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Story To Reflect Upon 141, 142


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Two short Stories with good moral values for reflection.

Published in: Education
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Story To Reflect Upon 141, 142

  1. 1. Story ToReflectUpon 141Flame of Love"I can master it", said the Ax.His blows fell heavy on the hard, strong steel.But each blow only made his edge blunter until he ceased tostrike."Leave it to me", said the Saw.With his relentless teeth, he worked back & forth.But to his dismay, all of his teeth were worn out or brokenoff."Ha!" said the Hammer. "I knew you could not do this.Let me show you how."But with the very first blow, his head flew off, and the steelwas unchanged."Shall I try?" asked the Flame.And it curled itself gently around the strong, hard steel, andembraced it, and would not let it go.And the tough steel melted.There are hearts that are hard enough to resist:The forces of wrath,The fury of pride.But hard is the heart thatcan resist the warm "flame of Love".Reflection* Force, aggression and violence are not effectiveways to resolve a problem or conflict.* ‘Hatred is not overcome by hatred; hatred can only beovercome by LOVE. This is an eternal law.
  2. 2. Story ToReflect Upon142The Bear and the Two TravelersTwo men were traveling together, when abear suddenly met them on their path. Oneof them climbed up quickly into a tree andconcealed himself in the branches. The other, seeingthat he must be attacked, fell flat on the ground, andwhen the bear came up and felt him with his snout,and smelt him all over, he held his breath, andfeigned the appearance of death as much as hecould.The bear soon left him, for it is said he will not toucha dead body. When he was quite gone, the otherTraveler descended from the tree, and jocularlyinquired of his friend what it was thebear had whispered in his ear. "He gave me thisadvice," his companion replied. "Never travel with afriend who deserts you at the approach ofdanger."Reflections* A true friend will come to the assistance of one ingreat trouble; he will not just desert him down nomatter how difficult the circumstances.* True friendship is difficult to come by in a worldmoney, status and power craving.