UPA Israel event 2011 – Dudi Peles


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Dudi Peles's talk on "Gamification and Usability" at UPA Israel's 2011 event

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UPA Israel event 2011 – Dudi Peles

  1. 1. Gamification and Usability Things UX Designers can learn from a Game Designers
  2. 2. About MeFounder of Jivy & Playful SharkAdvisor & Mentor for startupsTeacher : Biet Berl, HITPhD student: STS @ Bar IlanBlog: www.dudipeles.comMail: dudipeles@gmail.com
  3. 3. The next 30 minutes Games, Fun,Gamification & Usability The Conflicts Theory of game Questions design for UX Designers
  4. 4. During the presentation when yousee a game you recognize, write it down. At the end of the presentation a valuable reward will be given tothe one who recognized the most games
  5. 5. Games, Fun, Gamification & Usability
  6. 6. Meet Johan Huizinga…The Founding Father of Cultural History and the inventor of the magic circle
  7. 7. The Magic circle = A Game has no effect on real life
  8. 8. A Game can change the course of the whole universe
  9. 9. A Game can cover up almost anything
  10. 10. Huizinga was wrongGames change lives byturning things to fun
  11. 11. Games are designed to maximize fun For the past 40 years game designers turned fun making into science
  12. 12. So we know…Games affect lifeGames are funPeople have mastered the art of making funWhat now?
  13. 13. GamificationThe concept that you can apply the basic elements that make games fun and engaging to things that typically arent considered fun
  14. 14. Examples
  15. 15. Usability• More efficient to use• Easier to learn / Learnability• Intuitive• Memorability• Consistency• User-centered design• Keep it simple, Stupid
  16. 16. UsabilityNo one is talking about
  17. 17. Why do we need to make things fun?• Emotional connection with site / product• Fun allows learning• Fun creates a positive attitude• Just because its fun
  18. 18. If you know how, you can turn anything in to funFun and theme are not correlated (Game based marketing - Gabe Zichermann)
  19. 19. Theory of game design for UX Designers How to design user experience like a game
  20. 20. Clarification Cosmetic Game Elements Adding GamesIntegration Game Knowledge & Mechanics…
  21. 21. Its all about Player centered design
  22. 22. Lesson No 1: FLOW
  23. 23. A site or app can feel like working in McDonalds or working in Apple
  24. 24. Lesson No 2: Players motivation Achiever Explorer Socializer Killer Dudi: EAKS: E 73%, A 60%, K 40%, S 27%Why do people enjoy games ? Bartle’s Test
  25. 25. Lesson No 3: Game Mechanics
  26. 26. Status is the most important thing people play or live for. Status is more important morevaluable then cash. Spending cash is just a way to show off your status. Status
  27. 27. Points
  28. 28. Leader board
  29. 29. Achievements
  30. 30. Goals
  31. 31. The ConflictsBut that’s not useable at all?
  32. 32. Efficiency <=> Skills Improvement “FLOW and Skills Improvement are not efficient or simple” “I don’t want my user to need skills to use my site, it should be completely intuitive”Building a skill is fun Most application can benefit form building a skill
  33. 33. Consistency <=> Uncertainty “For a game to be fun there has to be some level of Uncertainty”Uncertainty doesn’t have to influence the main process
  34. 34. Serious Business <=> Fun“This is serious business, not a game…” Games are Serious Business
  35. 35. You convinced me, now what?• Learn more about game design and Gamifiaction (links at the end of the presentation)• Use professional game designers to help you design user experience – Each year 30 game designers finish training – There are tens of private game design studios in Israel
  36. 36. Who have more then 15 games ?
  37. 37. Video Game Master
  38. 38. More about Gamificationhttp://gamification.co/ http://gamification.org/wiki/Encyclopedia
  39. 39. Books
  40. 40. Videos
  41. 41. Thank youFor more detail see:www.dudipeles.comOr just send a mail to:dudipeles@gmail.com