Exercise For The Mind 2


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Lateral Thinking Problems and

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Exercise For The Mind 2

  1. 1. The Past Perfect Exercise For The Mind 2 1 Some parents are holding their children, waiting for their turn. The children are handed one at a time to a man. The man holds them while a woman shoots them. If the child starts to cry, the man tries to stop the crying before the child is shot. Give a logical explanation to this. 2 An employee told the manager of a factory not to take the plane to Moscow. He said that he had dreamt a few times at night that there would be a crash in the plane the manager was supposed to take the following week. The day following the employee’s advice, the manager fired him from his job. He replaced him with another worker. There was a change in the manager’s schedule and he did not go to Moscow. The following week, there was news that a plane heading for Moscow had crashed. Why did the manager fire the ‘psychic’ employee? 3 Tom was on a vacation abroad. One day he fell off a boat into deep water. He could not swim and he had nothing that could help him keep afloat. After about one hour, Tom was rescued. Suggest why Tom did not drown. 4 Ah Beng was driving alone in his car. He was speeding and he lost control of the car. The car went down into a steep ravine and plunged into a fast flowing river. Ah Beng’s arm was broken and he could not release his seat belt in order to get out of the car. The car sank to the bottom of the river trapping Ah Beng in the car. Rescuers arrived two hours later and they found Ah Beng still alive in the river. How do you explain this?
  2. 2. ANSWERS Puzzles 1 a) The children are getting their photos taken with Santa Claus OR b) The man is a doctor and the woman is a nurse. The nurse is giving the children injections. 2 The sacked employee was a night watchman. The manager fired him for sleeping in his job. Otherwise how could he dream? 3 Tom went to Israel for a vacation. He fell into the Dead Sea. The water is the dead sea has a very high salt content; it is so dense that a person would float on it easily. 4 It was a shallow river. The water in the river reached up only to Ah Beng’s lower neck. Unexpected things can happen anytime. Realize this, it is important for the mind. Regular Exercise of the mind can help to prevent it from decline When you have had a very busy time, good relaxation can recharge your mind. Wise Couplets For Your Mind