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Andy Furco lecture at Wright State


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Andy Furco lecture at Wright State

  1. 1. WRIGHT STATE UNIVERSTIYCEHS, COLA AND SERVICE-LEARNING AND CIVIC ENGAGEMENT PRESENT DR. ANDREW FURCO About Dr. Furco Tuesday, May 8th CEHS, CoLA and the Center 2:30-4:00 Millett Hall Atrium for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement are proud Exploring the Value of Service-Learning for to introduce Dr. Andrew College Student Development and Faculty Furco. Scholarship Furco will be at Wright State This presentation will offer an overview of the on May 8th and 9th to discuss research base for service-learning and the Caption goes here community engagement and current evidence regarding its impact on faculty, service-learning research. college students, and community members. Participants will also explore opportunities for developing research studies and other scholarly Andrew Furco is Associate Vice President for Public ventures from their own service-learning Engagement at the University of Minnesota, where he also experiences and venues for publishing their serves as an Associate Professor in the College of Education service-learning scholarship. and Human Development and as Director of the University’s International Center for Research on Community Engagement. Wednesday, May 9th At University of Minnesota, Furco teaches courses on public engagement and higher education and on global youth 1:30-3:00 340 Oelman Hall leadership and community engagement. As Associate Vice President for Public Engagement, his responsibility is to The Role of Service-Learning in Preparing the further the institutionalization of all forms of community engagement across the University’s research, teaching, and Next Generation of K-12 Educators public service activities. Across the globe, we are witnessing an increase Furco’s research focuses on experiential learning, civic in service-learning and related pedagogies in engagement, and service-learning in K-12 and higher engaging K-12 students in authentic, education systems in the U.S. and abroad. Prior to arriving in academically rich learning experiences. The Minnesota in 2008, he served for 14 years as director of the advancement of service-learning in K-12 schools Service-Learning Research and Development Center at the has implications for how schools of education University of California-Berkeley. prepare future teachers and the extent to which His publications include the books, Service-Learning: The future teachers are prepared to use the Essence of the Pedagogy (2001) and Service-Learning: pedagogy of service-learning. Through a Multidisciplinary Lens (2002), as well as more than 40 journal articles and book chapters exploring the practice and study of community engagement.Funded by a grant from the American Association of State Colleges and Universities. To RSVP, please contact MicheleTyler in the Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement at 775-4262 or at