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For Your Reflection 50


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A motivational / inspirational piece that helps you ponder on important LIFE Lessons

(From a forwarded Email)

Published in: Self Improvement
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For Your Reflection 50

  1. 1. Just Imagine Just imagine for a second, That there's peace in every land. We, each as human beings reach out, And hold each other's hand. Just imagine for a moment, If each country felt like kin. The feeling, oh so, powerful, Standing proud with every colour skin. Just imagine for a heartbeat, How quickly we could rid all hate. If compassion for each other, Is what we could relate. Just imagine for a minute, Living Meaningfully... For Your Reflection 50
  2. 2. Living Meaningfully... You don't have to look like somebody else, You don't need to be perfect at all; It doesn't matter how old you are, Nor whether you're big or small! When you touch the lives of others, When you show how much you care; By helping out whenever you can, And by saying you'll always be there... By speaking words of kindness, When you listen to someone in need; When always you try to do your best, Whether or not you succeed... THEN YOU HAVE LIVED MEANINGFULLY… From A Forwarded Mail