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Purposeful Community and Change Leadership for the 21st Century -Handout #1 process


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June 29, 10:30am – noon, Room: Union A
Purposeful Community touches all aspects of the learning process. The four components of Purposeful Community will be explored in relation to increasing student achievement and growth. Participants will learn about the phases of the change-leadership process in the Ohio Appalachian Collaborative (called Enhancing Leadership Quality for Collaborative Action Impact). A mindset-management approach to leadership and delivery models will be shared, which will assist participants in creating a plan for Purposeful Community and Change Leadership in their own school or district.
Main Presenter: Mark Glasbrenner, Battelle for Kids
Co-Presenter(s): Barb Hansen, Battelle for Kids

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Purposeful Community and Change Leadership for the 21st Century -Handout #1 process

  1. 1. 1160 Dublin Road, Suite 500 Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 481-3141 (614) 481-8997 fax HANDOUT #1 PURPOSEFUL COMMUNITY AND CHANGE LEADERSHIP FOR THE 21ST CENTURY PROCESS TOOL What themes/commonalities What “aha” moments did you emerged during the session? have during the session? What questions do you have? What is now on your “to do” list?© 2012, Battelle for Kids. All Rights Reserved.