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Story of Buddha Gautama (Part 6 - Final) (Eng & Chi).pptx

  1. 1 乔达摩佛的故事 ~ 第 6 部分 (Final) (下场)
  2. 2 After 45 years of travelling and teaching, the Buddha had reached His eightieth year. Although His mind was strong, He felt that His body was getting weaker. He realized that His life was coming to an end. So, He decided to go north to the foothills of the Himalayas, the region where He was born. He wished to enter the final Nirvana, or freedom from suffering. On the way north, the Buddha and Ananda stopped in the Bamboo Grove Village, in the kingdom of Patali. The Buddha decided to stay there for the rainy season. 经过 45 年的旅行和教学,佛陀已经到了八十岁。 虽然他的心很强,但他觉得自己的 身体越来越虚弱。 他意识到自己的生命即将结束。 因此,他决定北上喜马拉雅山脚 下,他出生的地方。 他希望进入最终的涅盘,或从痛苦中解脱。 在北上的路上,佛 陀和阿难在波陀罗国的竹林村停留。 佛陀决定留在那里过雨季。 Kapilavastu
  3. During His stay in the village the Buddha fell seriously ill. After He recovered, He told Ananda: “Ananda, by now the Sangha should know the way to practice, be able to check their practice and attain Nirvana. I do not keep any secrets. With all My heart I wish the best for all the monks and nuns. I am an old man now. You should depend on yourselves. You should rely on the Dharma. 佛陀在村里逗留期间病重。 和尚痊愈后,对阿难说:“阿难,现在僧团应 该知道修行的方法,能够检验自己的修行,从而证得涅槃。 我不保守任何 秘密。 我衷心祝愿所有的僧侣和尼姑一切顺利。 我现在是个老人了。 你要 靠自己。 你应该依止佛法。 3
  4. 4 In the morning, after eating, the Buddha went to the Pava Stupa to meditate. He sat on a rock in the shade of a tree and investigated with His mind when He would be due to pass away. He concluded that He would enter the final Nirvana after three months. When He told this to Ananda, Ananda begged Him: “Please stay and continue helping people to end suffering!” The Buddha replied: “Ananda, the life of the Buddha is drawing to its close. He will attain final Nirvana three months from now. Death is unavoidable. 早上,佛陀吃完饭,到帕瓦塔打坐。他坐在树荫下的一块石头上,当他将因去世。 他 得出结论,他将在三个月后进入最终的涅盘。 当他告诉阿难时,阿难恳求他:“请留 下来继续帮助人们结束苦难!” 佛陀回答说:“阿难,佛陀的生命即将结束。 三个 月后,他将证得究竟涅槃。 死亡是不可避免的。
  5. 5 Then the Buddha called the monks and gave them many important instructions. He encouraged them to practice His teachings for the benefit of all people in the world, and to help others to learn and practice the Dharma. He also encouraged them to serve as good examples for the people of the world. Finally He instructed: “All things must grow old and pass away. Study the truths I have taught you and put them into practice; guard your own minds; do not be careless, so that you can be freed from suffering and rebirth.” 然后佛陀召集比丘,给他们许多重要的教导。 他鼓励他们为了利益世间所有人而实 践他的教法,并帮助其他人学习和实践佛法。 他还鼓励他们为世界人民树立榜样。 最后他指示说:“万物都会变老并消逝。 研究我教给你的真理并付诸实践; 守住自 己的心; 不要粗心大意,这样你就可以从痛苦中解脱并往生。”
  6. 6 One morning, to have a last look at the city of Vesali, the Buddha and Ananda went there to beg for alms. After that, the Buddha and His disciples visited neighboring villages, and the Buddha taught the Dharma to people. The Buddha also told His disciples that when anyone teaches them the Dharma, they should carefully verify it against the Dharma taught by the Buddha. He said that if it was not consistent with His teaching, they should reject it. Then they continued to the city of Pava and rested in the Mango garden, which belonged to Cunda, the son of a goldsmith. 一天早上,为了最后看一眼毗舍离城,佛陀和阿难陀去那里化缘。 其后,佛陀与弟 子们到访邻近的村落,为人们说法。 佛陀还告诉他的弟子们,当任何人教导他们佛 法时,他们应该仔细核对佛陀所教导的法。 他说,如果这与他的教导不一致,他们 就应该拒绝。 然后他们继续前往帕瓦市,并在金匠之子纯陀的芒果园中休息。 Vesali Pava
  7. 7 The Buddha taught Cunda and his family. They gained confidence in the Dharma and took refuge in the Buddha and the Dharma. But the meal that Cunda offered to the Buddha contained a fungus that made the Buddha feel very ill. However, in spite of the pain, the Buddha and His disciples continued their journey to Kusinara. On the way they met a prince of the Malla clan. The Buddha taught him the way to live in peace. The prince then took refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha (the Three Jewels), and offered two rolls of fine gold-colored cloth to the Buddha. The Buddha kept one and gave the other to Ananda. 佛陀教导纯陀及其家人。 他们对佛法有了信心皈依佛法。 但是纯陀供奉的饭菜佛陀 身上有一种真菌,让佛陀感到很不舒服。 然而,尽管痛苦之后,佛陀和他的弟子们 继续他们前往拘尸那罗的旅程。 在他们遇到马拉氏族王子的方式。 佛陀教他生活之 道安详地。 太子皈依佛、法、僧(三宝物),又供养上等金丝布二卷给佛。 佛陀留 下一个,另一个给了阿难。
  8. 8 Finally the Buddha and Ananda arrived at the boundaries of Kusinara. When they came to Salavana, a holiday resort of the royal clan of the Mallas, the Buddha felt He could go no further. So, He asked Ananda to prepare a place for Him to lie down. Ananda took the Buddha’s outer robe and placed it on a bed between two big sala trees. The Buddha then lay down on His right side. He did not fall asleep, but rested to relieve His pain and fatigue. His mind remained as tranquil as it had ever been. 终于,佛陀与阿难到达了拘尸那罗界。 什么时候他们来到马拉斯王族的度假胜地沙 拉瓦那,佛陀觉得不能再去了。 于是,他请阿难为他准备一个可以躺下的地方。阿 难拿来佛陀的外袍,放在两棵大娑罗树之间的床上。 然后佛陀以右侧卧。 他没有睡 着,而是休息以减轻疼痛和疲劳。 他的心一如既往地平静。
  9. 9 Ananda felt that the Buddha was really leaving Him this time, and he felt deep grief in his heart. So, he left the Buddha, and went to an isolated place among trees to cry. He thought: “Unlike the other monks, I still have not reached the stage of an arahant, and I shall lose my compassionate Master forever, and be left alone.” His face became flooded with tears. When the other monks told the Buddha that Ananda was weeping in a hidden place, the Buddha asked them to bring Ananda back. 阿难觉得佛陀这次真的要离他而去了,心中悲痛万分。 于是,他离开了佛陀, 到一个僻静的树丛中哭泣。 他想:“我和其他比丘不同,我还没有达到阿罗汉 的地步,我将永远失去我慈悲的师父,一个人孤零零。” 他的脸上充满了泪水。 当其他比丘告诉佛陀,阿难陀在一个隐蔽的地方哭泣时,佛陀要求他们把阿难陀 带回来。
  10. 10 On Ananda’s return, the Buddha praised him in front of the other monks. He told them: “Ananda has, at all times, been my most excellent attendant. He knew how to arrange just the right time for Me to meet with visitors. He always treated all visitors well.” Later, Ananda said to the Buddha: “Lord Buddha, please do not enter Nirvana in such a small and unimportant place. Please select one of the large cities, such as Rajagaha or Vesali, and enter the final Nirvana there. In those cities there are many rich and powerful people who are your disciples. They can take responsibility for Your holy remains.” 阿难回来后,佛陀在众比丘面前赞叹他。 他对他们说:“阿难一直是我最好的侍者。 他知道如何安排恰到好处的时间让我与访客见面。 他总是对待所有游客安好。” 后 来,阿难对佛说:“世尊,请不要进入涅槃于如此渺小无足轻重的地方。 请选择其 中一个大城市,如 Rajagaha 或 Vesali,并在那里进入最后的涅盘。 在那些城市里有 许多有钱有势的人都是你的弟子。 他们可以承担责任为你圣洁的遗体。
  11. 11 The Buddha said to Ananda: “No Ananda, do not say that. This is not a small and insignificant place. Long ago this was a prosperous city, and the residence of a righteous king. Ananda, go to Kusinara and tell the king and the people that late tonight, the Buddha will enter the final Nirvana in this forest. If they wish to, they should come to see Me before this time.” So Ananda went to Kusinara with several monks and told King Malla and his people what the Buddha had said. 佛告阿难:“不,阿难,莫作是说。 这可不小和不起眼的地方。 很久以前,这里是 一座繁华的城市,也是一位正直的国王的居所。 阿难,去拘尸那罗,告诉国王和人 民,今晚深夜,佛陀将在这片森林中进入最后的涅盘。 如果他们愿意,他们应该在 这个时间之前来见我。” 于是阿难和几位比丘去拘尸那罗,把佛陀所说的告诉摩罗 王和他的人民。 Kusinara
  12. 12 When the people of Kusinara learnt that the Buddha was about to enter Nirvana, they all felt very sad and cried. They said: “It is too early for the Buddha to enter final Nirvana. The Light of the world is going to be extinguished too soon!” Men, women and children, crying loudly, went to Salavana, where the Buddha was staying. They all hoped to see the Buddha one more time. 拘尸那罗众民得知佛陀即将入涅盘,无不悲痛欲绝,痛哭流涕。 他们说: “佛陀入涅盘还为时过早。 世界之光要熄灭得太快了!” 男人、女人和孩 子们放声大哭,到佛陀住的沙拉瓦那去。 他们都希望再见到佛陀一次。
  13. 13 A wandering young man from an ascetic cult, whose name was Subhadda, happened to be in Kusinara. When he learnt that the Buddha was about to enter the final Nirvana, he decided to visit Him. He wanted to ask the Buddha some questions that bothered him. He believed that only the Buddha would be able to give him a thorough explanation. So he went to Salavana, and asked Ananda to allow him to see the Buddha. However Ananda refused him permission, as he thought that the Buddha was too tired to see visitors. 一个来自苦行教派的流浪青年,名叫须跋陀罗(Subhadda),碰巧在拘尸那罗。 当他得知佛陀即将进入最后的涅盘时,他决定去拜访他。 他想问佛陀一些困扰 他的问题。 他相信只有佛陀才能给他一个彻底的解释。 于是他去了沙拉瓦那, 请求阿难允许他见佛陀。 但是阿难拒绝了他的许可,因为他认为佛陀太累了, 不想见客人。
  14. 14 But Subhadda was very anxious to see the Buddha and asked Ananda again and again. When the Buddha heard them both talking, He knew Subhadda’s good motivation. So, He told Ananda to let Subhadda come in. Having listened to Subhadda’s questions, the Buddha taught him until all problems in Subhadda’s mind were cleared. Subhadda gained confidence in the Buddha and the Dharma and asked the Buddha to accept him as a monk. Thus, Subhadda became the last person to be ordained by the Buddha. 但须跋陀很想见佛,又问阿难。然后再次。 当佛陀听到他们二人的谈话时,他知道 须跋陀罗的好的动力。 因此,他告诉阿难陀让须跋陀进来。听了须跋陀的问题后, 佛陀教导他,直到须跋陀心中的所有问题都被清除。 须跋陀罗对佛陀和佛法有了信 心,请求佛陀收他为僧。 因此,须跋陀罗成为最后一个受佛陀戒的人。
  15. 15 Later the Buddha gave the monks and nuns the last chance to ask any questions. He asked them if any of them still had doubts about the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. But none of them had any doubts about the Triple Gem. Finally, the Buddha said to the monks: “Monks, this is the last time for me to talk to you. All things change. Work hard to gain your own salvation!” 后来,佛陀给了比丘尼最后一次提问的机会。 他问他们是否还有人对佛、 法、僧有疑惑。 但对于三宝,他们都没有任何的怀疑。 最后,佛陀对比丘 们说:“比丘们,这是我最后一次和你们说话了。 万物皆变。 努力争取自 己的救赎!”
  16. 16 The Buddha then entered into meditation, deeper and deeper, until His mind was purely balanced and steadily focused. And then He passed away. Thus, the Buddha, the Blessed One, had attained that final freedom known as Nirvana. Soon after the death of the Buddha, a meeting of 500 arahants was held to collect together all His teachings. They were memorized and handed down from one generation of monks to the next. In this way, the Teachings of the Buddha were not lost, and we can still hear them today. 然后佛陀进入禅修,越来越深,直到他的心达到纯粹的平衡和稳定的专注。 然后 他去世了。 因此,佛陀,世尊,已经获得了被称为涅盘的最终自由。 佛陀圆寂后 不久,举行了一次由 500 名阿罗汉组成的会议,以收集他所有的教法。 他们被记 住并从一代僧侣传给下一代。 这样,佛陀的教法才没有失传,至今还能听到。
  17. 17 愿我们从佛陀的生平中得到启发 愿我们在佛法中努力以结束杜克哈 Credit: Text Contents adapted and edited from ‘Story of The Buddha’ (BuddhaNet) The End 结束 May You Be Well and Happy With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin