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Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Product Overview 2013Mul$  Touch  Technology  
  2. 2. About PQ LabsEstablished in Silicon Valley, PQ Labs, Inc. is a leading provider of multi-touch solution in theworld, providing revolutionary hardware and software to eliminate the need of keyboard andmouse for future computers. PQ Labs Multi-Touch G³ enables people to interact with computersdirectly using just fingers and gestures. The companys key technology improvement is enablinga next generation of natural user interface to be widely adopted in the computer industry.The companys business scope includes broadcasting, digital signage, defense, geo-intelligence,education, product presentation, gaming and etc. The companys customers include U.S. AirForce, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Microsoft, AT&T, Xerox,NVIDIA, Samsung, LG, Ericsson, Lockheed Martin, etc.As one of the most advanced multi-touch technology companies in the world, PQ Labs servescustomers to help their hardware and software development in multi-touch area throughout morethan 45 countries worldwide Mul$  Touch  Technology  
  3. 3. Vertical Markets q  Museums q  Retail Point of Sales q  Broadcasting q  Real-Estate q  Geographic/ Mining q  Digital Signage q  Advertising q  Data Visualization For Businesses q  Product & Service Presentation q  Education q  C o r p o r a t e Boardrooms q  3D Design &What is multi-touch? q  Interaction HospitalityMulti-touch differs radically from traditional touchscreen, which is based on the samemechanical mouse: point and click buttons. In contrast, the new paradigm allows theapplication to interpret and react to gestures made with several fingers, hands and evenby different users simultaneously. Our patented Infrared Cell Imaging is a low cost, qualityperformance, fast maintenance and ultra thin alternative to expensive projectivecapacitive, bulky optical cameras and wily Pixel Sense technology. Mul$  Touch  Technology  
  4. 4. Why choose multi-touch? Multi-touch and the support of 32 touch point recognition opens the door for free innovation through multi-user engagement and gesture-driven content. How does it compare to other Infrared, optical and capacitive projective touch and variations? You decide… ScalableSoftware calibration Ultra Thin Eye-catching oversized configurations built toNo onsite support necessary No bulky bottom to store cameras or your custom aspect ratios at a fraction of projectors, the new G4S is under 9mm display costRugged including glassNo cameras that can be misaligned Multi-Useror damaged Easy for Integration Engage multiple people at once with super Just a simple black frame, that’s all. No high resolution and lighting fast trackingOn Board Diagnosis Tool dead space either speedsNever be caught off guard during ashow Dust Proof and Water proof Nothing is No ghost points going to get inside Good bye jumping dots and occlusion pointsTimely Expert Support in the shadows of the screensTalk to touch specialists in your neckof the woods with responses within24 hours. Mul$  Touch  Technology  
  5. 5. Multi-Touch G4 Overlay 32” – 65” Option of four models: •  Dual supports 2 touch points recognition •  G4 Basic supports 6 touch points recognition •  G4 Standard supports 12 touch points •  G4 Plus support 32 touch points MOQ  50  units:  15”,  17”,  19”,  24”,  27” Standard  Sizes:  32”,  40”,  42”,  46”,  50”,  52”,   55”,  57”,  60”,  65”   No  glass:  70”,  80”  Fits any (16:9) display monitor; simply plug-and-play •  Lead  $me  2  weeks   Mul$  Touch  Technology  
  6. 6. What’s new on the thinnest Multi Touch Overlay ever created?IP65 Waterproof Anti-Friction Glass Ultra Thin Design High Res Touch
  7. 7. Difference with G4 Overlay •  No glass •  No Smart Assembly •  No Water proof or Dust proof enclosure Standard  Sizes:  32”,  40”,  42”,   46”,  50”,  52”,  55”,  57”,  60”,   65”   •  Lead  $me  2-­‐3  weeks  Designed to fit an open-frame monitor for simple systems integrationG4 Integration Kit 32” – 65”" Mul$  Touch  Technology  
  8. 8. PQ Labs Multi Touch wall uses proprietary Cell Imaging touch technology to enable up to 32 touch points simultaneously across the videowall. This not only allows for multiple touches or common gesture recognition by a single user, but allows for multiple people to interact withthe video wall and not affect other users.Not only does the PQ Labs Multi Touch provide simultaneous touches, but it provides a better touch experience enabling pinpoint accuracy,prevents false touch points, and is capable of video wall sizes up to 300” diagonal. Lead-time: 4-6 weeks.Custom Sizes 70” - 400” Mul$  Touch  Technology  
  9. 9. SDK & Gesture LibraryWe  provide  free  SDK  and  sample  codes,  as  well  as  free  applica$ons  to  demonstrate  our  product.    •  Our  SDK  supports  C/C++,   C#/.Net,  Flash/Flex/Air,  Flash  (AS   2.0),  WPF,  Java,  as  well  as  TUIO   protocol  and  Win  7/8.  •  Download: http://   Write multi-touch applications using: •  PQ Labs SDK & Gesture Library •  Windows Native Touch •  TUIO Write multi-touch applications using: •  PQ Labs SDK & Gesture Library •  TUIO Mul$  Touch  Technology  
  10. 10. Free with order of touch panels
  11. 11. Hospitality True multi-touch lets us manage our client’s leisure time more effectively. Imagine using a multi-touch screen as your virtual concierge in a hotel, ordering drinks and playing games with your friends at a pub or selecting dishes from a multi touch menu at your favorite restaurant. Explore endless opportunities to improve the ways a customer will engage with your brand and remember his experience. Control Centers Your entire team can operate tactile screens up to 20 feet wide with the support of 32 touch point recognition. Set up a few 42” LCDs with PQ Labs G3 Multi-Touch Overlays to act as multi-user controllers. Our detection system is accurate enough to recognize a human finger point, so you can freely pull-up a street view of any location while using our natural gestures to rotate, pan, scale and enlarge any image with lightning speed.Solutions Mul$  Touch  Technology  
  12. 12. EducationWe learn best when it’s fun. Multi-touchtechnology lets teachers expand theircurriculum from chalkboards to interactivewhiteboards and group worktables. These newwave instruments for education allowinstructors and students flexibility to work oncollaborative projects and solve problems outof the box.Point of SalesRetail has always been burdened with highfixed costs. True multi-touch attracts acustomer to learn about complex productshassle-free of a sales rep. Store owners savemoney on store space by giving the customer abetter sense and feel of the product throughintuitive gestures. Truly innovative shops willtrack popularity of products using analyticstools to learn how to build efficient storeinventory.Solutions Mul$  Touch  Technology  
  13. 13. Information Kiosks A successful Kiosk stands out as a haven to a lost customer. Due to the amount of information on one page, traditional Kiosks intimidate a person looking for a quick answer. True multi-touch allows the designer to create a hierarchy of information, so the user finds what he needs with creative gestures to breeze through the directory. Digital Signage Grab the attention of foot traffic with 3D assets that you can move with your fingertips. What if a digital advertisement display in a shopping center could allow you to interact with anything that catches your eye? With a swipe of a finger, you can explore a multi-user interactive billboard to learn more information about the product, interact with a 3D representation and narrow down your search by color, price or size.Solutions Mul$  Touch  Technology  
  14. 14. Get  Started  Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist in your journey.Send sales inquiries to Mul$  Touch  Technology