Empowering Businesses through Big Data Analytics


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SoftServe Innovation Conference in San Francisco 2013

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Empowering Businesses through Big Data Analytics

  1. 1. Empowering Businesses through Big Data Analytics
  2. 2. Agenda • Empowering businesses through Big Data Analytics • Big Data Technology Challenges and Solutions • Big Data Analytics Case Studies
  3. 3. Big Data Definition
  4. 4. Retail Intelligence: Recommendation Systems
  5. 5. Operational Intelligence Security Reporting System
  6. 6. Human Interaction: Marketing Campaigns
  7. 7. Big Data: Key Benefits Insights to drive operational efficiency Insights to drive product/service optimization Ability to attract, grow and retain customers Insights to drive channel efficiency Fraud detection and risk management Deloitte Report 2012: What business opportunities does big data offer your organization?
  8. 8. Big Data Technology Challenges and Solutions
  9. 9. Big Data Analytics: Key Challenges Interactive analytics on Big Data Ad-Hoc Self-Service Analysis Single view from multiple sources
  10. 10. Interactive Analytics on Big Data Problem: • Trade-off between real-time analytics vs. detailed raw data access Solution: • Analytical RDBMS for online analytics • NoSQL DB as source for RDBMS and most detailed row data Operational and Historical Analytics NoSQL RDBMS/DW Source
  11. 11. Ad-Hoc Self-Service Analysis Problem: BI Users • Give ability for BI users to explore and analyze data in highly customizable manner Data Model Toolset Solution: • Solid Dimensional Data Model • Effective BI Query/Analysis Tool • Good User Support System OLAP In-Memory RDBMS/ NoSQL
  12. 12. Single View From Multiple Sources Client Problem: • Single view from multiple sources • Track performance against company targets Solution: • Dashboard • KPI and Scorecards Internet Server Tier
  13. 13. Security and Log Management
  14. 14. Security Reporting System Business Goals: Comprehensive analysis of network attacks Solution: Collects data from network appliances and visualizes it Key Facts: Machine generated data Big Data: 7.5BLN log records per day
  15. 15. Security Reporting System Architecture SMS #1 Devices Reporting Server Extract SMS #N Devices
  16. 16. Security Reporting System Visualization
  17. 17. Web Analytics
  18. 18. HP Sample Architecture
  19. 19. Web Analytics Case Study Business Goals: Optimize web site usage and increase sales Solution: Provide click analysis and geolocation of visitors and the following metrics to the analysts such as: Hits, Visits, Page View, New Visitors, Active Time, etc.
  20. 20. Web Analytics Architecture Operational and Historical Analytics Oracle Web Site Activities Stream
  21. 21. Web Analytics Visualization
  22. 22. SoftServe BI/Big Data Offering Data Warehousing Data Integration Data Mining Big Data Analytics System Performance Optimization Data Visualization and Analysis
  23. 23. Technology Presets Data Warehouse Data Integration Big Data Platforms BI Platforms