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2013 three days on the hill


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2013 three days on the hill

  1. 1. Three Days On the HillMarch 17 – 21, 2013OHIO Youth AdvisoryBoard
  2. 2. We exist to be theknowledgeable statewide voicethat influences policies andpractices that effect all youth whohave or will experience out ofhome care.OHIO Youth Advisory BoardMission Statement
  3. 3. Three Days On theHill
  4. 4. The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institutehosted our morning training,and provided breakfast
  5. 5. Casey Family Programs assisted with trainingand sponsored our lunch
  6. 6. Afternoon training hosted bythe Office of Representative Karen Bass,Chair of the Congressional Caucus on Foster Youth
  7. 7. Matthew Aronson,U.S. Department ofHousing and UrbanDevelopment
  8. 8. Ruth White,National Center for Housing and Child Welfare
  9. 9. Youth delegates with Shalita O’Neale of the MarylandYouth Resource Center and Fostering Change Network
  10. 10. Focus Areas for Participating Youth1. What is the role of the federal government whenit comes to transitional housing for youth "agingout" of foster care?2. Does the Uninterrupted Scholars Act addressthe differing number of credits required tograduate from high schools, and how this cannegatively impact foster youth when theytransfer from one high school to another?
  11. 11. Focus Areas for Participating Youth3. Could Title IV-E funds ever be expanded toallow them to be used for the training of youth --not just adults?4. Is there another way to promote compliancewith NYTD besides having states lose part oftheir Chafee dollars for noncompliance? Couldthere be another penalty? Rather than one thatrisks negatively impacting the success of fosteryouth?
  12. 12. Representative Pat Tiberi
  13. 13. Representative Pat Tiberi
  14. 14. Representative Mike Turner
  15. 15. Representative Mike Turner
  16. 16. House Speaker JohnBoehner
  17. 17. Becky Shipp, Health Policy Advisorto the Senate Finance Committee
  18. 18. Senator Rob Portman
  19. 19. Navigating the Metro
  20. 20. Banquet hosted by the Fostering Change Network
  21. 21. Foster Focus MagazineBlessed Haven
  22. 22. “Nothing About Us, Without Us”
  23. 23. Appreciation for Our Allies
  24. 24. Appreciation for Our National Sponsors
  25. 25. Appreciation for Our Ohio Sponsors
  26. 26. Looking forward to next year’s DC trip!