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The Real Beauty - A Meaningful Story (Eng & Chi).pptx

  1. 1 真正的美丽 - 一个有意义的故事
  2. 2 A long time ago three rich and beautiful ladies were sitting on the bank of a river and enjoying a picnic. After a while, when they were washing their hands and feet in the cool and clean water of the river, they saw their reflection. Seeing their reflection in the water, they started to admire their own beauty. Just then, one of them said, “Look how beautiful my hands are!” 很久很久以前,三位富有的 美女坐在河边享受野餐。过 了一会儿,当他们在清凉干 净的河水中洗手洗脚时,他 们看到了自己的倒影。看到 水中自己的倒影,他们开始 欣赏自己的美丽。就在这时, 其中一人说, “看我的手多漂亮!”
  3. 3 Listening to her, the second lady said, “Look! My hands are even more beautiful than yours.” Listening to her, the third lady said, “Both of your hands are fine but my hands are more beautiful than both of you.” Soon an argument broke out among them. All three ladies started claiming their hands to be prettier than the other two. 二夫人听她说:“你看! 我的手比你的还要漂亮。” 三夫人听她说:“你两只手 都很好,我的手更漂亮。” 比你们两个都高。”很快, 他们之间爆发了一场争吵。 三位女士都开始声称她们的 手比另外两位漂亮。
  4. 4 Just then they saw an old woman passing by. She was walking with the help of a stick and her clothes were dirty. She looked very tired and hungry. Seeing her, one of the rich ladies suggested to the others to ask the old woman about whose hands were the most beautiful. All of them agreed. Then one of these rich ladies called for the old woman. When the old woman came near, all of them showed their hands to her and asked, “Tell us, who has the most beautiful hands.” 就在这时,他们看到一位老 妇人经过。 她拄着拐杖走路, 衣服很脏。 她看起来又累又 饿。一位富家小姐见状,提 议大家去问老太婆谁的手最 美。 他们都同意了。 然后 其中一位富有的女士叫来了 老太婆。老太婆走近时,大 家都把手伸给老太婆,问道: “告诉我们, 谁的手最漂亮。” “Who has the most beautiful hands?
  5. 5 The old woman said, “I am very hungry and thirsty. First give me something to eat and drink. Only then I will be able to answer your question because right now I can't decide anything because of hunger.” All the three rich ladies refused to give her any food and asked her to go away from there to some distance away. During this time, a poor woman was working in her field. She saw all this happening. She quickly went to the old woman and brought her to the place where she was working. 老太婆说:“我又饿又渴。 先给我吃的喝的。 只有这样 我才能回答你的问题,因为现 在我因为饥饿无法做出任何决 定。”三位富家小姐都不肯给 她吃的,要她离那里远一点。 在此期间,一位贫穷的妇女正 在她的田地里工作。 她看到 了这一切的发生。 她连忙走 到老太婆身边,把她带到了她 干活的地方。 “Old Lady! Go Away!”
  6. 6 She made the old woman sit comfortably. Then she opened her lunchbox and gave the old woman half of the food she had. She also gave her some water to drink. When the old woman had finished her food, the kind woman washed the old woman’s hands and feet and wiped them with her own clothes. Then she asked the old woman to have a rest for some time under the shade of a tree. 她让老太婆舒服地坐下。 然后她打开饭盒,把剩下 的一半给了老太婆。 她还 给了她一些水喝。等老太 婆吃完饭,好心的妇人给 老太婆洗了手脚,又用自 己的衣服擦了擦。 然后她 让老太婆到树荫下休息一 会儿。
  7. 7 The three rich ladies were watching all this from a distance. After the old woman felt better, she took the kind but poor woman to meet the three rich ladies. Then the old woman said to them, “You wanted to know whose hands are the most beautiful.” She grabbed the hands of that poor woman who had given her food and showed them to the three rich ladies. The old woman said, “Look! This kind woman has the most beautiful hands. 三位富家小姐远远的看着这 一切。老太婆心情好些后, 就带着这个善良但可怜的女 人去见了三位富家小姐。老 太婆对他们说:“你们想知 道谁的手最美。” 她抓住那个 给她吃的可怜女人的手,给 三位富家小姐看。 老太婆说: “看! 这个善良的女人有一 双最漂亮的手。
  8. 8 All the three rich ladies started laughing and said, “Huh! What do you know about beauty, old woman! See how rough her hands are and her hands are not soft but hard. How can these hands be the most beautiful?” 三位富家小姐齐齐 笑道:“哼! 老太 婆,你懂什么美女! 看她的手有多粗糙, 手不是软而是硬。 这双手怎么可能是 最美的?”
  9. 9 The old woman said, “Beautiful hands belong to those who do good deeds and serve the needy. The beauty of hands increases with good deeds - not with the fairness and softness. Therefore, in my view, the hands of this kind woman are much more beautiful than the hands of all three of you.” 老妪说:美丽的手属于 那些行善济贫的人。 手 的美丽随着善行而增 加——而不是随着公平 和柔软而增加。所以, 在我看来,这个善良女 人的手比手漂亮多了你 们三个人的。” 真正的美丽在于心灵的纯洁
  10. Heraclitus 评论明智的反思 If we reflect on our lives, we will find that oftentimes we evaluate someone by looking at his or her face complexion, body or clothes. But in reality the real beauty of a person does not lie in his face or body or clothes but it lies in his good deeds and his qualities of character. 反观我们的生活,我们会发 现,很多时候我们通过看一 个人的脸色、身材或衣着来 评价一个人。 但实际上,一 个人真正的美不在于他的容 貌、身材或衣着,而在于他 的善行和品格。 10 角色 是命运
  11. 11 If you make someone your friend or get into a new relationship with someone then remember that how a person looks like physically or how he dresses is not as important as what type of deeds he does and what his character is like. Beauty is only skin deep. The outer beauty is changeable, it will fade with the time but the inner beauty, the character and his conduct is what truly matters for this will follow him from life to life. 如果你让某人成为你的朋友或 与某人建立新的关系然后记住 一个人的身体状况或穿着方式 重要的不是他做了什么样的事, 他的性格是什么样的。美丽只 是肤浅的。 外在的美是多变的, 它会随着时间的流逝而褪色, 但真正重要的是内在的美,性 格和行为,因为这将伴随他一 生一世。 美 丽 只 是 皮 肤 深 事 物 的 无 常
  12. 12 Real beauty is not about having a beautiful face or body but it is about having a beautiful heart, a beautiful mind and a beautiful soul. Beauty has nothing to do with physical looks; it is how you are as a person and how you make others feel about themselves. Therefore, always remember that outer beauty can attract your eyes but inner beauty captivates your heart. 真正的美丽不是拥有美丽的容貌或身体,而是拥有美丽的心灵、美丽的思想和美丽的灵 魂。美丽与外表无关。 这是你作为一个人的方式以及如何你让别人对自己有感觉。因此, 永远记住,外在美能吸引你的眼球但内在美会吸引你的心。 Develop Qualities of the Divine. This is the true, real Beauty you will find. 培养神圣的品质。 这是您会发现的真 正的美丽。 With Metta, Bro Oh Teik Bin The End 结束