Purposeful Community and Change Leadership for the 21st Century -Handout #5 change leadership reflection tool


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June 29, 10:30am – noon, Room: Union A
Purposeful Community touches all aspects of the learning process. The four components of Purposeful Community will be explored in relation to increasing student achievement and growth. Participants will learn about the phases of the change-leadership process in the Ohio Appalachian Collaborative (called Enhancing Leadership Quality for Collaborative Action Impact). A mindset-management approach to leadership and delivery models will be shared, which will assist participants in creating a plan for Purposeful Community and Change Leadership in their own school or district.
Main Presenter: Mark Glasbrenner, Battelle for Kids
Co-Presenter(s): Barb Hansen, Battelle for Kids

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Purposeful Community and Change Leadership for the 21st Century -Handout #5 change leadership reflection tool

  1. 1. 1160 Dublin Road, Suite 500 Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 481-3141 (614) 481-8997 fax www.BattelleforKids.org HANDOUT #5 PURPOSEFUL COMMUNITY AND CHANGE LEADERSHIP FOR THE 21ST CENTURY CHANGE LEADERSHIP REFLECTION TOOL To No To a Extent Great Extent 1 2 3 4  I act on the belief that the work I do makes a difference.  I instill confidence in others so they realize their efforts make a difference.  I create the capacity to mobilize available resources to create solutions and promoteEFFICACY  development. I consciously exert energy and strength in everything that I do.  I relentlessly pursue quality in everything I do.  I take risks in support of effort and innovation.  I hold myself and others accountable to the culture regardless of our positions.  I openly discuss mistakes and failures in order to learn from them.COURAGE  I do what is right regardless of its popularity.  I have the courage to face difficult conversations and situations.  I treat others as I expect to be treated. I seek to build and maintain trust.  I seek first to understand.  I maintain confidences.MUTUAL  I always assume good intentions. RESPECT I act on the belief that EVERYONE brings value.  I relate professionally in a caring way in all my interactions.
  2. 2. To No To a Extent Great Extent 1 2 3 4  I do what I say I will do even when there is great pressure to do otherwise.  I remain true to my beliefs while supporting the values and decisions of the organization.INTEGRITY  I make and keep meaningful promises and commitments.  I follow processes and procedures of the organization  I am responsible for the current and future customers of the district.  I am responsible – I take personal responsibility.  I am responsible for the human and capitalSTEWARDSHIP  assets of our district. I am responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the district.  I am responsible for the efficient and effective financial management of the district.  I relentlessly pursue all that contributes to student success.  I nurture the passion in others in order to exceed all expectations.  I tirelessly seek innovation with an eye towardPASSION  the future. My passion ensures that ideas evolve into actions.  I hire staff members who demonstrate passion, commitment, and skill.Presented by Battelle for Kids 2
  3. 3. To No To a Extent Great Extent 1 2 3 4  I strive to optimize my personal and professional growth.  I direct my efforts toward strategic thinking and building capacity.  I align my decisions with our identified values.GROWTH  I strive to create conditions where students eagerly anticipate their learning and are inspired to learn more.  I continually take time to reflect, refocus, and reconnect.  I take initiative to make things better, engage in continuous improvement, and base innovation on the foundation and structure of our district.  I look for opportunities rather than obstacles.  I strive for a continual pursuit of alternatives and solutions.INNOVATION  I ask why and seek alternatives.  I am open to change and challenge complacency.  I do things because I "want to" or "need to" rather than "have to."  I am a reflection of my community’s values and priorities. I am committed to adding value to the lives of all of our residents and our professional community.  I am committed to collaboration with community organizations to enhance value and pride for all.COMMUNITY  I work to create products that benefit the community.  I seek and value community feedback and participation in our culture.  I actively participate and encourage others to participate in our communityPresented by Battelle for Kids 3
  4. 4. To No To a Extent 2 3 Great 1 Extent 4  I solve problems and design improvements through teamwork.  I work toward the achievement of the purpose and goals of the organization.  I set goals that are aligned with the purpose and goals of the organization.  I value team performance as well as individual performance.  I create opportunities and organize time toCOLLABORATION enable staff to work together to create solutions and design innovations.  I involve all stakeholders (school and community) in meaningful dialogue regarding school’s purpose and design.  I structure experiences and work to foster collective efficacy.Presented by Battelle for Kids 4