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Stupidity And Wisdom


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A Power Point Presentation by Bro. Oh Teik Bin, Persatuan Buddhist Hili Perak, Teluk Intan, Malaysia. For Dhamma Reflection on the 'Problem Kids Today'. We need to inculcate good values in the young.

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Stupidity And Wisdom

  1. 1. Stupidity And Wisdom
  2. 2. Mummy, You have to buy for me the RM2000 cell phone! My friends have it. Mummy, I don’t really need a cell phone as yet. I see many of my friends wasting their money on pre-paid cards! My education is more important than aimless chit-chatting, playing games and gossiping through SMS on the cell phone. All this can wait.
  3. 3. Daddy, I am going to work after my PMR. The monthly allowance you give me is not enough! After my PMR, it’d be good for me to do more reading, improve my computer knowledge and help more in the home. I need more money to dye my hair, buy cosmetics, and those branded dresses I see my friends wearing. My foolish friends are so materialistic … I know one day they will regret their actions.
  4. 4. Mummy, how can I eat the lousy food you cook? Let me have RM10 to go to McDonald’s to have a decent meal! Thank you Mummy for the delicious food you cooked. We are indeed very lucky. So many poor ones are dying of hunger in Africa.
  5. 5. I am fed-up of the same old-fashioned clothes I have! Mummy, I need to have some hot pants, mini-skirts, low-cut dresses , see-through blouses and tight jeans! The Hong Kong Stars wear them! All I need are some simple clothes and I’m content. We should donate the money saved to the poor who do not even have proper clothes.
  6. 6. Daddy, I am going over to my friend’s house to do some school revision. I am not coming back for dinner. (Lying) I’m going to have a fine time at the cyber café. Daddy, I’ll be using the Computer for about an hour to help me in my Project. The Internet can be very useful. It’s unfortunate many of my friends are abusing it … playing network games always, aimless chit-chatting…
  7. 7. School is so boring. I shall phone my friends to go shopping and dancing in the disco … It’s my duty and responsibility to study hard. My parents are working so hard for my education.
  8. 8. Daddy, I’m getting bored. I want to have an I-pod, a powerful digital camera and a hand-held computer! I have simple needs. A simple Tape player makes me happy. I think I’ll help to teach the poor children to sing and dance. All my expensive things will attract the girls!
  9. 9. Daddy, the school holidays are coming. You must bring us overseas for the holidays … I don’t want local places! During the school holidays, I’d have more time for my hobbies … jogging, chess … I can also help in the Community Library.
  10. 10. I’ll be in Form 4 next year, Daddy. You have to buy for me a motor bike. Ah Soh has one! Thanks Mummy for the pet dog. I’ll look after it with responsibility, care and love.
  11. 11. I need lots of money … to buy my Reebok, tickets for the pop concert, gifts for my girlfriends on Valentine’s Day, a Sony Play Station … These stories of the poverty and suffering of so many people are really touching. The poor indeed need help. I need to save money to do some charity.
  12. 12. For Your Wise Reflection * When will we reduce our ‘wanting’, desires and greed? Will they bring us true happiness, peace and freedom of the mind? * When will we learn to count our blessings and be content with what we have? There are so many suffering ones out there in our world. * When will we open out our hearts in loving-kindness and compassion for people in need? * When will we realize that to be truly human we need to care and share? * When will we see that all will finally come to ‘nought’? Only our KAMMA will follow us.