Aspirations For The Year Of The Tiger


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A Power Point Presentation of Aspirations and Affirmations to make as one walks the Spiritual Path to grow in Compassion and Wisdom.
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Aspirations For The Year Of The Tiger

  1. 1. Aspirations For The Year Of The TIGER
  2. 2. May we nurture our bodies well…eating healthy foods, having enough exercise and rest.
  3. 3. May we speak without abuse or harshness , gentle always with words sweet and true. May we strive to be conciliatory and yielding , never being the source of conflict for others.
  4. 4. May we seek peace and quiet avoiding always the loud , the noisy and those who wish to argue. May we strive to restore harmony to those who are at odds.
  5. 5. May we TREAT OTHERS THE WAY WE WISH TO BE TREATED: We will practice the golden rule - "Do unto others as we would have them do unto us" - with everyone we encounter.
  6. 6. May Love flow through our bodies, shine in our faces and radiate out from us in all directions.
  7. 7. May we choose thoughts that nourish and support us in a loving and positive way.
  8. 8. May we love and accept ourselves as we are. May we always do the best we can in any situation.
  9. 9. May our good deeds relieve the burdens of other beings. May our good deeds shield us from all evil and pain.
  10. 10. May we rejoice in our own good deeds , resolving not to compare ourselves with others or speak of what we have done.
  11. 11. If someone is rude, or impatient, or unkind, may we not react in a negative manner for this will cause suffering to us.
  12. 12. May we give and serve, not letting second thoughts taint our generosity. May we give knowing that charity helps us develop spiritually.
  13. 13. May our generosity transform the mean and pacify the hostile. May our generosity comfort the unhappy. May our generosity dissolve all greed and clinging and help in the freeing of the heart.
  14. 14. If others have done us wrong through body, speech or mind, whether with malice or lack of tact, May we sincerely forgive them and let go of all our grudges.
  15. 15. May our forgiving now help us to forgive again tomorrow. May our forgiving encourage others to forgive us. May our forgiving foster detachment and kindness and help in the freeing of the heart.
  16. 16. May we count our Blessings and resolve to use this rare opportunity to work for our own good and the good of others. With strong determination may we overcome all obstacles both great and small.
  17. 17. May our hearts be free from the agitation of the defilements. May we find happiness and peace. May our abiding in peace help in the freeing of the heart.
  18. 18. May we raise the spirits of others who are down. May our smiles, words, expressions of support make the difference to someone who is wrestling with life.
  19. 19. May we have more loving-kindness, compassion and wisdom in relating to others around us.
  20. 20. May we find time to read and reflect on something inspirational or spiritual. May we spend a little more time in prayer or meditation.
  21. 21. Knowing that Death will finally come, may we develop the mind spiritually. May we be fearless as life ebbs away and may our compassion and wisdom help in liberating the mind.
  22. 22. The End May The TIGER Year Bring you Joy and Cheer And things you hold Dear! With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin