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Grammar With Humor 5


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A Fun Grammar lesson on the Past Continuous

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Grammar With Humor 5

  1. 1. The Past Continuous Grammar With Humor 5 Complete the jokes by using was, were, wasn’t or weren’t 1 You ….. cheating at cards tonight. But how did you know that I ….. cheating? Because you ….. playing with the cards I gave you. 2 A young man ….. standing on a bus. He ….. chewing gum. An old man ….. sitting opposite him. After five minutes the old man shouted at him, “It’s no good talking to me. I’m deaf.” 3 A motorist was in court for speeding. He told the judge that on the day he ….. driving at ten miles an hour and not at sixty miles an hour. How can you be so sure that you ….. traveling at sixty miles an hour? Because I ….. going to the dentist at the time! 4 Mr Goldsmith ….. shopping in an expensive London store. He ….. talking to a young male shop assistant. “I want something unusual to give to my beautiful eighteen-year-old daughter for her birthday.” The young man thought for a second, then said, “Here’s my phone number sir!” 5 Two cannibals ….. walking along the road when they saw a long line of people at a bus stop. One said to the other, “Oh, look, do you fancy a barbecue?” 6 On the ferry to France a green-faced passenger ….. leaning over the side of the boat. “Would you like your lunch out here, sir?” asked a steward from the ship’s restaurant. The passenger ….. feeling very well and said, “Just throw it over the side and save me the trouble.”
  2. 2. ANSWERS 1 were, was, weren’t 2 was, was, was 3 was, were, was 4 was, was 5 were 6 was, wasn’t 7 were, were, was 8 was 9 were 10 were Reflection Any action that can bring harm to oneself or others is not wise. Heedless and mindless actions are actions of Fools. 7 Two very drunk men ….. trying to find their way home, but they were lost. They ….. staggering along a railway line. “This is a very long staircase,” said the first one. “My legs are killing me!” The second drunk ….. holding his back. “And the handrail is so low my back is killing me!” 8 John, what were you doing out there in the rain? I ….. getting wet, mum! 9 Two little boys were on holiday. They ….. paddling in the sea. “Your feet are really dirty,” one boy said to the other.” “I know. We didn’t come last year. 10 Mr and Mrs Smith ….. arguing at the dinner table. After half an hour Mrs Smith said, “I’ve had enough. One more word out of you and I’m going back to live with my mother.” Mr Smith looked at his wife and then shouted, “Taxi!” Humor Pic Is this smart and creative or sheer Foolishness?