'Goodbye Samsara, Hello Nibbana'


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A Power Point Presentation of the Theme Song for the 14th Dhamma Youth Camp of a Buddhist Association. The lyrics of the song have some good Life Lessons for contemplation. Suitable for students and youths ( and the young at heart! )

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'Goodbye Samsara, Hello Nibbana'

  1. 1. Goodbye Samsara, Hello Nibbana PBHP 14 th Dhamma Youth Camp 2006
  2. 2. “ Goodbye Samsara, Hello Nibbana” Reflections on the Theme Let us walk the Spiritual Path to rid the mind of the defilements of Greed, Hatred and Delusion. These forces of evil cause us the pain and suffering in life. When the defilements of the mind are destroyed, then perfect happiness, peace and bliss are attained. The mind is liberated and Nibbana is realized. To be born as a human being is a rare and precious Gift. This is likened to a blind turtle in the vast ocean coming up to the surface once in a very long, long time, and trying to poke its head through a yoke floating randomly in the ocean. We must value our precious human existence and lead a worthy life … one of Virtue, Love, Compassion and Wisdom.
  3. 3. May We All Be Well And Happy!
  4. 4. May we see the Light of Dhamma Note: ‘Dhamma’ refers to Truth or The Way Things Really Are
  5. 5. Once upon a time, Lived a turtle who was blind.
  6. 6. She searched the ocean blue, For a drifting yoke to find
  7. 7. She bobbed through the ripples and waves, Once in a long long while
  8. 8. Although she had eyes she had no sight To pop her head through the yoke she tried
  9. 9. Oh …! My dear friends, How fortunate are we
  10. 10. To be born in this human realm, You and me
  11. 11. Through trials and tribulations, The turtle worked her way.
  12. 12. Human birth is so rare; It’s really beyond compare.
  13. 13. Let’s dwell upon the Dhamma, And share its precious gifts.
  14. 14. We can learn to bear this thorny world, To handle thorns without being pricked. Notes: With Dhamma, we can cope better with the problems and pain in life .
  15. 15. Goodbye Samsara, Hello Nibbana Notes: Let us walk The Path to liberate the mind from suffering and realize the Unconditioned State of Perfect Peace and Happiness.
  16. 16. Seek the path to freedom, From the fetters of ignorance. Notes: Walk the Spiritual Path that leads to freedom from the chains of suffering born out of ignorance.
  17. 17. With love and compassion, Our Teacher paved the way
  18. 18. To help us seek and find, The wonders of our hearts and minds. Notes: Our ‘Real Home’ of Peace and Happiness lie within us in our hearts and minds.
  19. 19. The journey of self-discov’ry, Is about the here and now. Notes: True and Real Inner Peace lies in being with the moment…let us train the mind to be in the present, the NOW.
  20. 20. Human life is likened to a raft, We must use it well to save ourselves. Notes: Let us use this human life well…to ‘cross to the other shore’ where true happiness and peace prevail.
  21. 21. Goodbye Samsara, Hello Nibbana
  22. 22. Seek the path to freedom, From the fetters of ignorance.
  23. 23. Seek the path to freedom From the fetters of ignorance.
  24. 24. Goodbye Samsara, Hello Nibbana The End Lyrics and Tune By Bro. Kee Joo Sun Score & Kara By Bro. Quah Say Cheow , Bro. Gan Jia Cheng & Bro. Heng Joe Shen Power Point By Bro. Oh Teik Bin