2011 Ohio State Newark Ohio Campus Compact VISTA Report


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2011 Ohio State Newark Ohio Campus Compact VISTA Report

  1. 1. Engaging campuses in service to the community Ohio Campus Compact VISTA Impact Report 2010-2011: Ohio State Newark   The Ohio Campus Compact AmeriCorps*VISTA member strategically connects college resources with communities in need. Corps members gain valuable experience and educational awards. Campuses expand their civic outreach. And community partners receive critical support.  HISTORY AND BACKGROUND Poverty Alleviation Focus Area: College AccessIn the past, the city of Newark, Ohio was aflourishing industrial town reliant on the factories For more information contact:that called Newark home. Over the past 30 years, VISTA Corps member: Jen Anthonymany large factories and manufacturing businesses Site Supervisor: Jen Anthonyhave closed or left the area leaving many residents (740) 366-9381 • janthony@newark.osu.eduwith no jobs and limited opportunities. For that Ohio Campus Compact VISTA Sr. Program Director:reason, education is a top priority in our community Lesha Farias (740) 587-8571 • lfarias@ohiocampuscompact.organd with our youth.   www.ohiocampuscompact.org  The Ohio State University at Newark Office ofAccess and Engagement was started in 2010 toestablish meaningful partnerships and opportunitieswithin our local community. The office focusesprimarily on educational access, developing studentsas civically engaged leaders and service scholars, andsupporting the community through campusawareness and collaboration. Educational access is  ensuring that all students, regardless of resources orfinancial status, have the opportunity to pursue postsecondary education and training. The four pillars ofthe work are: availability, affordability,academic preparation, and aspiration. Theoffice motivates individuals of all ages to strivetowards education beyond high school and preparethemselves academically for college. The office assists The Ohio Campus Compact AmeriCorps*VISTA, Jenstudents and their families in understanding how to Anthony, and The Ohio State University at Newark Officemake college affordable. of Access and Engagement were able to bring multiple educational access and civic engagement opportunities toCOMMUNITY IMPACT the students of Ohio State Newark in 2010-2011. StudentsSince the inception of The Office of Access and were able enhance their skills and begin to create change byEngagement, many outreach programs have been attending the IMPACT Conference in DeLand, Florida,implemented based on the Newark Community. The become LeFevre Fellows and work on projects on campuswork of the Community Access Director and and in the community, participate in Big Brothers BigAmeriCorps VISTA Jen Anthony has produced Sisters, EXPLORE College and PEAK related college accesssustainable programs that have been developed and opportunities to make a difference in the lives of children.continued to help strengthen our community. Our These opportunities offered by the office broaden themain educational access program, EXPLORE experiences that Ohio State Newark Students receive andCollege, is a six week program for families of empower them to become leaders in society.(continued on reverse)
  2. 2. elementary school students in the Newark City School System.Parents learn the necessary information and tools to turn their The VISTA Impactstudent’s college dreams into reality while their students learn about by the numbers:different careers and colleges and can begin to shape their futures. Students reached by PEAK:In March, the Office of Access and Engagement provided travel grants 540 second gradersfor nine students to attend the IMPACT Conference in DeLand, 520 fourth gradersFL with VISTA Jen Anthony. The IMPACT Conference is a national 410 eighth gradersconference committed to engaging students in service,activism, politics, advocacy, and other socially responsible work. Upon Ohio State Newark PEAKreturning to campus, the IMPACT Advocates were charged with Volunteersstarting three different projects in the community. They were to focus 20 student volunteerson three areas: College Access, Homelessness and Hunger, and 30 faculty/staff volunteersCommunity Betterment. The IMPACT Advocates continue to plan 100 hours of serviceprojects that are geared towards changing the culture in the NewarkCommunity. Ohio State Newark Big Brothers Big SistersCAMPUS IMPACT 8 faculty/staff volunteersOn campus, Ohio Campus Compact VISTA Jen Anthony has also 10 student volunteersplayed a large role in increasing civic engagement within the student 360 hours of servicepopulation. With the help of the Central Ohio Technical College $425 fundraisedAmeriCorps VISTA Mary Fox, participation in the Big Brothers BigSisters program from students, faculty and staff has more than EXPLORE Collegedoubled this year. The VISTAs incorporate college access through Big 33 parents graduated EXPLORE CollegeBrothers Big Sisters by having intentional conversations with the youth 43 kids graduated EXPLORE Collegeabout college. The program not only helps the elementary schoolstudents in need of good role models, it also allows students, staff and Ohio State Newark Items Collectedfaculty from the Newark Campus to feel a part of the community. $300 in materials collected for EXPLORE CollegeVISTA Jen Anthony also played a role in the LeFevre Fellowsprogram. The program is a service learning class for high performing About Ohio Campus Compactstudents. The students are grouped together to form teams to createprojects on the Newark campus, as well as in the community. This AmeriCorps*VISTAyear, their projects were focused on college access, recycling, and Ohio Campus Compact is a statewide nonprofitretention. Their projects help to better the campus and surrounding coalition of colleges and university presidents andcommunity. their campuses working to promote the civic purposes of higher education. Ohio CampusLastly, VISTA Jen Anthony spends 50% of her time with The PEAK Compact provides resources, services &Program. The PEAK Program provides Ohio State Newark students partnerships to help Ohio campuses deepen theirthe opportunity to volunteer in different programs that are run in the ability to educate students for civic and socialNewark City School District. The students read to second graders at responsibility and to improve community life.the library, talk with fourth graders about going to college and helpeighth graders realize their future career goals. This opportunity allows AmeriCorps*VISTA is the national service programfor a well rounded experience as college students as well as allows designed specifically to fight poverty. Founded asstudents to learn about the community in which they reside. Volunteers in Service to America in 1965 and incorporated into the AmeriCorps network ofKEEPING THE PARTNERSHIP STRONG: OPPORTUNITIES FOR programs in 1993, VISTA has been on the front lines in the fight against poverty in America forTHE FUTURE more than 40 years.As the newly developed Office of Access and Engagement continues togrow, so will the opportunities for the future. In the year of Jen The Ohio Campus Compact AmeriCorps*Anthony’s service as a VISTA, many partnerships have grown stronger VISTA Program places and supports VISTAs whoand many new partnerships have been formed. Future expansion of the create and expand programs designed to bringoffice is necessary to continue to keep those relationships strong and individuals and communities out of poverty. VISTAsto continue to impact the Newark Community and enhance the serve in the poorest areas of their communities toexperiences of Ohio State Newark students. The work that is being tackle poverty-related problems such as hunger anddone is creating change and will continue to do so for many years in homelessness, financial literacy, veteran student services, public health and college access. Morethe future. information at: www.ohiocampuscompact.org