Aspirations For The Year Of The Rabbit


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A PowerPoint Presentation of good Aspirations to make for the New Year grow in Compassion and Wisdom

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Aspirations For The Year Of The Rabbit

  1. 1. Aspirations For The Year Of The Rabbit
  2. 2. May my heart grow in Generosity May I reach out much more in Charity
  3. 3. May I not swerve from rules of Morality May my thoughts, words and deeds grow in purity
  4. 4. May I find mental peace through Non-Attaching May I see that Craving causes Suffering
  5. 5. May I stop all Unwholesome Doings May I see the true Nature of things
  6. 6. May I strive diligently in Dhamma Practice May I attain Nibbanic Happiness and Bliss
  7. 7. May I be Patient with others and within May I be calm, tolerant and forgiving
  8. 8. May I be Honest and Truthful May my Speech be very Mindful
  9. 9. May I persevere on The Middle Path With a loving and understanding heart
  10. 10. May I spread Dhamma and Loving-Kindness For all Mankind’s Peace, Bliss and Happiness
  11. 11. May I fail not to Reflect and Contemplate May I be friendly, kind and Compassionate
  12. 12. May I rejoice at others’ sweet Success May my merits be shared with all the rest
  13. 13. May I gain an Equanimous mind May my mind realize the Truth Sublime
  14. 14. The End With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin May you strive on to conquer Delusion, Hatred and Greed May Blessings Be Upon You In The Year Of The Rabbit HAPPY NEW YEAR