Story to reflect upon 71, 72


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"Much wisdom can be realized from a story
if we calm the mind and reflect silently."

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Story to reflect upon 71, 72

  1. 1. There was once a little bird who decided to rebel against tradition, and when it came time to fly south for the winter, he decided to stay behind. All the other birds flew south for the warmer weather, leaving the rebellious one alone. Of course, it wasn't long before the little bird discovered he had made a terrible mistake. Winter set in and it became very cold. So, he decided that he had better take off and fly south like his friends. He started flying, but didn't get very far before the cold north wind began to freeze his wings, and he went plummeting down, down, down ... He fell straight down from the sky, through an open hole in the rooftop of a nearby barn, and directly into a fresh pile of cow dung. Well, the warmth thawed out his wings, and soon he was feeling fine again. But, as his little head popped out from the smelly dung, along came a cat who plucked him up and ate him. Reflection * How often have we acted foolishly without careful thought and contemplation? Foolish impulsive actions could lead to painful consequences. * One cannot really know what is in store ahead ... one's destiny is unknown and uncertain. One 'fortunate' or 'good' happening can be soon followed by a most 'unfortunate' happening. * Live mindfully. Be more in the 'NOW'. The future is uncertain. Live a life of positive thoughts, positive speech and positive actions ... Nature will take its course. One's 'destiny' will be shaped by a series of 'causes and effects'. Story To Reflect Upon 71 A Rebellious Bird
  2. 2. A Happy Cat There is a story told about a cat who discovered that happiness was in his tail. He kept trying over and over to get it, but all he could do was run around in circles. Exhausted and frustrated, with this endless pursuit, he eventually stopped. And then, he discovered that if he'd just go on about his life then the tail would follow him wherever he went. Reflection * In life, we pursue happiness in the outside world little realizing that true happiness lies within our mind. * It's only when we learn to train the mind into stillness and contentment can there be real peace, happiness and freedom. * The more we 'chase' after happiness with so much energy expended, the more will happiness slip away. It's only when we settle the mind and 'flow ' with the stream of life, engaging mindfully in positive things that help develop our wisdom and compassion, will happiness and peace arise within our minds. * There is a wise saying : "Happiness is not a destination but lies in life's journey." Story To Reflect Upon 72