Case Western Reserve AmeriCorp VISTA Summer Associate Presentation 2012


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Case Western Reserve AmeriCorp VISTA Summer Associate Presentation 2012

  1. 1. Caitlin Hearn and Amanda LanghalsAmeriCorps VISTA SummerAssociates at Case WesternReserve University
  2. 2. Who are we?
  3. 3. Who are we serving?
  4. 4. • High school students from low- income backgrounds • Adults with developmental disabilitiesUnique • Refugees fromPopulations Bhutan, Burma, Tanzania, andWe Serve Liberia • College students and university community
  5. 5.  Solar Panels are used to power the timer for the water system.  Drip irrigation systems decrease time spent watering and limit water waste.Innovative  Biodegradable weed controls shorten time spentPractices weeding, and prevent plants from being taken over by weeds.  Greenhouses and hoop houses extend growing season.  Buried fences keep pests out and protect crops from being eaten.  Covering plants with clay to keep pests out.
  6. 6. CWRU Farm
  7. 7. Drip Irrigation • Controlled by solar panel- powered timer • Homemade system cost less than $1000 to buildSolar panel Hoses Solar energy converter and battery
  8. 8. Soil Quality Detectors and Weed Controls Anti-weed Paper Soil Probe
  9. 9. New This Year • CSA Program • Farmers Market
  10. 10. Cleveland Crops
  11. 11. Greenhouses and Hoop House (High Tunnel)
  12. 12. Green Corps
  13. 13. Farm-fresh foodFarm tours Open HouseGames for kids Yellow House Learning FarmFree recipes Hosted by Green CorpsInformation abouthealthy eating East 66th Street and Chester AvenueFresh produce for Saturday, August 4 thsale Free! 4:00pm-7:00pm Everyone in the community is invited – bring your friends and families! Green Corps Open House
  15. 15. Refugee Response
  16. 16. Refugee Response Open House
  17. 17. Refugee Response Open House
  18. 18. Refugee Response Open House
  19. 19. New This YearEducating Mexican and Iraqihigh school students aboutleadership through civicengagement
  20. 20. • Break out of the bubble! • PatienceLessons • Role of community partners in serviceLearned • Working at more than one site provides crossover experience • Impact that small service can have on others in the community
  21. 21. What Next?Amanda• Continuing CWRU Farmers Market into the fall• Opened my eyes to working with disabled children and adults as potential career.
  22. 22. What’s Next?Caitlin• Continuing the CWRU CSA Program into the fall• Continuing to work with the refugees from the Refugee Response – Developing an English curriculum for volunteer tutoring program• Encouraged me to go into non-profit work or community development
  23. 23. Thank you to the OCC staff, the CCELstaff, and all community partners for making this AmeriCorps experience possible!