OCC Impact Presentation Summer 2012


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The OCC VISTA Summer Associates' final presentation to their community partners detailing their major accomplishments and highlighting key goals for the future and moving beyond VISTA.

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OCC Impact Presentation Summer 2012

  1. 1. AMERICORPS VISTAOHIO CAMPUS COMPACT SUMMER 2012 Kyra Lammers Lia Crosby Glenn Sutula
  2. 2. The Salvation ArmyNewark, Ohio Helped to prepare over 500 USDA Summer Lunches three days every week Helped to distribute produce at the bi-weekly “Fooderama” Helped to prepare and serve between 75-100 hot lunches at their soup kitchen three days every week Began paperwork for a new summer lunch site in Buckeye Lake, Ohio
  3. 3. Glenn, Kyra, and Lia pass out fresh produce atJuly 24, 2012 “Fooderama” at the Salvation Army.
  4. 4. Steps for the Future: Continue to distribute large amounts of produce at Fooderama Be cautious with produce: fresh food goes bad quickly. If all produce is not distributed, use it immediately in the kitchen, or find another outlet for distribution.
  5. 5. Licking County Health DepartmentNewark, Ohio Help teach the “Grow It, Try It, Like It” curriculum in two local day cares to children ages three-five years old Help to purchase and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables prior to lessons at day cares
  6. 6. Lia hands out spinach to pre-schoolers as part of the “Grow It, Try It, LikeJuly 18, 2012 It” program, while Glenn hands out cheese and Kyra encourages children to try the vegetable
  7. 7. Steps for the Future: Try harder to obtain local produce for the “Grow It, Try It, Like It” program.  Farmers markets and the Salvation Army in Newark are great places to start.  Local famers may also be interested in becoming involved with the program.
  8. 8. Croton Community GardenCroton, Ohio Helped create a new community garden! Hosted an ice cream social to promote the garden Helped to create a summer lunch program at the Croton Community Center Facilitated garden work with children after the daily lunch program Created compost bins and taught gardeners proper composting techniques
  9. 9. Lia and Glenn take a break from weeding at the Croton Garden (allJune 18, 2012 those weeds behind them were gone shortly after this picture was taken!)
  10. 10. June 12, 2012 Before: the bushes, weeds, and mainly nettles taking over the left side of the fence.
  11. 11. June 12, 2012 After: the beautiful, clean fence!
  12. 12. June 8, 2012 The clean fence as viewed from outside the garden!
  13. 13. June 8, 2012 The tools that we used to clear the weeds… without a budget, we had to be resourceful!
  14. 14. Kyra and Nick, one of the children participatingJuly 9, 2012 in the summer lunch program, help weed!
  15. 15. Steps for the Short-TermFuture: Continue to supply water to the garden. Most importantly, the community must become active and involved with the garden. A garden requires daily weeding, watering, harvest and overall maintenance. Find a group—perhaps a church youth group, or boyscouts—who would be willing to dedicate time to the garden every day.
  16. 16. Steps for the Long-Term Future: Canvas neighborhoods close to the garden to find a house willing to let the garden use its gutter for a rain barrel.  Contact Chris Ramsey once the house has agreed Contact the Salvation Army in Newark to begin paperwork about a state-funded summer lunch program for summer 2013.  If you are denied, try to incorporate the garden produce into the Summer Lunch Program for 2013. Incorporate garden education and awareness into the summer lunch program. Teach children how to properly weed and water, how to identify ripe produce, etc. Identify a person or group of people who would be interested in building a shed and a new bed in the garden—perhaps boyscouts looking for an Eagle Scout project? Get in contact with the Johnstown PNB once a group has been identified, and discuss options for funding with Ron (PNB)
  17. 17. 6th Street and Growing GardensNewark, Ohio Created and posted instructive signs detailing proper composting techniques Created and posted information about taking donated produce and provided information about local food pantries for those in need Created a system for asking for and receiving help through the Garden Angels program
  18. 18. Kyra and Lia highlight the increased interest inJuly 24, composting at the 6th Street Garden.2012
  19. 19. Kyra and Glenn show off the signs made for theJuly 24, 2012 6th Street Garden entrances.
  20. 20. Steps for the Future: Oversee composting. Someone needs to be in charge of mixing and taking care of the compost. Despite signs detailing proper techniques, the current compost is out of control.
  21. 21. Garden on the Square (CTEC)Newark, Ohio Tracked volunteer data for the CSA program Harvested and distributed produce for CSA members Weighed and tracked harvested produce Assisted with second plantings, watering, and weeding, etc.
  22. 22. June 14, 2012 Kyra and Lia hold the first harvest of the season at the Garden on the Square.
  23. 23. Steps for the Future: Find someone to take over the distribution of produce to CSA members. Find someone to track amounts of produce distributed to CSA members. Poll members about what produce would be desired for next season that wasn’t available this year. Inform the members next season that 5 hours of volunteer work is absolutely required, and enforce this rule.
  24. 24. Sharing the HarvestGranville, Ohio Collected donated produce, dairy products, bread, and canned goods from the Granville Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning Delivered donated food to the Salvation Army, the YES Club, and the Sparta Coffeehouse in Newark, Ohio
  25. 25. Kyra and Glenn pose with the four volunteers from theJuly 28, 2012 Sharing the Harvest Program behind the 207 pounds of food collected
  26. 26. Steps for the Future: Continue to distribute produce to The Salvation Army, the YES Club, and Sparta Connect the farmers and the organizations! Try this by contacting S.A., YES Club, and Sparta and getting interested volunteers to the Granville Farmer’s Market. This way, members of the organizations could directly interact with the farmers who are donating their harvests.
  27. 27. EVENTS! Fourth of July Parade- Granville, Ohio Ice Cream Social- Croton, Ohio Kickin’ Ash Splash Pool Party- Heath, Ohio
  28. 28. Summer Associates Kyra and Lia stand in front of theJuly 4, 2012 Growing Green Together 4th of July Float with VISTA Coral Breuer.
  29. 29. Our float won 1st Place in the CommercialJuly 4, 2012 Division!
  30. 30. Kyra, Lia, and Glenn hold the sign they painted for the Croton Garden,July 11, 2012 adorned with local children’s handprints at the beginning of the Ice Cream Social in Croton.