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2013 october oyab meeting


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2013 october oyab meeting

  1. 1. Ohio Youth Advisory Board Thursday, October 17, 2013 at Quest Business Center: 8405 Pulsar Place, Columbus OH 43240
  2. 2. OHIO YAB Agenda Welcome and Officer Elections • Officer Expectations ~ Jenny Konrath • Officer Elections ~ facilitated by Arthur Vincent Miller III Lunchtime • Announcements from Ally Organizations Upcoming Opportunities New and Good • Updates from County/Regional YABs and individual members
  3. 3. October Elections Officer Positions available: • All six Officer positions are open this year Process: • Youth who are interested in serving in as an officer give a speech • Decisions are made via secret ballot • Only YOUTH vote
  4. 4. Duties of the President • Leadership skills. • Knows what work has to be done and when to delegate it. • An impartial judge of the abilities of others and able to determine where they can make the best contribution. • Keeps informed of member’s progress and sees that the board is always moving forward. • Presides over meetings, making sure that they begin and end on time and that they follow the order of business. • Never interjects personal opinions nor dominates the meeting
  5. 5. Duties of the Vice President • Presides at meetings and other functions in the absence of the president. • Must be well informed of the issues and skilled in handling the board’s business. • Must be prepared to assume the office of President when necessary. • Is responsible for a year-end report on the board’s accomplishments.
  6. 6. Duties of the Media Spokesperson • Gathers news about the board and gets it out to the public. • Establishes contact between the local news media and newspapers. • After getting details about a meeting or program prepares news releases and distributes them to newspapers and radio and television stations. • Includes the “who, what, when, where, why and how” – a description of the activity and how it affects the community. • Administers and monitors all electronic communication including, but not limited to, email, Facebook and the OHIO YAB Website and Blog.
  7. 7. Duties of the Secretary • Keeps all board records for continuous reference to all that has happened. • Maintains a complete list of members and contacts. • Reads over previous board meeting minutes.
  8. 8. Duties of the Parliamentarian The Referee of Youth Advocacy: • Ensures that meetings follow the correct parliamentary procedure, allowing ample but not excessive time for discussion. • Brings issues to a satisfactory conclusion when sensing a discussion is dragging or being monopolized.
  9. 9. Duties of the Treasurer • • • • • • • • Keeps record of all board funds. Sends out membership accounts. Assists in developing the annual budget for the board. Pays all approved bills. Maintains accurate records of income and expenses. At the beginning of the year, have an official treasurer’s book and the complete records of the outgoing treasurer. Makes a complete inventory of board equipment, books and other materials. Assists with other tasks as assigned by the president.
  10. 10. Announcements from outside organizations
  11. 11. Upcoming Opportunities • SW, NE and Central Ohio Thanksgivings • Three Days On the Hill in 2014: Application process • Outreach to Governor Kasich: Phone tree
  12. 12. New and Good