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Fun with English 8


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A Fun English lesson to show the importance of the correct stress on words

Published in: Education
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Fun with English 8

  1. 1. Fun WithEnglish 8
  2. 2. ANSWERS TO ‘Fun With English 8’1D 2F 3I 4E 5H6A 7G 8C 9B HUMOR PICReflection* Birth, ageing, sickness and death are inevitable ... theyare facts of life in Samsara, conditioned existence.However, many do not come to terms with this ... theycannot accept the Dukkha that is inherent with it.Consequently suffering is all the more greater.* Many cannot accept the natural process of ageing ... somelie about their ages; some dye their greying hair; some gofor face lifts and other cosmetic surgeries.* How many can grow old gracefully with a mind of peaceand acceptance. Only Dhamma practice and realization canensure this.* Until and unless there is Dhamma realization, growing oldcan bring with it frustration, anxiety, worry, fear and othernegative states of the mind.* May we strive diligently in the Dhamma in this life and allfuture lives until our minds are enlightened!