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Koha Integration: RFID and SIP2


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Self-Check scanners, PC Reservation software, or RFID return chutes? I’ll show you how to setup and run Koha’s SIP2 server. - Joe Atzberger

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Koha Integration: RFID and SIP2

  1. 1. Koha SIP2 Joe Atzberger, LibLime KohaCon 2009: Plano, TX
  2. 2. Koha SIP2 • unlike LDAP, SIP2 runs as a totally different server (process) • in fact, in practice it can be on a different machine entirely
  3. 3. Koha SIP2 Extra dependencies: • UNIVERSAL::require • Net::Server::PreFork
  4. 4. Koha SIP2 • Now a well-documented setup process in an Appendix to the Koha Manual. • Instead of koha-conf.xml, you have SIPconfig.xml
  5. 5. SIPconfig.xml (SIPserver.xml) • controls port number • designates SIP logins (login, passwords & permissions must match Koha interface) • requires at least one <institution> • must restart SIP process(es) after edit