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April Ohio YAB Meeting 2012


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2012 Ohio Youth Advisory Board April Quarterly Meeting

Published in: Education
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April Ohio YAB Meeting 2012

  1. 1. Ohio Youth Advisory Board Thursday, April 19, 2012 at Viaquest: 525 Metro Place N. #300, Dublin OH 43017
  2. 2. Ask from Ohio YAB Outcome 1.) ODJFS to fund an annual Youth Conference $7,500 2.) Regional Aftercare Coordinators Two new positions to support Independent Living and Transition Services; will also support Ohio Reach 3.) Establish a Transitional Youth Housing Task Force Will be convened by ODJFS in 2013 4.) TANF Independent Living Allocation Will be continued in SFY13, and more targeted in purpose 5.) Two-part Website Development Plan ODJFS funding and staff-support; Ohio YAB will have complete ownership over content Top Five Asks from ODJFS
  3. 3. Save the Date
  4. 4. Allen County Youth Advisory Board • Ambassadors Believing and Leading by Example (A.B.L.E.) • Officer elections • Monthly meetings
  5. 5. Athens County Youth Advisory Board • Athens County Together in Overcoming Negatives (A.C.T.I.O.N.) • Ohio CASA Mock Trial • Additional activities on a statewide and local level
  6. 6. Cuyahoga County Youth Advisory Board • Teen Advisory Group youth council (TAGyc) • OAG Child Safety Summit • Gospelfest, NAACP Spring Holiday Party • Case Western University; Young Invincibles • Channel 5 News Story • Karumu Production: “Sometimes Hope is Enough”
  7. 7. Fairfield County Youth Advisory Board • Born March 10, 2012 • Officer elections • Recent activities
  8. 8. Franklin County Youth Advisory Board • Will determine name in May • Monthly meetings • New mission statement • Outreach initiative
  9. 9. Lorain County Youth Advisory Board • Lorain County Leadership • “Wear Blue to Work” campaign • Flash mob to “Stop Child Abuse” • 2012 Purple Project Conference • Recruiting foster parents for teens • College visits for foster youth
  10. 10. Mahoning County Youth Advisory Board • Mahoning County Youth Advisory Council • Going through a time of transition…
  11. 11. Montgomery County Youth Advisory Board • Voicing Independent Solutions in Our Neighborhoods (V.I.S.I.O.N.) • Winter Ball • Meet and Greet at Wright State • Keep Dayton Clean • OACCA Conference
  12. 12. Stark County Youth Advisory Board • Life After Foster care (L.A.F.) • Finding Your Way to Success: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty” • Reclaiming Youth International • Presentation for 165 Children Services' workers • Channel 3 news story
  13. 13. Summit County Youth Advisory Board • Leaders of Tomorrow (L.OT.) • Regular trainings for CASA volunteers at the local juvenile court • Foster parent training for Summit County and two private agencies • April Child and Family Awareness Symposium • May Foster Parent Symposium • June training for all social services staff at Summit County Children Services
  14. 14. Upcoming Events and Opportunities April 21, Lucas County YAB Training May 5, SAFY Conference in Columbus (youth activities; adult workshop) May 7, Fourth annual Ohio Reach Summit May 8, NW OH PCSAO Meeting (promoting YABs in Ohio’s NW region) May 11, Foster Care Symposium during OAG Two Days in May Conference June 25-30, International Summit of Youth in Care July 19, Ohio Youth Advisory Board Quarterly Meeting Aug. 3, Connecting the Dots Conference for Foster Care Youth Sept. 4-7, Daniel Memorial NILA conference Oct. 18, Ohio Youth Advisory Board Quarterly Meeting Oct. 24-25, PCSAO conference