Hacking school computers for fun profit and better grades short


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Hacking school computers for fun profit and better grades short

  1. 1. g Sc hoolHa ckin mpu tersCo r Grade s d Bette Fun, P rofit, an
  2. 2. What do these peoplehave in common?!   Lindsay Lohan!   Paris Hilton! Snooki! Charile Sheen
  3. 3. Jail
  4. 4. Albert Gonzales!   Hacked Wireless!   Hacked TJ Maxx!   90 Million Credit cards stolen!   20 years in Jail
  5. 5. Hacking = Jail
  6. 6. Detective Quiz!   Pictures have in common!   Cat, Chicken, Pig, Donkey, Farmer
  7. 7. Don’t judge book by cover
  8. 8. Motivation of Hackers!   Is money, no question about it!   People rob banks and pick pocket wallets for money!   Jail
  9. 9. Reality of Today!   Hackers are stealing money from computers!   Soon smartphones!   Smartphone hacking rising!   Take over the world, just like Dr. Evil
  10. 10. u sec ure?Are yo PCI u passed a re if yo do esn’t c B ad guy
  11. 11. Perimeter is dead!   You might have a firewall!   Tons of traffic are punched through holes in your firewalls!   Billions of packets!   How do you know you are secure?
  12. 12. Don’t ignore the signs
  13. 13. Bad Guys!   are after you systems. They want to hack you.
  14. 14. About me!   Work at Capliano University!   Hack wet paper bags for a living!   I Love 80’s music!   I Love riding my bike from downtown Vancouver!   To North Vancouver
  15. 15. About Me!   I love Backtrack4!   Some people call me a blackhat!   But I’ve always been a good guy since the RCMP
  16. 16. About Me!   Love Plants vs Zombies!   And my Macbook Pro!   Read NIST publications!   Windows Forensics Analysis Book!   Rootkits Arsenal Book
  17. 17. Reading List! Shellcoders Handbook!   Mac Shellcoders Handbook!   Reverse Engineering Book!   Security Power Tools Book
  18. 18. Webistes!   Google! Youtube!   Larry Zelster! Sans.org!   DFRWS
  19. 19. Build a HackingWorkstation!  BackTrack4!  SIFT Workstation! Maltego!  Nessus! Nmap! Metasploit! Wireshark!  Python!  Ruby
  20. 20. Hacker Cons that I follow!   DEFCON! CanSecWest! SecTor! Blackhat!   CCC
  21. 21. g Sc hoolHa ckin mpu tersCo grades d b etter Fun, P rofit, an
  22. 22. ey do that?How d id th
  23. 23. Methodology!   Reconnaissance!   Exploit Development!   Exploit!   Maintain Access
  24. 24. Recon! Blackhats on your network!   Dumpster diving!   Going through your garbage and old systems
  25. 25. Tools for Recon! Maltego for analysis!   Scanning your network with Nessus!   Scanning your network with nmap!   Using Metasploit toolset
  26. 26. Tools for recon! theHarvester! Metagoofil! Wireshark! Etherape!   Watching students!   Watching staff and faculty
  27. 27. Methodology!   Reconnaissance!  Exploit Development!   Exploit!   Maintain Access
  28. 28. 1972 d C is invente
  29. 29. jecti ve - COb 1983
  30. 30. 1988 NeXT
  31. 31. Buys NeXT 9 96 A pple1
  32. 32. 2002 OSX
  33. 33. 2007 .0 iPho ne OS 2 K iPh one SD
  34. 34. 2009 n now progra m rs ca velope iPhone De
  35. 35. mework atio n FraFo und Method s se s and dreds of Clas Hun
  36. 36. Model Controller
  37. 37. Problem = Bound Checks
  38. 38. Methods to creatingexploits!   Finding Zero Days!   Reverse Engineering patches!   Using malware creation kits!   Creating shellcode to exploit OS
  39. 39. Finding 0day vulns!   Fuzzing!   Smart Fuzzing!   Dumb Fuzzing!   Distributed Fuzzing
  40. 40. Fuzzing!   Involves providing invalid, unexpected, or random data to the inputs of a computer program!   Interrupting program flow
  41. 41. Methods to creatingexploits!   Finding Zero Days!  Reverse Engineering patches!   Using malware creation kits!   Creating shellcode to exploit OS
  42. 42. Microsoft Patches!   Every month Microsoft releases patches!   You can identify vulnerabilities in the code and create exploits for the vuln
  43. 43. Reverse Engineers!   Reverse engineer Microsoft patches!   Create specialized exploit code to exploit specific Microsoft vulnerabilities
  44. 44. Reverse EngineeringTools!   IDA Pro!   Immunity Debugger! binDiff! PaiMei! Vmware!   Python scripts
  45. 45. Using binDiff to find vulns
  46. 46. Remote Code ExecutionNew control
  47. 47. IDA Pro! Dissassembler!   Used to reverse engineer the binary!   Translates machine code to C
  48. 48. Methods to creatingexploits!   Finding Zero Days!   Reverse Engineering patches!  Using malware creation kits!   Creating shellcode to exploit OS
  49. 49. Zeus (Zbot)
  50. 50. Zeus research!   Source code on the Internet!   Lots of analysis by big anti-virus vendors!   Screenshots on the Internet of the Zeus Builder interface, Configuration interface
  51. 51. Immediately Post-Infection!  Zeus downloads encrypted config file!  Transmits systems details to C2 server!  Receives additional commands
  52. 52. How do get infected?!  Drive by Download!  Phishing scams!  Malicious Email attachments!  Bogus Zeus Crimeware Downloads!  SQL Injected Websites
  53. 53. Controllers of ZBOT!  Capture (banking) credentials!  Remote control!  Keystroke logging!  Screen capture!  Proxy services
  54. 54. Typical Theft!  Attackers steal credentials!  Set up bogus employee/vendor accounts!  Accounts are actually “mules”!  Transfers typically kept under $10K
  55. 55. Wire Money!   Eastern Europe
  56. 56. Methods to creatingexploits!   Finding Zero Days!   Reverse Engineering patches!   Using malware creation kits!  Creating shellcode to exploit OS
  57. 57. Reference books! Shellcoders Handbook! MacHackers Handbook
  58. 58. Shellcode Fun!   Stack Overflows!   Heap Spray
  59. 59. Stack Overflow!   Typically found in C type code!   No bounds checking!   Always new C code being created J
  60. 60. Heap Spray!   Commonly used in Javascript browser attacks!   Can be used in putting shellcode into various parts of unused memory!   If you find your code…game over.
  61. 61. NOP sled and shellcode!   0x90 = Intel x86 opcode! a.k.a = NOP slide or NOP ramp!   NOP (no-operation) instruction sequence meant to "slide" the CPUs instruction execution flow to its final, desired, destination.
  62. 62. Allocated MemoryUnused Memory Shellcode
  63. 63. Shellcode Shellcode Allocated Memory ShellcodeUnused Memory Shellcode Shellcode Shellcode Shellcode Shellcode Shellcode Shellcode Shellcode Shellcode
  64. 64. Shellcode!   Local!   Remote!   Download and Execute!   Staged!   Egg Hunt!   Omelet
  65. 65. Local• Local shellcode is used by an attacker who haslimited access to a machine• Privilege escalation from user to Admin/root
  66. 66. Remote• Remote shellcode can provide the bad guy accessto the victim machine across a network• Remote shellcode normally use standard TCP/IP• Connect-back shellcode is used to connect backto the bad guyss machine
  67. 67. Download and Execute• Download and execute is a type of remoteshellcode• Instructs the victim machine to download badguy’s executable file off the network, save it to diskand execute it• This is a drive-by download attack!
  68. 68. Staged• When memory space is small for a process• Recommned staged shellcode to execute instages• First, a small piece of shellcode (stage 1) isexecuted. This code then downloads a larger pieceof shellcode (stage 2) into the processs memoryand executes it
  69. 69. Egg-Hunt• Small egg-hunt shellcode is injected into theprocess at a predictable location and executed• This code then searches the processs addressspace for the larger shellcode (the egg) andexecutes it
  70. 70. Omelet• This type of shellcode uses multiple small blocksof data (eggs) and recombines them into onelarger block (the omelet)
  71. 71. Shellcode research!   Smartphone exploits!   Breaking Arms by M.J. Keith
  72. 72. Stack and Heap Spray!   Countermeasures
  73. 73. DEP!   Makes pages of memory!   Read only!   Not executable
  74. 74. ASLR!   Mitigation technique which involves randomly arranging the positions of key data areas!   Stack Overflow protection
  75. 75. Microsoft Redhat Apple win7 XP 2000 RHEL Open OSX BSDASLRStack ProtectionHeap Protection
  76. 76. Finding Targets to Exploit!   A.K.A = Victims
  77. 77. Targets!   Students!   Teachers and Staff!   Wireless, VOIP, Photocopiers, Lab computers, staff computers, faculty computers, servers!   Networks
  78. 78. Find a FOOTHOLD
  79. 79. Register for a class
  80. 80. Exploit Lab Computers
  81. 81. Exploit Faculty Computer
  82. 82. Exploit Websites!   Any internet services!   SSH!   HTTP!   HTTPS!   FTP
  83. 83. Exploit Toolkits! Vmware!   Backtrack4! Metasploit
  84. 84. Social Engineering Toolkit!   Drive by Downloads
  85. 85. Fake AV !   Drive by Download Kings
  86. 86. Oracle Hacking!   Need IP address!   Need Listening Port!   Need SID!   Need Username and Password
  87. 87. Oracle AttackMethodology!   Determine Version and SID!   Guess or Brute Force Username and Password!   Privilege Escalation via SQL Injection!   Data Manipulation or post data!   Cover your tracks…muhahahahaha
  88. 88. msfconsole commands! msf auxiliary(lt_findricset) > set RHOST! msf auxiliary(lt_findricset) > set RPORT 1521! msf auxiliary(lt_findricset) > set DBUSER SCOTT! msf auxiliary(lt_findricset) > set DBPASS TIGER! msf auxiliary(lt_findricset) > set SID ORCL! msf auxiliary(lt_findricset) > set SQL GRANT DBA TO SCOTT
  89. 89. Extra DB Hacking! db_autopwn!   SQL Injection
  90. 90. db_autopwn! msf > load db_mysql! msf > db_create root:password@localhost/ pentest! msf > db_nmap -A! msf > db_hosts! msf > db_autopwn -pb
  91. 91. SQL Injection viaSYS.LT.FINDRICSETregister_options( [OptString.new(SQL, [ false, SQL to execute., "GRANT DBA to #{datastore [DBUSER]}"]),], self.class)•  grants the DBA permission to the DBUSER in 10g
  92. 92. Fasttrack and auto_pwn
  93. 93. Miscellaneous Fun! Firesheep! Ettercap! SSLStrip
  94. 94. Last Resort! Teensy.pde! Powershell SAM dumps!   Hacking update services like windowsupdate.com!   UPS OpenWRT
  95. 95. Last Last Resort!   Create prize like IPAD2 win!   W3AF for webscanning apps!   Lock picking Kensington Locks with Toilet roll!   Wireless conversations with Mallory and JavaSnoop
  96. 96. Maintain Access!   The Rootkit Arsenal is a great book!   Create Zombies and Bots!   Use Backtrack4!   Use Metasploit
  97. 97. Migrating process!   Avoiding detection!   In Metasploit after you PWN a system!   There is a Meterpreter Script to migrate process
  98. 98. Methodology!   Reconnaissance!   Exploit Development!   Exploit!   Maintain Access
  99. 99. Thoughts and musings
  100. 100. Creating FakeAV for!   Smartphone?!   Make Billions
  101. 101. Quiz
  102. 102. The Matrix!   Is this movie about hacking?
  103. 103. Yes, Yes and Yes!   A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers
  104. 104. Is Backtrack an exploit?
  105. 105. Penetration Testingand Security AuditingLinux Distribution
  106. 106. How many hits?!   Word hacking in on Google
  107. 107. Over 83 Million Hits
  108. 108. How many hits!   When you search youtube?
  109. 109. Over 29,000 hits
  110. 110. How many PC’s deployedworldwide?
  111. 111. Over 1.2 Billion PC’s
  112. 112. How many smartphones?What’s the future market?
  113. 113. Over 5 Billion Smartphones
  114. 114. What does hacking get you?
  115. 115. New friends
  116. 116. Place to stay. 3 meals.
  117. 117. Job Retraining
  118. 118. You are under arrest forSection 342.1Unauthorized use ofcomputer, do youunderstand?
  119. 119. You have the right to retainand instruct counsel withoutdelay.We will provide you with a toll-free telephone lawyer referralservice, if you do not haveyour own lawyer.
  120. 120. Anything you say can be usedin court as evidence.Do you understand? Wouldyou like to speak to a lawyer?
  121. 121. Photo Credits = Internet
  122. 122. Thank you! J!   </end>