Reflections On Wesak


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A Power Point Presentation on the Significance of Wesak. Some Dhamma Points for Reflection.

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  • Dear Bro. Chook Ka Joo,
    You are most welcome to use this Slide Presentation, Reflections for Wesak at any time.
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    Happy Wesak to all of you.
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  • Bro Oh

    Thank you, I would like to ask permission to use the slides for this year Wesak 2010 celebration presentation to my centre BMSM Kajang. I hope you will grant the approval.

    Chook Ka Joo
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  • Extremely…a very nice slide show I am very much appreciate your effort… You may live may protected by the Dhamma

    Rev Chandananda
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  • Thanks for your kind effort to make this show on the Wesak month. Very good show: Good arrangement to show the Life Of Buddha, his teaching and the path to deliverance. May all beings be free from ill-will and danger.
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Reflections On Wesak

  1. 1. Reflections On Wesak
  2. 2. Wesak Commemorates the * The Birth of The Buddha * His Enlightenment * His Passing Away
  3. 3. Siddhartha was born in Lumbini in 623 B.C. on a Wesak Full Moon Day
  4. 4. Receiving an excellent education, he married and had a son.
  5. 5. At 29, realizing the fleeting and unsatisfactory nature of life, he left the palace in search of Peace and Truth.
  6. 6. This historic renunciation was born out of compassion for the suffering of all beings in Samsara.
  7. 7. For 6 long years Siddhartha struggled on a course of arduous mental training.
  8. 8. On a Wesak Full Moon Day, at 35 years of age, Siddhartha obtained perfect Enlightenment.
  9. 9. Enlightenment Enlightenment – The Unconditioned State of Perfect Peace, Happiness and Freedom
  10. 10. For 45 years, the Buddha expounded The Dhamma.
  11. 11. The Buddha Preached The Four Noble Truths
  12. 12. The First Noble Truth: Suffering or The Unsatisfactory Nature of Conditioned Existence.
  13. 13. The Second Noble Truth : The Cause of Suffering, which is Craving
  14. 14. The Third Noble Truth: The End of Suffering, which is Nibbana
  15. 15. The Fourth Noble Truth: The Noble Eightfold Path leading to the end of Suffering
  16. 16. Noble 8-Fold Path 1. Right View or Right Understanding
  17. 17. Noble 8-Fold Path 2. Right Thought
  18. 18. Noble 8-Fold Path 3. Right Speech
  19. 19. Noble 8-Fold Path 4. Right Action
  20. 20. Noble 8-Fold Path 5. Right Livelihood
  21. 21. Noble 8-Fold Path 6. Right Effort
  22. 22. Noble 8-Fold Path 7. Right Mindfulness
  23. 23. Noble 8-Fold Path 8. Right Concentration
  24. 24. With compassion and wisdom, the Buddha diligently worked for the good and happiness of Mankind.
  25. 25. At His final hour of death, at 80, He addressed His disciples:
  26. 26. “ Ripe is My age, short is My life, leaving you I shall go. I have made Myself My Refuge.
  27. 27. “ Be diligent, mindful and extremely virtuous. With thoughts collected, guard your mind.”
  28. 28. “ In this Doctrine and Discipline, by living arduously, you will escape the cycle of rebirth and put an end to suffering.”
  29. 29. “ Think not that you have no Teacher after My death. Regard the Dhamma and Vinaya I have taught you as your Teacher.”
  30. 30. “ He who practices My Teaching best serves Me most. He who sees the Dhamma sees Me.”
  31. 31. “ Subject to change are all component things. Strive on with Diligence.”
  32. 32. It was on a Wesak Full Moon Day, more than 2550 years ago, that the Supreme Buddha, our Great Teacher, passed into Parinibbana.
  33. 33. With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin Happy Wesak May this Thrice-Sacred Day Bring Peace and Happiness To All Of You!