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No Charge ( In English & Chinese )


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A Power Point Presentation by Bro. Oh Teik Bin, Lower Perak Buddhist Association, Teluk Intan, Malaysia. Chinese Translation by Bro. Lau Bain Sin & Bro. Teh Kee Keang.

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No Charge ( In English & Chinese )

  1. NO CHARGE A Lesson To Ponder In Life 不收分文 生命中须 深思的一课
  2. <ul><li>A mother was fixing supper for the family. </li></ul><ul><li>Her little son came running in quite excitedly. </li></ul>有个母亲在为家人准备晚餐, 她的儿子兴奋地跑了进来。
  3. He handed her a paper with words of writing. The mother took the paper and started reading. 他把写了些字的纸条交给母亲。她接过字条便开始阅读。
  4. The boy had written in big handwriting : “ $2 for doing the dish washing. 那男孩用大大的字写道: 洗碗碟 , 给我 $2
  5. <ul><li>$ 1 for making my bed this week . </li></ul><ul><li>For running errands, $ 2 I seek . </li></ul>这个星期整理床铺,给我 $1 。办差事,给我 $2 。
  6. $ 2 for sweeping the floor . My other friends asked for much more . 扫地,给我 $1 。我的朋友要求的更多呢。
  7. $ 5 for my good report card , Mummy ! Clearing our garden - $ 3 is due for me. 妈 , 得到好成绩给我 $5! 清理花园 - $3 是我应该得到的。
  8. So Mummy, you can see very clearly You owe me quite a big sum of money.” 所以,妈妈你可以清楚的看到,你欠了我一大笔的钱。
  9. The mother looked at him standing there expectantly. A thousand memories flashed through her mind instantly. 妈妈看着他,他期 望 地站着。一幕幕的回忆蓦然浮现在她的眼前。
  10. She picked up the paper and turned it over. The words she wrote would make you think and ponder. 她接过了那张纸条,翻了过来。写了 一些 值得思考的字
  11. “ For the 9 months I carried you, growing inside me, NO CHARGE. 我怀孕九个月才生下你,不收分文
  12. For the nights I sat with you, doctored you, prayed for you, NO CHARGE. 不知多少个夜晚,我寸步不离地照顾你,为你祈祷,不收分文
  13. For the time and the tears. And the cost through the years, NO CHARGE. 为你所花的时间 , 流的泪。含辛茹苦 抚 养你长大所值的总值 ,不收分文。
  14. For the nights filled with dread, and the worries ahead, NO CHARGE. 多少个夜晚 , 为你担忧和忧愁, 不收分文。
  15. For advice and knowledge and the cost of your College, NO CHARGE. 一路来的教导,给你的知识与让你读书的费用,不收分文
  16. For the toys, food and clothes and for wiping your nose, NO CHARGE. 你吃的,穿的和玩具。 还有替你抹鼻子,不收费。
  17. Son, when you add it all up, the full cost of my LOVE is , NO CHARGE.” 孩子啊,以上为你付出的全部加起来,再加上我的爱的总值,不收分文
  18. When the boy finished reading, tears welled in his eyes. He realized one lesson in life – Love bears no P rice. 当这男孩读完后,眼眶已充满泪水。他体会了生命中的一课 – 爱是无价之宝。
  19. To his mother, he said, “I sure do love you, Mummy. I’m sorry.” Then he took the pen and in big letters, he wrote “ALL PAID FULLY.” 他对母亲说 ,“ 我肯定爱你 , 妈 , 对不起 .” 然后 , 他拿起笔写了几个大大的字: 全部已偿还
  20. Brothers and Sisters : There’re more things than just MONEY To live life meaningfully and joyously. 各位: 有许多东西比金钱更可贵: 我们要活得有意义 与愉快。
  21. The End May You Be Well And Happy ! With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin 结束 愿你 平安快乐 法喜充满 中文翻译 : Bro. Lau Bain Seng Bro. Teh Kee Keang