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Creative Packaging Design for Dairy Brand

New packaging design by OH! Design Studio helped re-invigorate a dairy brand and its entire range of products giving its packaging more personality and identity. The clean white background communicates a sense of purity, coloured strokes reflects the fluid nature of its content and the absence of obvious imagery of milk and farm giving the overall packaging a modern look- something that this dairy brand intended to leverage for its branding benefits as a part of packaging redesign exercise.
OH! Design Studio is a branding and integrated design firm based in Mumbai, India. From brand strategy to brand activation on online and offline channels, OH! Design Studio provides 360 degree creative services for launching new brands, re-branding and online brand activation & marketing.
At OH!, we love creating packaging designs and have created creative packaging for food products, pharmaceutical products, wine label design, etc.

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Creative Packaging Design for Dairy Brand

  2. 2. The Brand: is a successful multi- product dairy brand and it needed to redesign packaging of its entire range of dairy products to clearly communicate the desired brand positioning in the segment. The company had ambitious plans to spread out the product circulation in other Indian states outside Maharastra, Gujrat and Goa. The new packaging design has fluid strokes against clean white background but without the obvious imagery of milk or farm.
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  4. 4. Dairy Product Packaging Designed by Branding and Integrated Design