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Children Of The Buddha


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Published in: Spiritual
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Children Of The Buddha

  1. 1. Children Of The Buddha A Buddhist Hymn
  2. 2. May I Be Hard-Working
  3. 3. May I Be Peaceful
  4. 4. May I Be Helpful
  5. 5. May I Be Mindful
  6. 6. Children of the Buddha Proudly now we stand
  7. 7. Raising high His standard In this Eastern land
  8. 8. Buddha's Teaching spreadeth Universal peace
  9. 9. Where His name is honoured Hate and strife shall cease
  10. 10. Children of the Buddha We must strive to show
  11. 11. Truth and love and kindness Where soever we go
  12. 12. Purity, obedience Faith and courage strong
  13. 13. These shall light our journey As we march along
  14. 14. As we climb life's mountain Clouds will disappear
  15. 15. Buddha's love surrounding All who persevere
  16. 16. Grief and pain departing Ignorance will cease
  17. 17. On our hearts descending Blest Nirvana's peace.
  18. 18. The End May The Blessings Of The Buddha Be Upon All Of You. With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin