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Is Franchising the Right Choice?


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Franchising is an important topic about which many ORA members inquire, which is why the ORA RES is teaming up with ActionCOACH’s David Roemer to lead an Aug. 6, 2014 webinar entitled “Franchising Your Restaurant.” Roemer has worked in the restaurant industry for over 34 years and possesses vast industry knowledge. He has assisted more than 50 business owners in helping them overcome their struggles to enjoy and celebrate their achievements as both a corporate trainer and franchising business coach.

Roemer will inform participants in great detail on what they need to do to get their businesses ready for franchising. This includes everything from being able to decide if franchising is right for them all the way to learning the various franchise models to the marketing and selling processes.

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Is Franchising the Right Choice?

  1. 1. Is Franchising the Right Choice? Aug. 6, 2014 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. Heartland Payment Systems is the Lead Sponsor of all RES events. The ORA Restaurant Education Series (RES) provides members free access to educational events that help them sustain and grow their businesses and are developed based on member feedback. RES events support a key ORA initiative: the education of our members.
  2. 2. Is Franchising the Right Choice?
  3. 3.  Questions you must answer with “yes”  What is the best model for me? ◦ Direct franchising? ◦ Master licensing? Is Franchising Right for Me?
  4. 4. David Roemer, ActionCOACH  34 Years in the restaurant industry  Over 20 of those as a liaison between franchisors and franchisees ◦ Both sides of the fence ◦ What each side needs for success ◦ Difference between operating restaurants and franchising restaurants
  5. 5. Your Franchising To Do List
  6. 6.  Consistent excellence  Fully documented systems  Operating  Hiring and training  Marketing  Proven marketing/consistent cash flow  Great team and culture  Running on “auto pilot” Getting Things in Order
  7. 7. Who will prepare it? Your model Your agreements ◦ Franchise Agreement  Rights and terms  Costs – initial, ongoing, periodic  Covenants ◦ Development Agreement  Franchise Law and Code of Conduct Franchise Disclosure Document
  8. 8.  Fully tested and measured  Documented results  Materials ◦ Style Guide ◦ Templates  Marketing contribution/support Marketing Systems
  9. 9.  Who is your ideal franchisee?  Define your target market  Sales team – internal or external?  Your process – testing and measuring  Balancing sales and operations Franchise Sales
  10. 10.  Initial training ◦ What, how, where? ◦ How long? ◦ By whom?  Certified Training Centers ◦ Criteria ◦ Certification, validation, monitoring  Field Support ◦ Who, how? ◦ Standards/brand protection/food safety Training & Support
  11. 11.  Food suppliers/standards/quality control  Signage, menus  Furniture, fixtures and equipment (F,F & E)  Packaging  Marketing material  POS/BOS  Uniforms Suppliers & Alliances
  12. 12.  New product development ◦ Process ◦ Testing  Franchisee participation  Documentation ◦ Sales/rollout process  Image changes/remodels Innovation
  13. 13.  Again you need a documented process  Site approval  Standard plans and approvals  Support during construction  Opening support Development
  14. 14.  What to keep: ◦ Agreements ◦ Evaluations ◦ Food safety information ◦ POS/BOS information/audits ◦ Franchisee financial statements ◦ Communications  System(s) for documenting across multiple people Franchise Record Keeping
  15. 15.  Greed – Short-term vs. long-term  Poor franchisee selection  Poor/inadequate training and Support  Lack of innovation/lack of process  Growing too fast Common Mistakes
  16. 16.  Is Franchising the Right Choice for you? ◦ Even if it is not, there are benefits to running your concept like a franchise  Find people who can help ◦ Professionals ◦ Counselor/coach  Have the conversation with your spouse/ partner/leadership team  Sign up for your Free Strategy Session ◦ ◦ (740) 909-4138 Next Steps
  17. 17. New Restaurant Education Events are being planned. Go to to register or to check out past RES events! Thank you!