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The Fairies Advise...


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A Presentation of the Imagintion. Wise words of advice for us to reflect upon in the light of so many world problems and conflicts facing Mankind. Done by Bro. Oh Teik Bin, Lower Perak Buddhist Association, Teluk Intan, Malaysia.

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The Fairies Advise...

  1. 1. The Fairies Advise … May Mankind Be Wise
  2. 2. A Presentation Of Imagination And Reflection Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein
  3. 3. Mind Matters.> Love Conquers. Wisdom Love
  4. 4. WARS, BOMBINGS … When will man ever learn?
  5. 5. Don’t be greedy. Help the needy.
  6. 6. HUNGER, FAMINES … Do we really care?
  7. 7. Contemplate It is time to be kind.
  8. 8. AGGRESSION, VIOLENCE … Is This The Answer?
  9. 9. Wish ! Wish ! Hope Do Pay Attention. Do Take Great Caution.
  10. 10. ACCIDENTS, FOREST FIRES … When will we learn to be more mindful?
  11. 11. Be Happy! Mind your Mind to stay fine
  12. 12. ANXIETY, MENTAL PROBLEMS… Are We Checking The Rise?
  13. 13. Stay Healthy! Be Loving Be Caring
  14. 14. THE SUFFERING SICK… Are We Caring?
  15. 15. Keep our Earth Pollution- Free to stay healthy and happy.
  16. 16. POLLUTION, GLOBAL WARMING… Are We Heeding The Dangers?
  17. 17. Don’t get into a mess with STRESS
  18. 18. ANGER, VIOLENCE … Stress-Related?
  19. 19. Kill Hatred and Enmity for Real Peace and Harmony.
  20. 20. TERRORISM… Is Hatred Breeding More Hatred?
  21. 21. Honesty and Responsibility are essential for man to live peacefully and happily.
  22. 22. GREED, CORRUPTION … How Much Suffering Have They Brought To Others?
  23. 23. The End Understanding, Wisdom and Compassion will bring Peace and Joy To Every Nation. With Loving-Kindness, Bro. Oh Teik Bin