The Absolute Final Completed Piece..... The Exiles Return........


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The Absolute Final Completed Piece..... The Exiles Return........

  1. 1. {VALUABLE NOTES TO SELF..... Darrell = Green= 1st Officer = Blue Merc/Soldier = Red Girl at TH = Aqua Letter = Thick Bold Black Quote Vincent = Maroon Helga/Cat = Olive Add as many pictures as you can.....} [RP] ^~ An Exiles Homecoming~^ On a bleak and dark morning under the gaze of the macabre sky by the shores of Dublin in Leister County, a ship was approaching from a distance... On the side it said quot;Y Llaith Duquot; which translates roughly into quot;The Black Deathquot; which was the personal flagship of Darrell James Meaney ap Casdwr from the Glyndwr navy that dominated Ceredigion Bay which ran across mid-west Wales. The ship was over 25 meters tall,8 meters wide and could carry up to 250 sailors up to 3 Months in even the most dangerous of winds, the ships wood was stained black with the sails dyed red and the flag of the Red Dragon waving in the winds. On the deck was the Captain himself... Darrell.... for the past 6 months he has been fighting wars against France that eventually ended in a ceasefire on both sides of the front, he was called in from the month of October to protect his home country of Wales by commanding the navies to destroy any and all French and non-flag bearing ships. Darrell now looked different... he had obvious minor but life-long scars bearing across his chest, back, lower-half of his right arm and 2 identical horizontal scars one each on his legs above the knees from a bad friction burn he received from the rope of the sails when the entire weight of the sail collapsed during a storm and the rope holding it all together snapped in front of Darrell leaving behind a friction burn he'll never forget. His facial features looked different as well... his long day's on sea have obviously taken their toll on his appearance... his hair was long and shaggy and clearly unkept... the old aromatic scent of rose petal cologne has been replaced by the scent of a mixture of mortis and sweat that could rot bread if exposed long enough, and his famous flamboyant attire has been replaced by the officers uniform of the Glyndwr navy that was tattered and torn in various places from close-quarter melee, shards of splinters and general wear and tear. (PICTURE LARGE/DIRTY DARRELL)
  2. 2. Darrell was standing on deck ordering the sailors to prepare docking procedures. DARRELLquot;Okay men... your 6 months duty is off when we reach dry land and dock... liquor and women are fully paid for today by myself just like I promised you... Now get to work... I intend to reach dry land before the north winds reach us, and by the look of the clouds that won't be too farquot; After giving his orders he headed into his quarters to prepare his personal belongings and to transfer title and ship to his first officer. Taking his items and putting them in his storage chests he picked up his former attire and felt the deep sadness and envy building up over the passing 6 months hit him like a brick... all those friends, lovers, Cymro in arms and.... his sweetheart..... Letting out a mixture of a sigh of sadness for having deserted them all so unexpectedly and without a single word about his location and a sigh of relief in that now that the war is finally on a ceasefire on both sides... Knowing there was no chance to change his clothes he put all his items in the chest with the exception to two items... His wallet and a deed to property in Carlow or as they say in native Gaelic quot;Ceatharlachquot; whilst the building itself was called quot;Manor Macabrequot; which sounded just the right place for him to settle in... Closing the trunk and locking it the ship swayed to a sudden stop... Putting both the deed to his new house and his wallet in his inside jacket pocket he left his quarters to check if they had landed, as he opened the door he saw his 1st officer walking towards him saying: OFFICERquot;Sire we have landed port at Dublin, I'll have someone take your belongings to your new home for you, unfortunately as it is 5 days travel east... port-leave will have to be extended from 7 days to 11 days to compensate the return of the envoysquot; Darrell smiling back saying DARRELLquot;You was planning for an excuse to stay here longer since we left port in Aberyswyth haven't you?quot; The first officer laughed and said OFFICERquot;Sire You couldn't be more right, besides 6 months with very little shore-leave isn't good for the men... 11 day's is more than enough till we get back to the Principality to have repairs done for 3 months, the men deserve a treat or twoquot; Tilting his head to the side Darrell replied: DARRELLquot;Yes but how much is this 'treat or two' going to cost me?... I've seen some of the men on this ship drink enough on their own to be legally declared as Aquamen, and that's not because they look, smell and talk like fish or as they call them in England.... the Cornish....quot; Laughing, Darrell called for his belongings to be towed over to the port storage hanger and for some envoys from the ship to travel to Ceatharlach with his luggage and to deposit it at his new manor, he took out the deed to his manor and gave it to the eldest looking envoy and instructed him to give the deed to the landplot commission in the townhall to show proof in new ownership and a title to be made to a one 'Darrell James Meaney ap Casdwr' and they key to be handed to the envoy, with this they were to leave his luggage and belongings in the main room and stay there until Darrell was to arrive on which the envoys would return to Dublin in his carriage. The envoy nodded as he received the instructions and accepted the deed in his hands then put it in his satchel, he then went off to hire 2 horses and a cart then loaded both the belongings of Darrell and
  3. 3. supplies for the journey itself then began to head for Ceatharlach. Darrell on the other hand called over his 1st officer and asked him to stand to attention to receive command, the 1st officer immediately stood to attention looking directly in front of him, Darrell took off his Captains hat and sign of rank and gave it to his 1st officer, DARRELLquot;From now on, you are the Captain of The Black Death, look after her well, just as she has looked after us on those dark day's in the war... the men were brave and should be awarded for every productive deed that is done and punish those who are unproductive... those are your responsibilities...quot; The now captain of The Black Death appeared humble in accepting his new role as the ships captain and bowed in respect for his new role, Darrell continued DARRELLquot;And as for me... well I resign my commission from this ship... now let's party like it's 1423!quot; In the background the men cheered and walked off singing songs about women, beer and squirrels.... never a good mixture when your dealing with sailors.... Darrell quickly followed sighing as he took out his wallet knowing it's going to be a common thing when dealing with sailors, beer and Irish girls... At a local tavern in Dublin (20 minutes later after docking) Darrell (Still looking like a very attractive but rather smelly badly dressed tramp) was sitting accompanied by the new Captain at the local tavern having a few beers, laughing with the men about stories they had at sea and the lassies listening with awe at how brave they were out on the field, the only one not telling his stories was Darrell, not really in the mood to chat up the lassies he just laughed and drank but still missing something... Attempting to rid himself of his own about someone he noticed something strange, a lot of the other patrons apart from his old crew were in fact soldiers or at least appeared like soldiers, they all had uniforms but wore no military insignia he recognized, approaching one soldier that looked like an officer has asked DARRELLquot;Heya I'm sorry to bother you but you don't look like any military unit I recognize from any of the Irish retinue and I used to be the head of the ISS...quot; MERCquot;Head of the ISS?... you look like a broken down sailor to me...quot; Darrell let out a sigh DARRELLquot;Long story mate, too long to tell without me 'disappearing' again... but ya haven't answered my question... who are you and your battalion?quot; MERCquot;We're from England, Ireland's been in civil war for the past 3 months and they are getting low on locals so they are hiring foreign mercs to do their fighting now, pay's good and there's no guilt behind it... what these leppers do with their spare time in politics isn't for me to talk about but if I was you I'd sign up for merc work and get some income goingquot; Darrell shocked and taken back by this gulped his entire pint in a single swallow and let out a stressed sigh DARRELLquot;I'm gone for 6 months and the entire Country falls under civil war... typical they just can't be adults when I'm not around kicking their behinds...quot; Thanking the soldier Darrell returned to his seat by the bar and pondered for awhile staring at his empty glass... after quarter of an hour he got an idea but kept it to himself and instead went to the room he rented for the night, for tomorrow at the crack at of dawn he was to leave for Ceatharlach.
  4. 4. Around 2:30am he began to toss and turn in the bed, shaken by dreams unruly and phantoms of his unconscious, in his dreams he was travelling by foot through a rough path in a forest unknown to him in the middle of the night, the moon was glowing the landscape and the rain fell hard apon his figure. For no reason to his unconscious mind, he was running... in fear for his very life, running hard and fast through the forest, his breath was deep and heavy and his muscles strained from the pain and he constantly looked back in fear in that something was chasing him through the forest, every now and then he would hear a distant but rapidly approaching growl behind him. After much haste he grew tired apon the time of near exhaustion he saw a dead end, a blank grey stone wall infront of him.... panicking with fear he turned around and put his back against the wall... staring infront of himself he tried to calm his breathing, he sat there for what felt a near eternity in the rain with his back at the wall staring at the bushes infront of him, he just sat staring... then he blinked... on the nanosecond of opening his eyes there was this dark hairy creature looking down at him, looking like some wolf-bear like creature it had red eyes and bearing sharp drooling fangs... Darrell stared at this creature for what was a fraction of a second then the creature sank both fangs and it's claws into his neck and chest for what felt like an agonizing second, then the pain dispersed by a sudden move... he opened his eyes and was still in the very room he slept in that night, dim however the sun was fast approaching... Darrell in a disturbed mood wiped his brow to what felt like damp meat purified in sweat. Holding his hands over his face he let out a deep sigh and proceeded to get dressed in the same rags he wore yesterday. An hour later of getting up and receiving and consuming the breakfast his hostess gave him he paid his dues and bills and left the Inn for his carriage which was already set up for him. Waving goodbye to his former ship and the crew and new captain he left for Ceatharlach and his new home. There wasn't any trouble on the roads and pathways, whether this was the result of the war is uncertain, but what was certain was that there was a tense aura in the air, something that even affected the surrounding environment to the point the animals themselves were.......cautious.... After 5 day's of travel... he was there.... finally after many long, cold and silent nights he finally made it to Ceatharlach and his new home... the trouble being he had no idea what his home looked like or whether it was even in the town itself... Stepping off the carriage he looked around, many small houses and shops were around all glowing with the many fragrant faces of Cea citizens, eyeing a large official building he assumed that it was the town hall, heading off there he passed through the market itself and thought he heard someone call his name, but ignoring it to believe that it was someone else and not himself they were referring to he carried on to the town hall, at an open table in the middle of the main room he asked the gentle, beautiful but thin lady for information about the location of Macabre Manor. TH GIRLquot;It's just next door to the Towns graveyard by the riverquot; DARRELLquot;A graveyard!?quot; TH GIRLquot;Yes the Ceatharlach town graveyard has been with us for centuries, unfortunately it has began to deteriorate and the room is getting cramped especially with the ongoing civil war we are facing at this currant time, is that all?quot; DARRELLquot;Yes sorry to bother you like this, I'll check it out nowquot; After that he left and headed to the graveyard to find his new home. Listening for the sounds of a river he found both the graveyard and the river... and his new home... Macabre Manor is what it should have said on the sign post, instead it appears town up like someone etched out the name in an attempt to hide it...
  5. 5. The manor appeared exactly how the name states it should.... very.... macabre... The house appeared 2 floors tall with 25 meters width square, the surroundings around the house composed of dead trees, mud with little grass and a pond on the east side of the house with gates to the graveyard, a vacant plot and the main road that was a 5 minute walk from town and the north west side had a empty tomb that either was abandoned during construction or robbed by grave robbers who used or disposed of the corpse somewhere else. The house itself was dark and black with a variance of mold and fauna growing out of cracks and crevices there showing off the rarity of color of green and brown that only aged the building further. The windows were dusty and some were cracked and the doors looked rotten and broken. Being overly happy with his new choice of house he knocked on the door, after awhile it opened by someone he didn't know, he was expecting his envoy to open the door as per his instructions when they arrived at Dublin. DARRELLquot;Err who may I ask are you?quot; VINCENT (SMALL)quot;The real question young sir, is who are you and what are you doing at this private residence?quot; Darrell narrowed his brows and said with an angry expression DARRELLquot;*I* am the new owner of this building as per the law of Ireland and the housing commission of Cea, where is my Envoy and who are you and what are you doing in my house without my permission!?quot; VINCENT (SMALL)quot;Ah so your Darrell, yes forgive my ignorance sir, your envoy explained all to me when he arrived, I told him that he was not needed to keep watch of this manor so I sent him back to Dublin, and my name is Vincent Von Grimm, I am the retainer, butler, cook and attendant to this manor and graveyard grounds keeper for the towns graveyard, I live here to be put short.quot; Darrell slightly surprised took back his words and examined 'Vincent', he was an elderly gentleman looking at his 50's-60's with a look of refinement and humbleness on his aged expression, he was dressed in maroon colored formal looking clothing that was impeccable to even the most cleanest and formal of man. VINCENT (LARGE) DARRELLquot;The deed said nothing about any retainer... or even a graveyard for that matter.... but pickers can't be choosers, besides a retainer might be good for me for a change, I've always needed some help around the houses I've had, and this is certainly one of the largest to date so help would defiantly be needed, agreed you may stay, so long as you can bring my things in for me at least.quot; VINCENT (SMALL)quot;As you say sir, oh the town hall also supplied your envoy with a letter to hand you...quot; Vincent hands Darrell the letter and it read along these lines: quot;Welcome new lord of the manor, as you can see when you arrived, the place hasn't been maintained over the past few months when the previous residents were forced out of town due to the war, the manor was refurnished into a military base, but seeing as it's of no use anymore they decommissioned and released the manor to the town hall since which we sold to you, also you will note that not all the residents had left the manor, Vincent Von Grimm is a aged retainer who is also the towns hollow grounds keeper and maintains the graveyard next to the manor, also only in late March your retainer Vincent found an abandoned kitten whilst maintaining the hollow grounds, he hasn't named it yet and thought it would make a great gift for you when you arrived.
  6. 6. And finally some dark news... As I have already explained this manor was an army base, well the army added a few extra 'rooms' in there, I have listed the rooms and floors associated as well as an itemization of selected luxury goods that was left in the manor house.quot; Darrell turned over the letter quot;Basement: *Rooms: 2 Cells, 1 surgery, 1 hidden passage, 1 torture chamber and 1 interrogation chamber Items of interest: Wine rack, furnace and workshop area Notes: This floor was used during the civil war as a prisoner interrogation center for Leister and can only be accessed via the hidden passage, there is a press-in wall by the grand piano in the music hall, you simple add pressure to it and it will click open. Ground Floor: Rooms: 1 Lounge, 1 music hall, 1 servants quarters, 1 dining area and 1 kitchen Items of interest: Grand piano 1st Floor: Rooms: 1 library, 1 master suite, 2 guest rooms and 2 bathrooms Items of interest: Easel for art, 1 chalkboard, 1 copy of quot;Revolution and Counter-Revolution of the peasant classes by Karlos Marcs and updated by Darrell James Meaney ap Glyndwrquot; 2nd Floor: 1 loft, 1 hidden passage (Leading from behind the 2nd bookcase in the library), 1 observation post Items of interest: binoculars Notes: The observation post was added on to the building during the civil war, it will last for many years until degradation will deem it unusable however I would caution anyone from entering.quot; Darrell looks at the letter mutters a variance of words as he re-reads the letter DARRELLquot;blah blah blah Watchtower, blah blah something something grand piano, duh duh duh kitten, duh duh duh torture chamberquot; He then paused and thought, looking up at his retainer in shock and astonishment and asked DARRELLquot;We have a kittie!?quot; The retainer confused at his new masters priorities only nodded and said VINCENTquot;Errrr.... yes sir, I intended to give you it as a gift, I've not had the chance to name the creature yet sir but if you wish to name it, it would put me out of the misery of trying to find one.quot; DARRELLquot;I'll decide that later on, firstly let me in my manor so I can see what it's like on the inside VINCENTquot;Yes sir...quot; Vincent unlocked the other side of the double door from the inside and opened it to it's inside and then immediately standing to attention as Darrell sloths past looking around in wonder, the house he was in was dark and dimly lit, very dusty, dull and glum with very little color to the walls, ceiling or floor, Darrell reached out his hands as if to touch the wall but was obviously distant from the walls themselves. DARRELLquot;This place is perfect!, dark, dull, and full of that Macabre design, this manor justly deserves it's namequot;
  7. 7. VINCENTquot;Sir no wish to offend but you look tired, hungry, dirty and that smell doesn't smell healthy even when the farmers spread the muck they still smell better than you do now sir, I had expected your arrival so I had food prepared for you, all that's to do is cook it which will take 1 hour to do, in the meantime I suggest you take a bath to ease those muscles, wash the dirt and smell away and a shave wouldn't help either, I'll have proper attire prepared on your bed when you decide you've had enough and dinner should be ready by then.quot; DARRELLquot;You know for a man who's known me for 5 minutes you're awfully brave with your words aren't you?quot; VINCENTquot;I have always said what I thought sir, both to strangers and familiars... it is the Irish way...quot; DARRELLquot;I spose your correct, I do prefer the honest response over the ones I'd like to hear, very good my man, I think I'll take that offer of a bath now, you get the food started and I'll get the bath donequot; VINCENTquot;Very good sir.... Darrell climbed the stairs peered into various rooms noting the purpose and use of each one and found the Master bedroom which was to be his, the room was beautiful but still in a macabre theme, the king- size bed was covered with gold paint on the oak wood and beautiful sheets covering it, he just collapsed on the bed lying on his back for only 5 seconds before sitting back up and taking his boots and socks off both which smelt so bad that you could purge even rats from a house if left there, and then proceeding to take the rest of his clothes off before finding an old but well designed bathrobe in the wardrobe, he then started a bath by using a vent from the furnace in the basement to heat water for the bath, once he filled the bath to a decent size and temperature he removed his robe and slowly laid back in the bath letting out a sigh of relief. He stayed still in the bath thinking about certain people... he still hadn't received word from any of his old Cymro... or certain people who he held close to himself... Throwing his own depressing thoughts away he began scrubbing himself down head to toe, using soap and oil he managed after 40 minutes of difficult scrubbing of the skin and hair he finally looked cleaner than he had for the last 6 months at sea, and then picked up a razor and mirror that was on the side-table he used the soap and scrubbed into his beard and tash and carefully shaved them off without nipping himself. After a clean shave he decided it was time to get out of the bath which was by this time absolutely black with dirt and Jah knows what in the bathwater, he used a towel to dry himself down and made sure he dried his hair thoroughly and then used the towel as a makeshift kilt he walked over to his bedroom in which was a freshly drawn outfit on the bed, his former outfit wasn't there (Being washed he thought to himself) and took an immediate liking to the new attire, he put it on and sat on a chair infront of a large mirror and started coming his hair, his appearance had vastly improved since that morning and he saw a new person being born through this new look and attire. DARRELL (LARGE/CLEAN) Darrell continued to comb his hair until he heard VINCENTquot;Sir, your meal has been prepared and is sitting on the dining tablequot; Darrell jumped out of his seat out of shock and quickly calmed DARRELL (SMALL/CLEAN)quot;Eich, please don't sneak up on me like that again, last thing I need is do collapse from shockquot; VINCENTquot;Many apologies sir, though I must say your appearance has vastly improved since your bath
  8. 8. and is worthy of praisequot; DARRELLquot;Thank you, least I knew that was the honest answer, to be honest myself I feel like a different man after that bathquot; VINCENTquot;Your meal sir....quot; Darrell wasn't paying much attention, his eyes kept on the mirror as he was combing his hair DARRELLquot;Huh? meal?... Oh!, yes I almost forgot... this mirror is so beautiful... and grows only more desirable with my image in it...quot; VINCENTquot;If you say so sir......quot; Vincent left the room contently with an underlying feeling against Darrell's arrogance After 5 minutes of combing his hair Darrell smelt the delicious food downstairs and his stomach growled in response, he got up and descended the stairs and followed the smell to a large hall with a long reaching table from one end of the room to the other, at one side of the table there was a large ornate red velvet seat on the pad and back and oak wood armrests and what looked like a 5 course meal infront of it... it had fried fish on one dish, cooked lamb with herbs, a soup that looked like his native 'cawl', a small animal (a rabbit possibly) and for dessert a bowl of fruit and edible flowers. After an hour of eating he was completely stuffed, Vincent entered the room VINCENTquot;Did you enjoy your meal sir? DARRELLquot;Vincent your a master chef, never in all my years have I ever tasted the delicate balance of such foods, if you was 20 years younger, had a pair of nice knockers and was a pretty looking Irish girl I would have asked you to marry me by now.quot; VINCENTquot;The idea chills me to the very bone sir...quot; DARRELLquot;Why thank you Vincent, I'm going for a little tour to see what this house is made ofquot; VINCENTquot;Sir I can save you the trip and say 'Stone'...quot; Darrell glares DARRELLquot;Vincent don't ever be funny in my presence again...quot; VINCENTquot;If you say so sir......quot; Darrell ignores Vincent as he cleans up and instead goes to tour the ground floor of the house. He leaves with the Dining room doors swinging to a close behind him as he entered the Main Entrance Hall, looking around him he see's a variance of decadent art and unpolished marble with strenuous cobwebs in every corner of the room, Darrell look around the rooms, each one not giving any significant interest... found the Kitchen and the Cloak Room but nothing of any major importance or interest until he walks past a half open door that led to a dark but candle lit room, with a chandelier above his head and a candelabra on the mantelpiece glowing the room but allowing shroud to cover the corners of the room allowing the cobwebs to be undisturbed in it's perpetual darkness, in a corner of the room he spotted the Grand Piano that was noted in the letter he received earlier, having played the Piano since his youth he was no stranger to the musical harmonic melodies that the strings vibrate. He sat on the stool and raised the cover for the keys and tested the keys worked and were in tune, he
  9. 9. played a range and the notes sounded like pure music in itself... he then just pushed they keys at random, thinking as he pushed them about a song he should play, and it occurred to him to play a song he played and sang to as a young Welsh rebel called quot;Realm of the Deadquot;, he began singing... DARRELLquot;The breakers moon is burning tonight, a serial killers celestial delight..... let him who not knowth the dark hour of the 13th..... be tested on his wit.....skill....and might.... The horrors inside my mind cannot be released apon this land.... and so I must always stay my hand... away from the shadows and illusions of society in a hourglass of sand... I keep the monsters inside my head... and yet I feel I cannot ignore them on what is said... but one thing that remains true... is that I have detached from the realm of the living... and found myself in the realm of the dead......quot; Darrell stopped playing the piano and felt alive with both painful memories of when he was in Port Lairge in one of the taverns, playing away whilst the girls danced on the tables and the boys drank themselves to the next level of consciousness... and the sense he was missing someone..... He was interrupted as the door opened VINCENTquot;Sir?quot; Darrell stopped daydreaming DARRELLquot;Hmn?, Yes Vincent?quot; VINCENTquot;That melody was beautiful as it was traumatic... what piece is that?quot; DARRELLquot;It's an old Welsh song we used to sing down the valleys... when I was a little rebelquot; Vincent peaked interest and sat on the settee infront of the fire as Darrell sat on a armchair besides the bookcase VINCENTquot;A rebel sir?quot; DARRELLquot;Yes, I've done a lot of things that could be considered treason... I used to be an IIO... that stands for Independent Intelligence Officer... meaning I gathered internal and external intelligence for money, I served both the Royal Scottish Army and the English National Army as a double agent, almost started a war when someone dared me to show I had a lot of power and proved myself right in that if I whispered the right words into the right ears I could very well start a war anytime I wanted... Course when Ireland opened her boarders the ENA sent me to spy on the NNGO and gather intelligence incase Irelands seas ever calmed and a navy could be established, but after a month I lost communication with the ENA headquarters and eventually I assumed a freelance career in Ireland working for both Munster Council and the NNGO themselves... Until I suddenly received a letter from my father calling for assistance in fighting a war against the French, see, my family has strong ties to the Duke of Brittany and France was threatening to invade Brittany but the French also threatened to invade my home Country of Wales because we was supplying military support to Brittany and so whilst he was fighting in France I was to protect the seas and supply convoys going back and forth between Wales and Brittany. Over that 6 Month period I used my Flagship quot;The Black Deathquot; to guard the seas to the lands of the valley, saw much action, downed ships and even fought hand-to-hand combat from invading boarding party's... I received for my work, a medal, a house, a few dozen permanent scars, and a lot of bad memories.....quot;
  10. 10. VINCENTquot;Wow sir, if I may but that's quiet an adventurequot; Darrell smiled DARRELLquot;You haven't even heard half of it, I still have to tell you all about Chester yet, but that's another story for another day... I think I'll retire for the evening... my mind may be restless... but my body is weak and my muscles are aching...quot; VINCENTquot;Yes, sorry to keep you awake sir...quot; DARRELLquot;No it's fine, I tend to ramble as it is when telling stories, good night Vincentquot; VINCENTquot;Good night sir...quot; Darrell left the lounge and went upstairs to the master bedroom and rested for the night... As expected his night was relatively restless but eventually tiredness overwhelmed his mind and he fell asleep by the third hour of midnight... When he woke it was near the eighth hour, he dressed himself in the usual attire and descended the stairs to the Kitchen to set himself a meal, on the table was a slice of bread and a few slices of beef on a plate, Vincent prepared his breakfast earlier when he heard his master walking around in the bedroom. Darrell was well into his breakfast when a he heard a cat mewing below him DARRELLquot;Well hello kittie, what's your name?... (Cat Picture) quot;Meowquot; DARRELLquot;Really? you don't have one? hmn.... how about Mittens?quot; (Cat Picture) quot;Hiss!quot; >_> DARRELLquot;Yeah spose it is a bit corny... how about Helga? that's a nice name, and you look like a Helga to me...quot; (Car Picture) quot;Meow!quot; ^_^ DARRELLquot;Helga it is thenquot; Darrell smiled and continued on his breakfast, by the ninth hour he had finished and went outside for some fresh air, he saw Vincent coming towards the house. DARRELLquot;Aya Vincent, what you doing?quot; VINCENTquot;Good morning sir, every morning I tend the graveyard and dig the graves awaiting to receive the freshly deceasedquot; DARRELLquot;Nice.... say is there anything to do around here?, spending eternity inside the house of horrors may be entertaining for awhile but surely there's something around here to do isn't there?quot; VINCENTquot;Well sir, I believe the market is open today... why not spend some time exploring and becoming familiar with the town? (And give me some peace in the meantime....) DARRELLquot;Yes I spose that won't be so bad, it'll give me something to do at least... okay I'll set off now, see what's for sale and such, back in a hour or two, see yaquot;
  11. 11. VINCENTquot;Pleasant trip sir......quot; Darrell walks towards the town which was only a 5 minute walk from the manor whilst Vincent enters the manor Ceatharlach was a fairly average sized town with a variance of people in it, all bustling around doing business, the town used to be under the control of Leister but the civil war entered it into the control of Munster County with the residents angry at the actions of Munster on failing to come up with an agreement or truce... The market place had many stalls with a variance of objects and goods for sale, Darrell looked around several times but saw nothing of interest and instead sat on a bench under a tree re-growing her leaves as spring enters and winter leaves and simply looks out to the sky wondering about the past, the present and the future.....................