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Presentation in the digital age v.2


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Presentation in the digital age v.2

  2. 2. **What is the most interesting presentationyou’ve ever witnessed?*What made it interesting?
  3. 3. *
  4. 4. **TECHNOLOGY, EDUCATION, DESIGN*Devoted to ideas worth spreading*“On, we make the best talks andperformances from TED and partnersavailable to the world, for free.”*Mission: spreading ideas
  5. 5. **“With more than a billion views, TED Talks havebecome a powerful cultural force. But it all starts witha single person on a stage ...”
  6. 6. *
  7. 7. *
  8. 8. *
  9. 9. **TED Talks: Pro or Con?
  10. 10. **Relies on data visualization*Generally makes an argument
  11. 11.
  12. 12. **Infographics: Pro or Con?
  13. 13. *
  14. 14. *Infographics are graphical depictions of data and information. Bypresenting information in a compact and creative approach, infographicsare able to quickly convey knowledge and engage its viewers.Your job is to learn how to assess the credibility of infographics andidentify the characteristics of successful infographics. Then, you will becreating your own.I. Assignment: Take notes on this information or print and bring itinto: the CRAAP test.II Assignment 2 : Assess a variety of infographics.III. Assignment 3: Research an issue and create your own infographic.IV. Assignment 4: Tweet it!
  15. 15. **Currency: The timeliness of the web page*Relevance/Coverage: The uniqueness of thecontent and its importance for your needs*Authority: The Source of the Webpage*Accuracy: The reliability, truthfulness, andcorrectness of the informational content*Purpose: The presence of bias orprejudice/The reason the web site exists
  16. 16. **Easelly:*
  17. 17. **“Englighten Us. But Make It Quick.”*20 PowerPoint Slides*Autoadvance every 15 seconds*Communal Knowledge Sharing Event
  18. 18. *
  19. 19. **10:45 – 12:00*Choose a Form (TED Talk, Infographic, Ignite)*Read through the materials in the Google Doc folder(See Paul to get the folder shared with you)*Create a version for yourself personally (e.g., Paul’sTED Talk on DIY Gardening) or for your students ORengage in your own genre study/inquiry*ShareTHANK YOU! Paul