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REAL Delivery: GoTo Training


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This deck accompanies a GoTo Training for Professional Communication and Presentation.

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REAL Delivery: GoTo Training

  1. This lesson will cover the delivery portion of a presentation.Contents:1.R.E.A.L. Delivery1.1.Readiness1.2.Engagement1.3.Authenticity1.4.Lasting ImpressionQuieting the Lizard BrainPUNCHAuthenticity and ConfidenceSUCCESsRehearsing for an Ignite Presentation
  2. 1.Our message for the day is: Manage not conquer.1.1.You may not totally rid yourself of the fear.1.2.Nerves are normal. They show you care about what you are talking about.
  3. 1.What is the amygdala?1.1.Oldest part of the brain1.2.Guides decision making and fight or flightHow does the lizard brain affect our perception of public speaking?
  4. Some judgment is normal, but put the focus on the audience judging your expertise, familiarity with the subject, andengagement with them as individuals.
  5. Some fear is normal. You can control physiological responses by changing your mindset and practicing.
  6. Ensure your outline is strong and helps you achieve your purpose. Focus extra time on crafting a strong opening and a graceful finish.
  7. The only way to become comfortable with public speaking is through consistent practice. Mastery is not something you isborn with; it is something you develop.
  8. This does not mean arrogance. Focus on what true success is--not perfection, but your message resonating with your audience.
  9. Don’t apologize for being a human. You notice your own insecurities and nervousness “tells” more than your audience does.
  10. Skip the pre amble and the overdone and use something that has impact.
  11. Tell a personal storyDo the unexpected (avoid the expected)Share something new (think TED) with the audienceChallenge the audience’s ideas about somethingUse humor that clearly connects to your topic
  12. Be yourself. Audiences don’t respond to speakers who put on a persona that doesn’t stem from their true selves.A presentation is conversation with intention and purpose.
  13. Many people believe that they are just not good at public speaking and that’s that. While some people may have a personalitythat makes them attractive to others, we can all develop the confidence needed to become charismatic, in our own way.
  14. This is a great TED talk on the subject of confidence.Cuddy’s point: by changing your body language, you can change your confidence level
  15. Instead use speaking notes/your outline (create a note card for each slide)Write only two or three points per notecard--use it as a mnemonic, not as a script.
  16. SimplicityUnexpectednessConcretenessCredibilityEmotionsStoryConsider telling a story that incorporates these other qualities--make it simple, unexpected, use concrete details, tell a true story, and use emotional imagery.
  17. Include ONE moment in your talk that illustrates one of these five