to OHSU Healthcare’s Clinics
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OHSU outpatient welcome guide
OHSU outpatient welcome guide
OHSU outpatient welcome guide
OHSU outpatient welcome guide
OHSU outpatient welcome guide
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OHSU outpatient welcome guide


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OHSU outpatient welcome guide

  1. 1. to OHSU Healthcare’s Clinics
  2. 2. 2 3 About OHSU Thank you for choosing Oregon Health & Science University to provide your care. Table of contents The knowledge of all for the care of one. About OHSU ..............................3-4 Our clinics combine personalized patient care with the latest treatments and therapies to deliver a quality of health Connecting you with care ....5-6 OHSU is Oregon’s only teaching health center, conducting more research on care not available anywhere else in Oregon. Improving your health and well-being is a team effort, and we want Plan your clinic visit ....................7 human and environmental health than anywhere else in the state. We provide you to be an active member. If there’s anything we can do to make you more comfortable or serve you better, Your care .....................................8-9 a different kind of care here. please let us know. Your safety .................................. 10 Every member of your health care team is dedicated to serving you through Sincerely, Your medical record ................ 11 innovation, education and clinical expertise. We constantly pursue new ways Support for your care .............. 12 to cure human disease and heal injuries. We apply this knowledge to your Resources and pharmacy ...... 13 health and pass it on to our students, who will be Oregon’s next specialized care Billing information ................... 14 providers, researchers and teachers. Phone/Web directory.............. 15 Mike Bonazzola, M.D. Ann O’Connell Tom Heckler Locations statewide...........16-17 Chief Medical Officer Associate Hospital Director Chief Executive Officer Directions and parking .....18-25 Faculty Practice Plan Ambulatory Care Faculty Practice Plan Giving to OHSU ......................... 26OHSU Facts All statistics noted are from fiscal year 2010. The discovery of the anti-cancer medication Gleevec by OHSU More than 230,000 people each year are cared for in OHSU’s Doernbecher Children’s Hospital is the only children’s hospital in OHSU is Oregon’s only health center to be nationally ranked as one Knight Cancer Institute Director Brian Druker, M.D., has saved more hospitals, and medical and dental clinics. Forty-five percent Oregon ranked as one of U.S. News and World Report’s Best Children’s of US News & World Report’s Best Hospitals. OHSU has been on the list than one million lives and changed cancer research forever. of OHSU’s hospitalized patients come from outside the Portland- Hospitals. Doernbecher has more than 1000 doctors and staff for 16 consecutive years. metro area. providing a full spectrum of pediatric medical services.
  3. 3. 4 5 Our commitment to all Oregonians The key to new and better treatments In addition to healing, teaching and discovery, OHSU In laboratories at OHSU, researchers are making promising promotes health in the community. We offer screenings and discoveries that add to our knowledge about prevention, wellness clinics; partner with other clinics and hospitals in our detection and treatment of disease. Often the final and most own neighborhoods and around the state; and provide care important step of research is to apply what has been learned to those who are underserved. We also work to educate the in the laboratory to clinical trials, the final proving grounds doctors and nurses who will care for us all in the years for almost every new drug, preventive strategy and surgical to come. technique developed at OHSU. These trials would not be possible without the thousands of people who volunteer for How will your care at OHSU be different? them each year. As a health and research university, knowledge is the thread Why do people participate? For some it is a search for a cure that weaves through all that we do, guiding us as we diagnose, when standard therapies have failed to treat their disease. For treat and support you during your care. others it is a desire to help those who will receive a similar You will see medical students and residents, doctors who diagnosis in the future. Connecting you with care will be involved in your care, under the supervision of our All clinical studies have guidelines about who can participate staff doctors. Your clinic health care team We look forward to providing for your health care needs. There based on factors such as age, gender, health and previous OHSU will assemble a team to address your individual health are a few things you’ll need to do before you meet your new You also may be asked if you would like to participate in a treatment history. Some studies need volunteers with illnesses care needs. Doctors, nurses, dietitians, occupational and physical health care team. clinical trial. These are research studies that help OHSU doc- or specific conditions, while others need healthy participants. tors understand new treatments that have already been prov- All volunteers are involved in a process called informed therapists, and respiratory and radiology specialists are only a The following pages will lead you through the steps of: en in the lab, and are now considered safe to test in people. It consent, which means they have access to key information few of the experts who may be a part of your team. • Getting registered. is always your choice to participate in a clinical trial. about the study and are able to opt out of the trial at any time. • Finding a doctor. All members of your team will introduce themselves when you meet them and let you know what their role is in your care. They • Making an appointment. Learn more about OHSU clinical trials at www.ohsuhealth. will always be wearing an OHSU ID badge. • Planning ahead for the day of your appointment. com/clinicaltrials. OHSU is the only place in Oregon to grant doctoral degrees in OHSU has approximately 1,100 scientists working on biomedical Nearly 800 volunteers provide approximately 58,000 hours of OHSU’s community clinics serve patients in their own medicine, dentistry and nursing. It is home to the largest graduate research discoveries to further human health. Nearly 4,500 basic service for patients, families and guests at OHSU hospitals and clinics neighborhoods, including clinics focused on children and people with medical education program in the state with nearly 600 residents, science and applied research projects are currently in progress, and each year. For more information on volunteering go online at cancer. View a listing of clinics at interns and postgraduate medical fellows. of those 705 are clinical trials.
  4. 4. 6 7 Register as an OHSU patient Find a doctor and make an appointment Registration is easy and helps us to correctly identify you and You can make your appointment with an OHSU clinic directly your medical information. and learn more online about OHSU doctors, their specialty areas and interests, and the clinic where you would like to be seen. • Register online at • Register by phone at 503 494-8505. • Go online to locate the direct number of the clinic at When you call Registration Services we will ask you: • Call 503 494-8311 and ask for the type of clinic where you • Your name and contact information. would like to be seen. • Your emergency contact information. • Information about any health insurance coverage you have Please let us know whether you want the first available appoint- (carrier, group name and number, policy number, address and ment or a particular doctor/health care provider. We’ll get back telephone number). to you with appointment information within one business day. If your insurance information changes you may be asked If your health plan restricts the clinics or providers you can to update your registration so we have the most current use, be sure your plan has approved the health care you are information. requesting. This will help you avoid unexpected fees. Before you arrive at an OHSU clinic Let your clinic know before your appointment if you have any special needs or require accommodations that we should be aware. Planning a few things ahead of time can make your Plan your clinic visit visit easier. After hours, emergency care and closures If you are new to OHSU it will be helpful to arrive 30 minutes If you have questions about parking call 503 494-8283. To hear Plan to bring: before your appointment to find parking, check in and complete directions to OHSU call 503 494-9021 and press 5, or go online In case of an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest • A list of prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, vitamins or any paperwork. at for more information. emergency department. supplements, or recreational drugs you take and a list of any If your clinic is closed and you need immediate assistance known allergies. Know where to check in but your condition is not life threatening call your clinic • Your insurance, Medicaid or Medicare card. Your doctor’s office will provide instructions on where to to hear if they have an option for reaching a doctor after • A way to make a payment if your health plan has a copayment check in for your appointment or surgery. If you need more If you’ll be late or need to cancel your hours. If your clinic does not have an after-hours option, or prepayment requirement. We accept cash, personal checks, information, contact your doctor’s office. appointment call the operator at 503 494-8311 to be put in touch with a VISA, American Express, Discover and Mastercard. We understand that once in awhile you may be delayed or doctor on call. • Any records your doctor’s office has asked you to bring if Parking and transportation have to cancel your appointment. If you will be late please you have been referred by a non-OHSU doctor. For more Parking is free for OHSU patients. We also are easily accessible call the clinic to let us know you are on your way. We will Sometimes there are unanticipated clinic closures, such information call Medical Correspondence at 503 494-8521. by public transportation. You can find a map, directions and do our best to see you as quickly as possible or reschedule as when the weather is extreme and it becomes difficult to • This guide for reference and to keep your papers in one place. other information about public transportation to OHSU’s your visit for a more convenient time. travel. Call your clinic to find out about clinic closures, or Marquam Hill and South Waterfront clinics on pages 18 through call the OHSU hotline to find out about road conditions on Leave at home: If you need to cancel your appointment, call as soon as you 25 of this booklet. OHSU’s campuses at 503 494-9021. • Tobacco products. OHSU is 100 percent tobacco-free, indoors are able so we can find another suitable appointment for and outdoors. If you use tobacco, OHSU will support you in Locate the parking area closest to to your clinic on the maps you, and make the time available to another patient. quitting if you choose, or in managing your cravings during located on pages 18 through 25. Valet parking is available at the the time you spend at OHSU. Find more information at Kohler Pavilion, Physicians Pavilion, the Emergency Department and at the Center for Health & Healing. The Portland Aerial Tram connects the South Waterfront District with OHSU’s Center for Health & Healing, a cornerstone of the South OHSU partners with clinics and hospitals around the state to ensure About a third of Oregon’s practicing physicians did all or part of their OHSU’s Marquam Hill Campus. The Tram serves thousands of OHSU Waterfront District, is the first large medical facility in the nation that they have the tools they need to remain on the cutting edge of training at OHSU. More than half of OHSU’s students graduating with patients, employees and visitors from near and far, and is owned by to have been awarded LEED platinum certification for sustainable medical care. These partnerships help to improve access to care for an M.D. continue to practice in Oregon. the City of Portland. green building and development practices. patients throughout Oregon.
  5. 5. 8 9 Know about your medications You can help prevent medicine errors from happening. • Tell your health care team about prescriptions and over-the- counter medications, herbal and vitamin supplements, natural remedies and recreational drugs you take. • Tell your health care team about any allergies you may have to medicines, anesthesia, foods, latex products or other environmental allergens. • If you are prescribed new medicines, you will be given instructions, but you should also ask these questions: – What is the name of the medication? – What is its generic name? – Why am I taking this medication? Tell us if you have pain – What is the dose? – How often and for how long will I be taking it? When you have pain, tell your nurse the type of pain you – Are there side effects? are feeling, its location and the pain level so we can create a – Can I take this medicine while taking other medicines or treatment plan for you. dietary supplements? We use a rating scale from zero to 10 to measure your actual and – Do I need to take it with food? acceptable levels of pain. Please use the chart below to help your – Are there any foods, drinks or activities that I should avoid care providers understand how you are feeling. while taking this medicine? 0 2 4 6 8 10 No hurt Hurts Hurts Hurts Hurts Hurts worst little bit little more even more whole lot Our focus is you The most important member of the team is you • Choose a trusted family member or friend to support you if Understand Advance Directives You have additional support you are ill. OHSU provides a broad range of services, from everyday You have the right to make decisions about your own medical If you have concerns about your care or service please talk with • Ask our doctors and nurses what is involved in your treatment wellness checks to treating the most rare or complex diseases. treatment. We encourage you to express your wishes to your someone on your care team or the manager of the clinic before plan and how you can best help. doctors and loved ones. Putting your wishes in writing is a good you leave. He or she often can solve the problem or clear up a Your care experience will work best when we work together. We • Know what medicines you take, why you should be taking way to do that. misunderstanding. count on you to share how you’re feeling, ask questions about them and possible side effects. your care, and engage yourself — and sometimes a trusted • Pay attention to hand-washing. Cleansing hands is the best You may want to have an Advance Directive or Physician OHSU is committed to the prompt resolution of complaints support person — as a part of the team. We’ll do everything we way to stop germs from spreading. You can use soap and water Orders for Life-Saving Treatment (POLST). It is not required and grievances. If you still have a concern after talking with a can to help you understand the care you’re receiving. or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. All members of your care that you have one but it’s a good idea to know what they are. manager, or wish to file a grievance, please contact the OHSU team will wash their hands before and after direct contact with If you are interested in more information about Advance Department of Patient Relations by calling 503 494-7959 or To help, you can: you. You should also feel free to ask your caregivers to wash Directives and POLST, you can find out more at by e-mail at More information about • Speak up! Ask questions and voice any concerns — we want to their hands at any time they are with you. Patient Relations and services offered are available online at hear from you. • Understand that we want to know if you are having pain and how you are feeling. The OHSU Brain Institute is a national leader in neuroscience With the latest treatments, technologies and clinical trials, the OHSU is one of the nation’s pioneers in research related to rare dis- OHSU’s Transplant Program — one of the longest running programs research and clinical care, and ranks as one of the top three OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is the only National Cancer Institute- eases, ranging from genetic discoveries to biomarker development in the world, and one of the largest and most successful transplant for institutions for National Institutes of Health funding for designated cancer center between Seattle and Sacramento. and novel therapeutics — including the first stem cell transplant in programs in the United States — has more than 50 years of experi- neuroscience research. the brain of a child as a treatment for a rare genetic disorder. ence in caring for patients who are in need of a transplanted organ.
  6. 6. 10 11 Your safety Sharing information about your health Use of cell phones You have access online For patient safety, cell phones and other radio-transmitting You can access your OHSU medical record whenever you want Electronic medical records strengthen devices may not be used within 3 feet of any medical equipment. and wherever you are. With MyChart, a tool we provide just for communication Signals from these devices can interfere with patient care equip- patients, you can get medical information privately and securely OHSU uses an electronic medical record system that links ment in some clinics, potentially putting patients in danger. on your computer or your iPhone or iPad. all of your clinic information with any hospital records you MyChart gives you easy access to your test results and medical may have. This system allows OHSU to keep track of your Fire alarms or emergencies history at OHSU. You can contact your health care team, request health care information in the most efficient, accurate and We periodically conduct fire drills. If you hear an alarm, stay an appointment, pay your bill or manage your child’s medical secure way possible. where you are. In the event of an actual emergency, our staff will records. With MyChart you can take more control of your own guide you in any needed action. Your health care team is able to monitor your progress health care while remaining confident about the safeguards we and consult with one another anytime, from just about Reporting safety concerns or injuries put in place to protect your personal health information. anywhere, allowing for quick decision making about your If you, your family or visitors have a safety concern or have Ask your nurse about signing up, then go to www.ohsuhealth. care. Entering data electronically also better ensures that been injured while at OHSU, let someone in the clinic you are com/mychart to get started. information such as your medications and care providers’ visiting know. He or she will take the proper steps to ensure that instructions is clear, correct and easy to read. You may be you are safe. OHSU connects with other doctors asked to verify information to ensure your record is always When your doctor refers you to OHSU for specialty care, they up to date and accurate. If the concern is not resolved to your satisfaction you can speak are still a part of your health care team. Doctors around the state with Patient Relations (503 494-7959), OHSU’s patient safety Because OHSU is a teaching and research health center, an can access their patients’ up-to-date health care information officer (503 494-6493) or contact The Joint Commission — the electronic medical records system is the optimal way for through an online service called OHSU Connect. It gives your national patient safety organization for hospitals — directly us to track our patients’ needs. It allows us to continue to doctor the choice to have secure and private access to your lab (800 994-6610). In all cases, OHSU wants to know of any improve the quality of care that we are able to provide and results, imaging reports, progress notes, discharge summaries safety concerns, and you can be assured that your report will be serves as a common platform for scientists and doctors to and other medical documentation. OHSU Connect also will handled with respect. share information and advance research discoveries. notify your doctor about certain issues related to your care at No weapons at OHSU OHSU, such as an Emergency Department visit or an abnormal Regardless of where you are seen at OHSU, your information lab result. OHSU Connect allows for secure conversations with will be available through your online record to your care To ensure a safe, violence-free workplace for all patients, visitors OHSU medical staff so your doctor can continue to be a part of provider instantly. and employees, OHSU prohibits the possession or use of your health care team while you are seen at OHSU. weapons anywhere on OHSU property. Please be sure to leave any weapons at home. Preventing falls OHSU protects your privacy Some medications can leave you sleepy, dizzy or confused and Your medical information is confidential and we are more prone to a fall. Falls can lead to injury and may delay your committed to preserving your privacy. Under federal recovery or require hospitalization. We want to do our best to privacy regulations (Health Insurance Portability assure your safety. Please let your nurse know if: Accountability Act, or HIPAA) you have the right to: • You have fallen in the past. • Receive and inspect a copy of your medical information. • You know you are unsteady or feel dizzy on your feet. • Request an amendment of incorrect information about you. • You usually use a walker or other device when walking. • Request a restriction on how we use or share your information. • File a complaint about our privacy practices. A copy of OHSU’s Notice of Privacy Practices is enclosed in this packet. Call 503 494-8849 for more information. OHSU is one of only a handful of hospitals nationally using OHSU is a regional resource and community leader in emergency The OHSU Oregon Poison Center is a 24-hour regional poison OHSU played a pivotal role in the Oregon Trauma System’s inception microbubble technology to instantly detect heart attacks. The planning, working with federal, state and local agencies to develop emergency information and resource center. It handles and is designated as one of two Level 1 Trauma Centers in the state. technology was pioneered by OHSU’s Chief of Cardiovascular and share the best ways to respond to urgent situations. approximately 50,000 calls each year, saving lives and helping to The system ensures that the most critically injured patients are sent Medicine Sanjiv Kaul, M.D., pictured on the cover of this guide. prevent many people from needing hospitalization. to a medical center best equipped to meet their needs.
  7. 7. 12 13 Resources on Marquam Hill and South Waterfront If you are traveling from a distance to OHSU or are planning to OHSU Gift Shop and Online Store be on campus for a long period of time, we provide a variety of The Gift Shop, located in the 9th floor lobby of OHSU Hospital, resources to help you to be at ease. There are many places to eat next to the Concierge Desk, offers a wide variety of items and shop for gifts or essentials, and pharmacies with online and including personal toiletries, magazines, cards, small gifts, mail-ordering options to fill prescriptions. snacks and flowers. The shop is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. You can call the Gift Shop at Concierge services 503 494-5761 for more information. OHSU’s concierge staff can provide tram passes for patients and their families who need to travel between the Marquam Hill and OHSU also has an online store to purchase T-shirts, sweatshirts, South Waterfront campuses for care; and information on where vests, caps, messenger and duffel bags, water bottles, pens and to dine, shop or find a hotel for out-of-town visitors. other OHSU items. Go online at to shop and order. You can contact concierge services on Marquam Hill at 503 494- 0818 or at the Center for Health & Healing at 503 418-9008. Where to eat Concierge staff also can be found in many of OHSU’s buildings. Need a cup of coffee or a hot meal? Wherever you are on OHSU’s Marquam Hill or South Waterfront campuses, we’ve got you • Kohler Pavilion Lobby entrance, 2nd floor — 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. covered. • Kohler Pavilion Tram entrance, 9th floor — 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. • OHSU Hospital, 9th floor lobby — 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Coffee shops and cafes are located throughout our campuses. • OHSU Hospital Operating Room waiting area, 9th floor by the You can find locations online at or gift shop — 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. ask our concierge staff. • Physicians Pavilion lobby — 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Lost and Found Banking services OHSU maintains a Lost and Found area in our Public Safety ATMs are located on the 9th floor of OHSU Hospital in the Department. Call 503 494-7744 to report a lost item. Public corridor next to the Concierge Desk, and in the lobbies of the Safety will take your contact information and a description of Physicians Pavilion and the Center for Health & Healing. what is missing to get in touch with you if your item is turned in. Convenient pharmacy services Support for your care At OHSU our pharmacists work side-by-side with the rest of OHSU’s pharmacies are located in the Physician’s Pavilion, Casey your health care team to ensure you have the right medicines In addition to the health care we provide, we support you in Special needs Eye Institute, Knight Cancer Institute and OHSU Doernbecher and refills when you need them. The pharmacists at OHSU are many other ways, ranging from interpreter and social work Children’s Hospital on Marquam Hill, and the Center for Health Resources such as TTY and closed-captioned television are available to consult with you and your health care provider on services to ethics consultations. and Healing at South Waterfront. We also have pharmacy available if you have speech, hearing or sight impairments. all your prescription needs. In some instances we are able to services located at the OHSU Family Medicine at Gabriel Park provide you with access to medications and specialty care not Interpreter services If you have any special needs or accommodations we should be clinic in Southwest Portland and the OHSU Knight Cancer available at other health centers in the state. Interpreters are available to help you or your family if your aware of please contact us prior to your appointment and let us Institute Beaverton Hematology Oncology Clinic. English language skills are limited. Please let us know if you need know how we can help you. OHSU has many convenient pharmacy locations to choose For more information about pharmacy services at OHSU or for an interpreter to help you during your appointment. from. We also have an online ordering option you can use to new prescriptions and refills, call 1 866 770-2666. access our prescription mailing service at For more information about our interpreter services call pharmacy. 503 494-2800. OHSU’s Casey Eye Institute is home to the nation’s first research- OHSU’s free translation services help limited-English speaking OHSU has more back and spine specialists than anywhere else in The Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute is focused oriented children’s eye clinic, the Elks Children’s Eye Clinic, patients and their families. Interpreter services were provided more Oregon. They provide the most gentle and effective pain treatments on the translation of research from basic science lab discoveries into established in 1949. OHSU works closely with the Elks to provide than 67,000 times in the past year in 70 different languages. backed up by the latest research, and are experts in the most treatments that directly benefit patients. It is a partnership between vision screening for preschool-aged children throughout the state. common to the most complex care. OHSU and Kaiser Permanente.
  8. 8. 14 15 Billing Resources Directory of services Types of bills Pay your bill by mail How to contact us Helpful websites You will receive separate bills for clinic or hospital visits, and for To make a payment by mail, please send your payment in with Appointments ...............................................................503 494-8311 Advance doctor services: the statement voucher connected to your billing statement. Billing (clinic and lab services) ...................................503 494-8760 Billing • Your OHSU Hospital and Clinic bill will include charges for (1 800 500-5582 toll free) Clinical trials your clinic and/or hospital visit, and lab work. Financial assistance Billing (physican services)...........................................503 494-8417 Directions to OHSU .................. • Your doctor’s fees will be billed separately and will include If you are unable to pay your balance in full, please contact (1 800 752-4447 toll free) Financial assistance the cost of medical or surgical care. This bill also will include us as soon as possible. We have payment plans and, in certain Clinic closures hotline .................................................503 494-9021 Find a doctor costs for any doctors who were involved in the review and circumstances, financial assistance programs that can make your Comments and concerns .............................................503 494-7959 Medical records ............................ interpretation of your diagnostic tests. payments more manageable. You can contact us at 503 494-1671 or go online to Concierge, Center for Health & Healing ...................503 418-9008 OHSU online store • You also may receive a separate invoice if you receive Concierge, Marquam Hill............................................503 494-0818 Patient advocate anesthesiologist services. Questions? Gift store ........................................................................503 494-5761 Pay your bill online ................... Payment options OHSU customer service representatives are here to help. Call us Giving to OHSU ...........................................................503 228-1730 Pharmacy .................................... You can use any of the following options to pay your bill: at 503 494-8760 or 1 800 500-5582 (toll free) to discuss your Financial assistance ......................................................503 494-1671 Recognizing service................. • Cash (payable in person only). clinic, hospital or lab work bill. Office hours are Monday through Find a doctor .................................................................503 494-8311 Register as a • Check (please include your account number on the check) Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Or feel free to send us an e-mail at Interpreter services.......................................................503 494-2800 Tobacco free campus .............. • Money order (please include your account number on the Lab services .................... 503 494-7383 (1 888 375-4636 toll free) Visitor information money order). Medical Records ...........................................................503 494-8521 If you have questions about your physicians’ bill call 503 494-8417 • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). Parking ...........................................................................503 494-8283 or 1 800 752-4447 (toll free). Office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Patient Relations ...........................................................503 494-7959 Pay your bill by phone Patient Safety Concerns ...............................................503 494-6493 To pay your clinic or lab services bill by credit card using your Pharmacy ....................................................................1 866 770-2666 telephone, please call our customer service line at 503 494-8760 Privacy practices info ...................................................503 494-8849 or toll free at 1 800 500-5582, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to Recognizing — and improving — service Public Safety/lost and found .......................................503 494-7744 noon and 1 p.m. to 4:40 p.m. Compliments you share with us about exceptional service Radiology Services .......................................................503 418-0990 To pay your physician bill call our customer service line at will help us to know the staff and teams we should be Register as a patient......................................................503 494-8505 503 494-8417 or toll free at 1 800 752-4447, Monday through considering for our highest level of employee recognition, Social Work ...................................................................503 494-2273 Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. the Golden Rose Award. If you would like to nominate someone for this award please ask any member of Pay your bill online your health care team for a form or go online at www. For your convenience, online payments can be made using E-check or your debit/credit card. Please have the following We also encourage you to help us serve you better. Feel free information ready to complete your transaction: to share your ideas when you’re here. You also may receive • Patient name, date of birth and account number. a letter and a survey after your visit — sent to a random • If paying by credit card you will need the card number, sample of OHSU patients — that will ask questions about the expiration date and CVN (security code on back of card). service and quality of care you received while at OHSU. • If paying by E-Check you will need your bank routing number, account type and account number. Go online to to use this easy option. OHSU is home to the Advanced Imaging Research Center, with four OHSU cares for patients from every county in Oregon in its hospitals OHSU has more than 200 community service programs to OHSU’s Oregon Stroke Center is a national leader in treating stroke high-performance MRI instruments, including a rare 12-Tesla system. and clinics. Without OHSU many Oregonians would have to travel respond to community health care needs. These activities provide victims and provides acute stroke coverage for four Portland-area This world-class resource allows OHSU scientists to advance research out of the region for their complex medical needs. approximately $250 million of value each year to Oregon. hospitals. in neuroscience, cardiology, cancer and many other disciplines.
  9. 9. 16 17 OHSU Clinic Locations OHSU Portland Metro Locations Serving the region 1 Albany, Ore. 17 McMinnville, Ore. Center for Health & Healing OHSU Family Medicine Clinics 8 1130 N.W. 22nd Ave., Suite 100 2 Astoria, Ore. 18 Medford, Ore. 1 3303 S.W. Bond Ave. 4 4411 S.W. Vermont St. Portland, OR OHSU offers primary and specialty care throughout the region. We 3 Beaverton, Ore. 19 Ontario Ore. Portland, OR Portland, OR 9 10000 S.E. Market St., Suite 350 share our knowledge with other physicians and hospitals and bring 4 Bend, Ore. 20 Pendleton, Ore. Portland, OR traveling clinics to rural areas so patients don’t have to travel far from Doernbecher Specialty Pediatrics 5 3930 S.E. Division St. 5 Boise, Idaho 21 Portland, Ore. their homes when they need specialty care. Westside at Bethany Village Portland, OR 10 24988 S.E. Stark St., Suite 140 6 Coos Bay, Ore. 22 Roseburg, Ore. 2 15220 N.W. Laidlaw Rd., Suite 102 6 51377 Old Portland Rd. Gresham, OR 7 Corvallis, Ore. 23 Salem, Ore. More information about OHSU’s patient care and collaborations in Portland, OR Scappoose, OR 8 Eugene, Ore. 24 Scappoose, Ore. OHSU Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation communities around the state is available at 9 Gresham, Ore. 25 Seaside, Ore. Marquam Hill Campus Clinics and Clinic at Cornell West statewidecare. OHSU Knight Cancer Institute 10 Grants Pass, Ore. 26 Silverton, Ore. Hospitals 11 1500 N.W. Bethany Blvd, Suite 195 Community Clinics Please check the site to see if the services you need are provided closer 11 Hillsboro, Ore. 27 Springfield, Ore. 3 3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Rd. Beaverton, OR 7 15700 S.W. Greystone Ct. to your home, then ask your doctor if you’re interested in being referred 12 Hood River, Ore. 28 The Dalles, Ore. Portland, OR Beaverton, OR 13 Klamath Falls, Ore. 29 Tualatin, Ore. to one of these sites for care. 14 LaGrande, Ore. 30 Vancouver, Wash. 15 Lake Oswego, Ore. 31 Walla Walla, Wash. 6 16 Longview, Wash. 16 2 25 31 24 30 11 3 12 20 21 9 28 29 15 N 17 14 26 23 30 1 7 N.W. Betha Blvd. ny 8 27 4 19 2 N.W. 185th Ave. 8 11 N.W 6 . Wa E. Burnside St. lk S.E. Stark St. 22 9 10 er 7 Rd . 5 S.E. Division St. 5 3 1 S.E. Powell Blvd. S.W. Vermont St. 217 99E 10 4 18 13 224 99W Sixty percent of OHSU’s health and science degrees are awarded to Cutting-edge videoconferencing technology allows OHSU medical OHSU is the only place in Oregon where adults and children can In an effort to increase the number of dentists practicing in rural, Oregon residents. specialists to see exactly what physicians in emergency rooms receive bone-marrow transplants. underserved areas, every OHSU fouth-year dental student is required around the state are seeing, allowing them to instantly provide to spend at least two weeks in community-based education. critical consultations.
  10. 10. 18 19 Public transportation Several public transportation options are available to reach OHSU’s clinics, including TriMet bus services, the streetcar and the Portland Aerial Tram. For more information about public transportation: The Portland Aerial Tram The Tram is an efficient and green connection between OHSU’s Marquam Hill Campus and the patient care services available at the South Waterfront. It is also one of Portland’s most popular tourist attractions. The Tram is operated by OHSU and owned by the city of Portland. Tram travel is free for patients who have two or more appointments at OHSU on the same day, located at both the Marquam Hill Campus and the South Waterfront. Your doctor’s office can provide passes for you and Getting to OHSU accompanying family. Hours of operation — the Tram runs approximately every Parking is free for OHSU patients and their friends or family Driving directions and maps 10 minutes: members who are accompanying them to a clinic visit. Free valet • Monday-Friday, 5:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. Driving directions to Marquam Hill Clinics .....................................18 parking is available at the Kohler Pavilion, Physicians Pavilion • Saturday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and also at the Emergency Department. Call 503 418-8283 for Driving directions to the Center for Health & Healing • Sunday, 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. (mid May – mid Sept.) more information. at South Waterfront .......................................................................... 20-21 The Tram is closed on major holidays. Marquam Hill campus map ........................................................... 22-23 Go online at for driving If riding the tram for sightseeing, the fare is $4 per person. directions, road conditions and information on public Center for Health & Healing map and floor plan ................... 24-25 The ticket machine accepts credit/debit cards and quarters transportation. (no bills or other coins). OHSU’s science education programs annually help 154,000 young OHSU’s Physician Consult and Referral Service provides 24-hour, OHSU receives approximately $400 million in grants and awards State appropriations, which make up only 2 percent of OHSU’s adults become interested in and gain access to careers in health toll-free access to health care providers throughout Oregon. to conduct research each year. Ninety-four percent of that amount budget, are used primarily to support educational programs in the and science. More than 32,000 calls are received each year. comes from out-of-state sources, such as the National Institutes of schools. OHSU’s operating budget is generated primarily from gifts, Health and the National Science Foundation. grants, contracts and patient care.