Learning From Humor And Insults?


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A Power Point Presentation with some material of wit and humor. There are Life Lessons to help one grow in Wisdom. For animation effects, download the Slide Show.
Done by Bro. Oh Teik Bin, Lower Perak Buddhist Association , Teluk Intan, Malaysia.

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Learning From Humor And Insults?

  1. Learning from humor and insults?
  2. Mr Chew Sian Onn Note: Chew Sian Onn is a Hokkien Pun for “King Drinker” When Mr Chew Sian Onn drinks all his inhibitions go and the exhibitions come! Reflection : When one drinks liquor, intoxication can result. A break of the 5th Precept can lead to breaching the other 4 Precepts – abusing and even killing others; stealing and cheating; molesting; wrong speech.
  3. Mr Boh San Kan Note: Mr Boh San Kan is the Malay pun for “Mr Boring” It’s easy to recognize En. Boh San Kan. If you see two fellows together and one looks bored, he’s the other. Reflection: We need to be very mindful in our interaction with others. Too often, we bore others with long, long empty talks. However, we have to practise patience in being good listeners when others talk !
  4. Mr Chin Chow Khar Note: Mr Chin Chow Khar is the Hokkien Pun for “Mr Great Dishonest”. When Mr Chin Chow Khar left his last apartment, his landlady actually wept – he owed six months’ rent. Reflection: Today, there is so much pain that arises out of our greed – desire and greed for money and material wealth, name and position, power and status. Too many, too often just care about themselves. We cheat, we lie , we use questionable methods to ACHIEVE, to GET and to ATTAIN !
  5. Mr Mo Lay Mao ( Cantonese pun for “ No Manners” ) This is interesting …. “ You said your name is ‘ Mo Lay Mau’ ? I am sorry I couldn’t remember but your nasty manners are certainly familiar.” Reflection: These days, in the mad rush in the rat race, we too often forget some very important principles of Human Relationship. And one of these is manners and courtesy. We take things for granted and lack the human touch. We forget the great importance of words like “Thank You”, “Please”, “Sorry”, “Excuse Me”, “How are you?” “Good Day” and so on. No one likes an ill-mannered and self-centred person.
  6. Miss Quah Kwan Lan ( Hokkien pun for Miss “ Look up to Status “) Beware ! When Miss Quah Kwan Lan is courting you, she is deciding whether she can get someone better ! Reflection It’s a highly materialistic world today. It’s indeed strange that so many people live as if life is permanent and certain. When we contemplate on the fact of uncertainty and impermanence, then perhaps we can see the urgency to develop Right Views and wisdom.
  7. Mr Pai Seng Tay ( Hokkien Pun for “Mr Hot Temper” Mr Pai Seng Tay’s temper is so bad that you wished his parents had never met! Reflection: The mental poison of ANGER can bring much harm and pain to oneself and others. We need to watch our anger and train the mind to eradicate it.
  8. “ Miss Chuah Lau Hea” ( Hokkien pun for Miss ‘Boastful’ or Miss ‘Pride’ ) Miss Chuah Lau Hea and I are so ‘fantastic’ that we always send our parents a telegram of Congratulations on our Birthdays! Reflection : Beware of the EGO element in us! Pride goes before a fall. No one likes the egoistic or conceited person.
  9. Mr Ee Goh King ( ‘Mr EGO King’ ) Mr Ee Goh King thinks so highly of himself that he takes 3 bows every time he looks into the mirror. Reflection: The EGO or Self is the root of suffering, pain and trouble to ourselves and others. When can we realize that in reality there is no Self?
  10. Mr Ho Thum Sum ( Cantonese Pun for ‘Mr Very Greedy’ ) “ Mr Ho Thum Sum thinks that Life is very unfair … So many things and pleasures, so little time!” Reflection: Is Life just centered on chasing for materialistic things and worldly wealth. Many are living such a life.
  11. Mr Wan Thor Sim ( Hokkien Pun for ‘ Mr Jealousy’ ) Mr Wan Thor Sim turns GREEN when he sees me more successful than him. He feels happy when I’m in pain. Reflection: Jealousy causes suffering in our hearts. When can we learn to rejoice at the good fortune of others?
  12. The End May all be well and happy! May We Grow In Wisdom And Compassion With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin