Grammar With Humor 16


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A Fun Grammar Lesson on the The Future Continuous

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Grammar With Humor 16

  1. 1. Grammar With Humor 16 The Future Continuous The Past Perfect Complete the jokes by putting these verbs in the gaps provided. Watch your spelling: adopt ask entertain need drive go keep leave paint use 1 That’s the tenth game we’ve lost in a row and we haven’t even scored a single goal, shouted the angry manager of the football team, Hamstold United. The team captain who had not scored a goal for twenty matches went up to the manager and said: > Boss, I’ve got a great idea to improve the team. The manager looked at the captain, then said, Wonderful! When will you be ….ing? 2 Mrs Perkins was extremely rich and lived in a large country mansion. She phoned the fishmonger to order some seafood. > I will be …… some very important people this evening, she said in her superior-sounding voice. So send me 25 oysters; not too small, not too large, not very old, not tough and certainly not with any sand in them. Certainly, madam, said the fishmonger. With or without pearls? 3 Patrick was a particularly mean person. Instead of buying things he usually tried to borrow them. One Sunday, he called at his next door neighbor’s house and asked: > Will you be … your lawnmower this afternoon? Yes! Snapped his neighbor, determined not to give Patrick anything. > Great! Said Patrick. Then can I borrow your golf clubs? You won’t be … them if you’re cutting your grass! 4 Little Michael was pulling at his mother’s dress in the kitchen to get her attention. What is it, Michael?
  2. 2. > Will we be ……ing to see the monkeys as you promised? But why do you want to see the monkeys when your grandparents are here? 5 A famous female film star asked the artist, Pablo Cassels, to paint her. Pablo was talking to his friend about it. >Will you be … her in the nude? asked the friend. Oh no! said Pablo. I’ll be … my clothes on! 6 Waiter! There’s a large mouse in my soup! > Keep your voice down, sir. And don’t wave the mouse about or everyone else in the restaurant will be ….ing for one! 7 Why do you want to learn French, Mr and Mrs Orr? > Well, we’ll be …….ing a little French baby next month and we want to be able to understand it when it begins to talk. 8 Derek Walton had driven coaches and taxis all his life but gave up because he was fed up with listening to critical passengers. However, he had no experience of any other kind of work. He went to a job centre and after listening to his story, the officer said, I can offer you a driving job in which you will never be troubled by back-seat drivers, > And what will I be ……” asked Derek. A hearse! ANSWERS 1 leaving 2 entertaining 3 using / needing 4 going 5 painting 6 asking 7 adopting 8 driving. Reflection How many young people HUMOR PIC have been trapped by the virtual world. Until and unless they free themselves from addiction to the virtual world, they can be socially and even psychologically impaired.