Grammar with Humor 15


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A Grammar Lesson With a touch of fun and humor

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Grammar with Humor 15

  1. 1. Grammar With Humor 15 Present used for future The Past Perfect The Present Simple and the Present Continuous can both be used to refer to events happening in the future. Underline the examples below which have future meaning. The first is done for you. 1 We’re sending our son to a holiday camp next week. > Oh! Does he need a holiday? No, but we do! 2 I hear you’re moving to London next week. > Yes, I have to because of my job. Are you working for the same people? > Yes – my wife and our six kids! 3 What are you giving your baby brother for Christmas this year? > I don’t know. What did you give him last year? > Measles, I think. 4 A boy was up an apple tree stealing apples. A policeman came along and caught him. He looked up at the boy in the tree and said: > When are you coming down, young man? When you go away! replied the boy. 5 We’re advertising for a new cashier in next week’s Morning Post. > But you hired a new cashier last week! I know, but he isn’t honest. > But you can’t judge people by their appearance. I’m not. I’m judging him by his disappearance! 6 I begin work at the Swan Laundry on Monday. > That’s wonderful! But tell me, how do you wash a swan? 7 My daughter gets married at three o’clock in St Mary’s Church on Saturday. > How do you feel about it? Well, I’m losing a daughter but I am gaining a telephone!
  2. 2. 8 Two farmers were talking about their plans. I’m growing a lot of beans next year. I think they will get a good price at the market. > Well, I’m growing mashed potatoes next year. People will buy them because they won’t have to peel and cut the potatoes themselves. But how can you grow mashed potatoes? > Easy. You harvest the field with steamroller! 9 A very boring speaker talked for two hours without stopping. When he finished he asked, Does anybody have a question? > Yes, said a voice from the back of the room. When are you leaving? ANSWERS 1 We’re sending 2 you’re moving 3 are you giving 4 are you coming, you go away 5 we’re advertising 6 I begin 7 my daughter gets married, I’m losing, I’m gaining 8 I’m growing, I’m growing 9 When are you leaving? HUMOR PIC Reflection * Beware of the danger of Internet Addiction. It can really ruin your physical health due to a lack of exercise.