise. Be humble to learn from the old and young.We can get lots of Wisdom and real fun! Great Teachers do more than just teach...they inspire.Their wit, understanding and wisdom you require. When lessons have elements of fun,therell be no boredom in anyone. Real Heroes make the world a much better place.Challenges and Problems theyre ready to face.
  72. 72. 66EDUCATIONIf you refuse to drink from the fountain of knowledge,youll die of thirst in the desert of ignorance!Unknown348 Reflecting upon stories of motivation,may we be much wiser in our thoughts and action. Learn Grammar without any fear.It can be fun with lots of cheer. There is so much to learn from the written word.We can enrich the mind through great books of worth. Reading gives knowledge and pleasure beyondmeasure.Books are indeed life-long companions to treasure. When there is fun in learning,there is better remembering.
  73. 73. 67EDUCATIONIf someone is going down the wrong road,he doesn’t need motivation to speed him up.What he needs is education to turn him around.Jim Rohn353 Education for the child must start early.If this fails, many will be in misery. Mere knowledge is certainly not education.To virtue and wisdom you must give attention. Education must mould the character.This is a very important matter. When our education fails so very badly,problems and trouble multiply in society. Education must address one’s spiritualityOnly then can one be truly peaceful and happy. When education fails to develop morality,it is high time that we all pay attention seriously.
  74. 74. 6811 GIVINGDana or giving or generosity is a most important spiritualpractice. In Buddhism, Dana is one of the ten perfections aBodhisattva ( Buddha-to-be ) develops in the rounds ofrebirths before Buddhahood is attained.Through the practice of Dana, many spiritual mental statesare cultivated. There is a cutting off of the ‘self’, theselfishness, self-centeredness, greed, attachment,covetousness, ego and many other defilements that cause somuch mental suffering to oneself and others.When Dana is practiced well, there is a growing state ofmental peace, joy and contentment arising from the lettinggo and opening of the heart out of love and compassion.True Dana practice gives one a tremendous amount ofenergy. This has been shown by so many great spiritualbeings like Mother Teresa, the late Venerable Dr K SriDhammananda, Master Cheng Yen, Ajahn Brahmavamsoand a number of lay Buddhist Dhammaduta workers.I remember one experience I had where the sincere giving ofDhamma teachings gave rise to an incredible surge of energywithin me. It was in the year 1993 when we had our firstDhamma Youth Camp held in borrowed premises. There wasa lot of work to do and there was only a handful of us to runthe 5-day camp. One night during the camp (I think it wasthe third night), I was feeling extremely exhausted and I wason my way up to the third floor of a school classroom whichserved as a sleeping place. A group of teenage boysrequested me to answer some of their Dhamma questions.Even though it was past midnight, I obliged and had aDhamma dialogue with them. Unbelievably, all my tirednessvanished and bouts of energy arose in me when I shared theDhamma with this group of keen listeners. I was alert, joyfuland greatly peaceful. Such is the power of sharing the Gift ofDhamma which excels all other gifts.
  75. 75. 6911 GIVINGIf you havent got any charity in your heart,you have the worst kind of heart trouble.Bob Hope359 To the needy have we given our attention?This is for your reflection and contemplation. Generosity is a practice of spiritualityfor joy, peace and Selfless giving is a great spiritual practice.In true giving, joy arises and there is peace. The practice of Dana or Giving helps cut our greed.Dana is indeed a most virtuous and wholesome deed. There are many ways we all can do charity.An act of generosity is most praiseworthy. There are many out there in real need of charity.Give, help and serve when you have the opportunity. Charitable acts of selflessnesslead to mental peace and happiness.
  76. 76. 70GIVINGWhere there is charity and wisdom,there is neither fear nor ignorance.Francis of Assisi366 Develop the Perfection of Generosity or Dana.Cultivating the Ten Perfections leads one to Nibbana. When charity is performed sincerely,inner joy grows and grows most steadily. The more one gives the moreone will receive in return.One will realize this after he has practiced and learnt. Give what you can and whenever you can.In times of need, do lend a helping hand. When one serves selflessly with commitment,one gains peace, happiness and contentment. Do we overindulge ourselves in great luxuryand lift not a finger to reach out to the needy?
  77. 77. 7112 ATTITUDEA person’s positive or negative feelings, perception,evaluation or psychological, emotional tendency to react in acertain way towards people, objects, events, activities orideas, goes a long way to determine his mental state. Onewith a bad or poor attitude towards happenings or hisrelationship with others will experience much suffering, painand agitation in his mind. A bad mental attitude stems fromone or more of the following factors:* Not understanding clearly the nature of existence and theuniversal laws that govern us* Strong greed, attachment and covetousness* Irresponsibility, carelessness, heedlessness and a lack ofconsideration and compassion for other beingsOne will grow up with good attitude if the qualities ofcompassion and mindfulness are developed. Ponder on thefollowing situations where people with a bad attitude causesuffering to themselves and others:* Throwing rubbish and littering everywhere* Disregarding traffic laws and regulations – speeding,careless parking, reckless driving etc* Polluting our environment* Carelessness and heedlessness in the upbringing ofchildren* Unruly behavior in school, at work and in public places* Not carrying out duties and responsibilities due to lazinessand a ‘couldn’t care less’ type of behavior* Proud and haughty conduct in dealing with other people* Always wanting to take or receive only with little thoughtof giving or serving.The cultivation of good positive attitudes is very importantfor spiritual growth. Qualities such as patience, diligence,determination, honesty, loving-kindness, effort, confidence,calmness, virtue and mindfulness must be developed.
  78. 78. 7212 ATTITUDEIf you dont like something, change it.If you cant change it, change your attitude.Maya Angelou372 You chart your own destiny.Let mental peace arise with an attitude thats Imaginations a need for success.With this and diligence, give it your When attitude and views are wise and right,happiness and peace will soon grow For success, Right Attitude is a MUSTbefore you carry out the needed tasks. Fill our hearts with great Gratitude.Develop the Right Attitude. Right View and Attitude are important trulyfor mental and emotional With Right View and Right Attitude,youll reach Spiritual Altitude.
  79. 79. 73ATTITUDEIt is very important to generate a good attitude, a goodheart, as much as possible. From this, happiness inboth the short term and the long termfor both yourself and others will come.Dalai Lama379 In the quest for success East or West,Right View and attitude surpass the rest. Attitude and traits can be destructive.Do realize what in you is negative. When you let Evil grow, you are in for sorrow.382 When attitude is right, many things turn Fools ignore wise words of advice.They will soon have to pay a price. When you cultivate right view and attitude,you will reach a great spiritual altitude. When we think in twisted ways,we are in for suffering days.
  80. 80. 74ATTITUDENothing can stop the man with the right mentalattitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth canhelp the man with the wrong mental attitude.Thomas Jefferson386 When you have a wrong attitude or thinking,you will not find happiness and peace within. Believing that one CAN DO IThelps to perform the toughest feat. When we have the right attitude of things,well reduce our mental sufferings. When you believe that you really CAN,the thing you want CAN happen then. When we take one day at a time,there’s less worrying in the mind. Positive thinking can go a long wayto help one cope with the problems of the day.http://www/
  81. 81. 75ATTITUDEYour living is determined not so much by what lifebrings to you as by the attitude you bring to life;not so much by what happens to youas by the way your mind looks at what happens.Khalil Gibran392 Contemplating in silent solituderealize the importance of attitude. Develop a positive attitude.Live a life of service and gratitude. When your attitude is wise and right,things can turn out to be good and bright. Without the right attitude, how can there beprogress?Without effort and perseverance, can you be blessed? When you do believe that you really CAN,you CAN do it no matter where or when. Bad attitude is often conditioned from the past.‘Reflect mindfully and transform’, this you must.
  82. 82. 7613 MINDFULNESSWhat is mindfulness? To be mindful means to be able torecollect, to be aware, attentive, heedful and to knowmoment to moment any physical or mental phenomenon thatoccurs. The mindful person has a mind that is alert; heremembers the things learnt; he is not careless or heedless.Right Mindfulness is one of the eight factors in the Buddha’sNoble Eightfold Path, the Way that leads one to Nibbana, theState of perfect happiness, peace and freedom of the mind.Central to Buddhist Meditation are the Four Foundations ofMindfulness. They are:* Mindfulness of the body* Mindfulness of feelings or sensations* Mindfulness of mind or consciousness* Mindfulness of mental objectsThe practice of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness leadsone to insight and wisdom into the real nature of things.Dukkha or suffering will then be completely ended.I have observed that due to poor mindfulness, lots of dukkha,trouble, conflict, problems, inconvenience and hardship havecome about. Examples include the following:* Persons on duty forget to turn up or come without bringingthe necessary keys.* Persons do not switch off air-conditioning, fans, taps, andlights when they leave the Association buildings.* Persons take things that don’t belong to them and thethings are not returned or are lost or damaged.* Persons park their vehicles indiscriminately; such mindlessactions cause frustration and hardship to others.* Lack of mindfulness causes some to miss meetings andappointments. Some are habitually unpunctual.May we strive to practice Mindfulness Meditation to crossthe Sea of Samsaric suffering.
  83. 83. 7713 MINDFULNESSWithout mindful awareness, the shadows of your pastmay haunt your present. Reuben Lowe398 Heedlessness causes pain and dis-ease.Mindfulness is the path to real peace. Live each day wisely and mindfully.Then youll be free, peaceful and happy! Speaking without mindfulnesscan bring much unhappiness. Wisdom is not attained through study.It comes from SEEING Life mindfully. When we heedlessly drink and drivewe may destroy somebodys life. When one speaks or acts with heedlessness,there will be no peace and happiness.
  84. 84. 78MINDFULNESSIf your relationship to the present moment is not right- nothing can ever be right in the future -because when the future comes -its the present moment. Eckhart Tolle404 Learning gives you things of the mundane kind.Get insights from a mindfully still A lack of clear mindfulnesscan cause much Our speech can cause others much cheer or pain.We can regret our words time and again. When we are mindful of wise things or advice,its a step to a life thats peaceful and nice. Beware of the words you speaklest they cause hearts to bleed.409 Let not failure or pain deter you from trying again. Always give and be grateful. Lets be heedful andmindful. Thats the Way to be Peaceful.
  85. 85. 79MINDFULNESSThe present moment is filled with joy and happiness.If you are attentive, you will see it.Thich Nhat Hanh411 When one’s mindfulness is so really lacking,careless mistakes abound and there’s suffering. The mindful person has a more steady andpeaceful mind.He is attentive and can remember most of the time. Sustained mindfulness gives the mind clarity.Concentration grows and things are seen more clearly. Of the body, feelings, thoughts and dhammas, wemust be mindful.With constant practice we will grow wiser and morepeaceful. Right Mindfulness or Samma Satiis essential for one to cross Samsara’s Sea.
  86. 86. 8014 ANGERTo my mind the world today seems to be getting more andmore angry. Have you reflected on the following?* There are fights, battles and wars all over the world.* Aggression, violence and acts of terrorism are on the rise.* More people are not at peace with themselves – there isgrowing dis-ease. Cases of mental trouble and disorders areincreasing.* We meet with more road bullies and gangsterism amongthe young is getting more prevalent.* Domestic trouble and violence in families and homes hitthe news very often.When will we realize this truth: Anger and hatred cannot beovercome by more anger and hatred. It can only be overcomeby love, compassion and wisdom. Mahatma Gandhi oncesaid: ‘An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.’My reflection tells me that anger has its causes in thefollowing:* Lack of understanding of the true nature of all things* Lack of love and compassion for sentient beings* Unreasonable expectations that cannot be met* Strong desires and wanting; when these are not fulfilled,impatience and anger arise* Always wanting to satisfy the ego self with little thought orconsideration for others* Not following the teachings of the great religious mastersI have found the following useful to help curb impatience,irritation and anger:* Realize that everyone has his ‘good’ and ‘bad’ traits* Learn and practice watching the mind – noting any mentalstate that arises* Practice the meditation on loving-kindness* Learn to forgive and adopt an attitude of ‘letting go’* Never slack to learn, understand and practice the Dhamma
  87. 87. 8114 ANGERHolding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with theintent of throwing it at someone else;you are the one who gets burned.Buddha416 Anger is a serious mental poisonthat can lead one to unwholesome action.www.slideshare.ner/ohteikbin/story-to-reflect-upon-33-34417 Revenge and hate will lead one to a suffering state.Removing a bad habit needs a strong will indeed. Is your Anger on the rise?Learn to be peaceful and wise. anger419 If your anger becomes strongeryour suffering will last longer. When the mind is filled with anger, ill-will or hate,you are heading for a mental suffering state. Conquer the devil of anger with loving-kindness.You will then be suffused with more peace and happiness.
  88. 88. 82ANGERFor every minute you are angryyou lose sixty seconds of happiness.Ralph Waldo Emerson422 Beware of all anger, ill-will and hate.The pain and suffering they bring is great. When any anger arises, watch it mindfully.With such training, this poison will weaken gradually. Let not another shake your mental peace.Train your mind to be constantly at ease. Anger and hatred will lead us to a woeful plane.Conquer them with loving-kindness again and again. Anger harms both your body and mind.Curb anger with love and Truth Sublime. Why does ill-will or anger or hatred arise?“Ignorance and craving is the cause,” says the Wise.