Mental Workout Time


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A Power Point Presentation of a medley of 12 Puzzles to stimulate the brain and mind. Mental exercise to help check deterioration of the brain or mind! Please download for some animation effects.

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Mental Workout Time

  1. 1. Mental Workout Time
  2. 2. PUZZLE 1 What does the following mean? YYUR YYUB ICUR YY4ME
  4. 4. PUZZLE 2 Winston Churchill, British statesman and former prime minister of England, was once found in the Ladies Rest Room at an important social function. He was not at all embarrassed about being there. What was the reason for that?
  5. 5. Answer To PUZZLE 2 Winston Churchill was born prematurely in the Ladies Rest Room while his mother attended a ball.
  6. 6. PUZZLE 3 Move just two matchsticks to make the dog face to the right instead of to the left. But, his tail must stay up!
  7. 7. Answer To PUZZLE 3 Easy, isn’t it?
  8. 8. PUZZLE 4 A man bought something expensive. He then went out and gave it to a series of strangers who, in turn, each handed it back to him. What was the thing the man bought?
  9. 9. Answer To PUZZLE 4 A camera. The man was a tourist visiting many places and asking people to take his photograph in them.
  10. 10. Puzzle 5 How can you divide the shape at the right into four pieces of equal size and shape?
  11. 11. Answer To Puzzle 5 1 2 3 4
  12. 12. PUZZLE 6 You have 9 identical coins and 4 identical cups. How can you put an odd number of coins into each cup using all the coins and all the cups?
  13. 13. Answer To PUZZLE 6 You put 3 coins in the first cup, 3 coins in the second cup and 3 coins in the third cup. Then you put the third cup into the fourth cup. Every cup now has 3 coins inside it.
  14. 14. PUZZLE 7 In two different ways, move or adjust just one match to correct the equation above. Note: The ‘equal’ sign = must not be touched.
  15. 15. Answers To PUZZLE 7 1 11 = 11 ! 2 The Square Root of 1 = 1
  16. 16. PUZZLE 8 A policeman was walking past a house. He heard someone cry, ”Don’t shoot me, Richard! Don’t shoot!” There was one gunshot. The policeman entered the house and saw a doctor, a lawyer and an engineer gathered around a dead body. There was no one else. The engineer was immediately arrested. How did the policeman know?
  17. 17. Answer To PUZZLE 8 The engineer was the only male alive. Both the doctor and the lawyer were women.
  18. 18. PUZZLE 9 Fill in the empty places for Questions a - e . a 13 12 10 7 …. b Z A Y E X …. c 23 15 8 2 -3 …. d O T T F …. e 1 3 7 15 31 ….
  19. 19. Answers To PUZZLE 9 a 13 12 10 7 3 . b Z A Y E X I . c 23 15 8 2 -3 - 7 d O T T F F ( F ive) e 1 3 7 15 31 63
  20. 20. Puzzle 10 When the blood pressure of Jerry is tested during a medical examination, it is found that the blood pressure is three times that of a normal person. However, Jerry is not at all worried; the doctor who takes the pressure is also unperturbed by this. Why?
  21. 21. Answer To Puzzle 10 Jerry is a giraffe. The normal blood pressure of a giraffe is 3 times that of a normal human being.
  22. 22. PUZZLE 11 In the diagram below, can you make a third arrow by drawing just 2 straight lines?
  23. 23. Answer To PUZZLE 11
  24. 24. PUZZLE 12 A man and his wife were in a room. The man saw some signs. Without any of them saying a word, the man took out a gun and shot his wife. The man was a normal healthy person. What happened?
  25. 25. Answer To PUZZLE 12 The deaf and dumb wife communicated to her husband in sign language that she was having an affair and was leaving him for good. The husband was enraged and killed her.
  26. 26. The End “ Stay healthy. Think clearly. Don’t worry. Be happy!” With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin