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All Because Of A Smile


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A simple motivation story on Power Point/Slide Show by Bro. Oh Teik Bin, Buddhist Association of Lower Perak, Teluk Intan , Malaysia. Translation in Chinese by Bro. Lau Bain Sin & Bro. Teh Kee Keang. For reflecting on the importance of acts of kindness.

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All Because Of A Smile

  1. 1. All Because Of A Smile 就是因为一个微笑
  2. 2. She smiled at a sorrowful stranger. The smile seemed to make him feel better. 她向 一个悲伤 的陌生 人微笑。 那个微笑使 他感到好受。
  3. 3. He remembered a friend who was very kind And wrote him a ‘Thank You’ letter in no time. 他记起了一个好 心肠的朋友 。赶紧写了一封信感谢他。
  4. 4. The friend was so happy with the ‘Thank You’ letter. The next day he left a large tip for the waiter. 那朋友很高兴收到感谢的信 。 第 二 天他给了侍者一大笔小费。
  5. 5. The waiter, surprised at the amount of tip money Bet half the money on the big local lottery . 侍者感到很意外 得到那么多的小费。 用了一半的钱去买彩票。
  6. 6. The next day he picked up his winnings from the lottery And gave a part to a beggar in real misery. 次日,他领取了 一笔奖金。 他把一部分的奖金送给一个可怜的乞丐。
  7. 7. The beggar was grateful for this kind deed. For two days he had had nothing to eat. 那乞丐很感激这 善 行。因为他已经两天没有东西吃了。
  8. 8. After the beggar finished his food. He left for home – a hut of wood. 那乞丐吃饱 后。他回去他的家 – 一间木屋。
  9. 9. He was thinking of his little cozy room. He didn’t know he might be facing his doom. 他在想着自己舒适的家。 他 不知道自己可能面对厄运。
  10. 10. On the way he picked up a shivering puppy. And carried him home to get warm and be happy. 在回家的路上,他 收留了一 只发抖的小狗。他把它带回家,让它得到温暖与快乐。
  11. 11. The puppy was very grateful needless to say. He had found someone who could give him love and care . 不用说也知道小狗很感激,因为它找到一个爱它与关怀它的人。
  12. 12. That night the beggar’s house caught fire. Due to a nearby burning tyre. 那天晚上,乞丐的屋子发生火灾。那是由于邻近有人烧轮胎。
  13. 13. The puppy barked and barked to sound the alarm. He saved everyone in the village from harm. 小狗不停地吠以惊醒人们。因此它救了全村人的生命。
  14. 14. One of the boys that he rescued safely Grew up to be a great man of history. 在被救出的人中是一个小孩子。他长大后还成为历史上的伟人。
  15. 15. See what a simple smile can do. It brings hope and happiness too. The End With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin 结束 愿您平安快乐 中文翻译: Bro . Lau Bain Sin Bro. Teh Kee Keang 看,一个微笑有多大的力量。它带来了希望和快乐。
  16. 16. A smile is quite a funny thing (Tune: Auld Lang Syne) A smile is quite a funny thing, It wrinkles up your face, And when it's gone you never find Its secret hiding place. But far more wonderful it is, To see what smiles can do. You smile at one, he smiles at you, And so one smile makes two. He smiles at someone, since you smile, And then that one smiles back, And that one smiles until, in truth, You fail in keeping track. And since a smile can do great good, By cheering hearts of care. Let's smile and not forget the fact That smiles go everywhere. 歌曲: 微笑多奇妙 (原曲:友谊万岁)