So Smart Kids?


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A Power Point Presentation to address the issue of rising discipline problems , eroding moral vales and poor character development of many of the young today. Done by Bro. Oh Teik Bin, Lower Perak Buddhist Association, Teluk Intan, Malaysia.

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So Smart Kids?

  1. 1. KIDS So Smart Kids?
  2. 2. REFLECT Today, in this rat race society , many seem to have forgotten the importance of character development and the acquisition of moral virtues in the child especially in the formative ages. What is emphasized seems to be merely cognitive skills, academic knowledge and talents in various fields. We do not pay enough attention to inculcate moral values and train the young minds to be good and strong. “ Technologically, we may be giants but morally have we have become dwarfs?”
  3. 3. Soweto , aged 4 years 4 months Soweto can sing, do ballet and loves to imitate Michael Jackson’s dance movements. “ How is Soweto in terms of his discipline and manners ? Does he throw tantrums often ? How does he relate to others ? Is he being trained to be polite in his speech and good in his actions ?”
  4. 4. REFLECT Lana , aged 4 years 10 months Lana has excellent language skills. She can recite words, poems and nursery rhymes. “ Is Lana selfish and self-centered? Does she share her things with others ? Are the values of helpfulness, generosity and caring for others being gradually inculcated into her ?”
  5. 5. Ardie, Aged 4 years 11 months Ardie has the potential to be a computer expert. He knows exactly which CD ROM to use and how to execute his interactive educational software. “ Does Ardie get restless and bored often ? How is he when it comes to getting along with other kids ? Has he already learnt how to boast and be proud of his ‘achievements’?” REFLECT
  6. 6. Nellie, aged 4 years 7 months Nellie has good rhythm. She will dance fast to disco beats and slowly when she hears the Waltz. “ Is Nellie always crying for attention ? Does she ever show consideration for others or is she oblivious of the needs of others ? She must be taught how to care for others.”
  7. 7. Willie, aged 4 years 11 months. Willie loves to play golf with his baby golf clubs and he has a pretty good swing too. “ Does Willie like to fight with his ‘weapons’ ? Is he being trained to be gentle and kind with others ? Is he being motivated to be curious to learn about things around him ?” REFLECT
  8. 8. Earnie, aged 4 years 9 months Earnie can serve and hit a shuttlecock . He can sing many pop songs. “ Is Earnie showing traits of aggression and violence ? Is he a hyperactive child ? Is he being given simple positive tasks to perform ?”
  9. 9. Kennie, Aged 4 years 6 months Kennie loves computer games and plays football, badminton and golf very well. “ Is Kennie a patient and gentle child? Can he play with others in a friendly and cooperative manner or is he often unreasonable and wanting things his way ? Is he being exposed to aggressive and violent Computer Games at this tender age ? Is he often restless?”
  10. 10. REFLECT Sonnie, Aged 5 years 2 months Sonnie is great in Computer Games and can play the Piano too. “ Is Sonnie an honest and polite child or has he already learnt crooked ways like lying, foul speech and rowdiness ? Is he receiving good moral education from his parents or are the parents too busy chasing material wealth ?”
  11. 11. Melanie, Aged 5 years 8 months Melanie loves to dance be it traditional dances or ballet. She is also a good storyteller. “ Is Melanie being taught the importance of moral virtues like honesty, humility, patience and kindness ? Does she show traits of Jealousy, ‘Kiasu’ and Conceit ? REFLECT
  12. 12. Timmie, Aged 4 years 7 months Timmie is pushed to excel academically at the kindergarten. He can spell well and is good at Maths. “ Is Timmie mischievous, quarrelsome or naughty ? Is he being educated as to what is acceptable behaviour so that he will not grow up to be a spoilt brat ?” REFLECT
  13. 13. So many parents do not realize the importance of giving their children good religious and moral education. They only emphasize academic achievements and insufficient attention is given to the moral and character development of the children. Food For Thought
  14. 14. The End The end May We All Have Right Views And Wisdom! With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin