A Father\'s Letter To His Daughter


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A Power Point Presentation forwarded to me by a Dhamma friend. Good for Reflection on gratitude, filial piety, appreciation, patience, love etc.

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  • i liked it.. very true
    it reminded of ma father..
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A Father\'s Letter To His Daughter

  1. 1.  Click A Father’s Letter To His Daughter
  2. 2. Dear Daughter...
  3. 3. There will be one day that you see me old, ( I am already grey! ) … please have patience and try to understand me …
  4. 4. If I get dirty … if I cannot dress… have patience. Remember the hours I spent teaching it to you .
  5. 5. If, when I speak, I repeat the same things, a thousand times… please try to… listen, if not with your ears, then with your heart. When you were small, I had to answer you a thousand and one times, many, many questions until you were satisfied…
  6. 6. For many years, we as a family tried our best to walk the Noble Path guided by the Dhamma and our Precepts. You must now walk this Path firmly and steadily, and in turn you must help others too.
  7. 7. When you see my ignorance on new technologies… give me the necessary time and not look at me with a mocking smile… the oldest and most applicable technology is the Dhamma, it is still the best, learn it well..
  8. 8. I taught you how to do so many things… to eat good food, to dress well… to confront life… to know what is right from wrong… the beautiful Dhamma… to question…
  9. 9. School and college can teach you science, maths and business, but we taught you the Buddha’s Teachings, I hope you had learnt well…and is applying it..
  10. 10. When at some moment I lose the memory or the thread of our conversation… let me have the necessary time to remember… and if I cannot do it, do not become nervous… as the most important thing is to be with you … You may even now teach me back
  11. 11. If ever I seem to test your patience, recall how your mummy and I were taught “patience” in raising you and your siblings……
  12. 12. When my tired legs do not allow me walk ...
  13. 13. … give me your hand… the same way I did when you had your first steps.
  14. 14. And when someday you find me spending much time just sitting in meditation, looking at my mind…, it is not that I reject your company, it’s just that I’m trying to know myself better.. Despite all these years, I am still learning
  15. 15. Try to understand that like a sand clock flowing fast, I do not have the luxury of time, so every moment is precious; whether spent with you or alone.
  16. 16. Some day you will discover that, despite our mistakes, your mummy and I, always wanted the best things for you and that we tried to prepare the way for you..
  17. 17. You must not feel sad, angry or frustrated when seeing my faults. Try to be next to me, to understand me and to help me as I did it when you were young.
  18. 18. Help me to walk… this Noble Path,…. with love and patience, just as I tried to help you. I will pay you by a smile and by the immense love I always have for you.
  19. 19. I love you my daughter… Metta, daddy
  20. 20.   The End. May You Be Well And Happy! May You Grow In Wisdom And Compassion