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Flash website


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Flash website

  1. 1. Flash website : Part IWebsite creation for beginners to advanced designersThere are so many people other there that have the same cheesy website. Some hosting accounts givesome sort of free utility to build sites like Site Studio. Plus their are maketers that will sell a package thatcontains a hundred templates that can be modified in Microsoft Word, Dreamweaver or evenFrontpage. and then there people like Stone Evans with his Plug-in-profit site he sells where everybodywho joins gets the same site just with different contact information on it.But there is a better solution, I have a hosting company that gives all of its site owners a package calledCpanel. In cpanel there is an icon for something called Fantastico which will install software for you thatis gennerally what is reffered to as OpenSource programs. programs such as Wordpress, PHPNuke, andmy personal favorite a package which is a completeContent Management Solution called Drupal.The first two packages I mentioned are very limited in what they give you, mostly just an opensourceBlogging software. Drupal gives you this too but also gives you a lot more like the ability to have a forumon your site, or to create a book which makes use of authors from all around the world. I have RSS feedsof different news sources that automatically update several times per week plus I have Google Adsenseadds on all my pages. The ads change based on the content of my pages but they are a good way tomake additional income. Rather than tell you about all the features you can go directly to Drupal.organd look at all the things you can get. You can download unique themes to change the look of your siteplus you can get what are called Modules which allow you to add special features to your pages likeperhaps a shopping cart and product catalog.I am using Drupal now for all my sites and Im even considering taking my Plug-In-profit site and seeinghow i could transpose it to a Drupal site. My PIPS site is at, My Drupalsite is if you have more than one site like i do then you need to look for a webhost that offers what iscalled reseller hosting. I pay just $24.95 per month and I can host as many domains as I want with thisone account. Before I found out about doing this i used to pay a seperate hosting fee for each of mydomains which can be very expensive. The best choice I have found for this is
  2. 2. Hiring a web designer to come up with the custom solution that you need can set you back a fewthousand bucks. But you can do the whole thing yourself and make it drag and drop simple for merepennies with a tool like Breezy Websites. See for details!Flash website : End of Part IWebsite Copywriting Secrets for Major SuccessIt’s a fact that one website will pull many times the leads or sales as a competing website. What causesthis large variance in results? It’s the copywriting on the website. Here’s what we’ve learned works best from actual results and testing on dozens of websites we’vedone the copywriting for.1. Make your website easy to “scan” with headlines, sub headlines, boxes, sections, colors and the likethat give the reader the main benefits he will get. Almost all people are “scan first” or “scan only”readers. Your headlines and sub headlines should take advantage of this fact.2. “Just Sell, Baby”. Websites have one main end purpose and that is to sell your products and/orservices, to move people to action, to make money. In today’s high-tech world, most copywriting onwebsites forgets this vital fact and that is why they don’t perform better.3. Tell the reader what he/she will LOSE if they do not take the recommended action. Fear of loss is agreat motivator.4. Build up excitement, enthusiasm, passion and urgency to get the reader to take the desired actionright now. We analyzed the most successful copywriting we’d ever done back to 1978 and found it allhad one thing in common: excitement. Yes, excitement is contagious and it sells!
  3. 3. 5. Make a great offer to get their email address. In today’s overcrowded environment and with spamconcerns, it’s not enough to just say “enter your email address for our newsletter”. You need to make agreat offer including special reports, bonuses and the like in addition to your newsletter to get themaximum number of qualified signups.6. Focus your copywriting because people want to buy from the expert specialists in a field. If your copyis too broad you will lose a lot of your best prospects, who of course, are the most likely to buy. A greatway to do this is to have separated focused web pages for separate types of people or industries on yourwebsite.7. Make your website as easy to use and find things as (for consumers) or (forbusinesses). The copywriting and organization of these sites is a key reason they are ultra-successful.8. Start thinking like your website reader (your prospect) and stop thinking like yourself (the marketer).Figure out what your prospect wants most from your products or services that they deliver, then comeright out and tell him what benefits he’ll get, why, and what he needs to do now. Simple but it brings inBillions.9. Test everything, measure it, use the winner, and always keep testing. This is the key to “optimizing”your website and all of your marketing. Don’t guess – test and let the only vote that matters (yourprospects) tell you what works best.10. Compare your product or service against your competitors to show and prove your superiority.We’ve used this secret very, very profitably for our clients.11. Copywriting is king and queen for your website to sell the maximum number of people. The rightcopywriting can bring you up to double, even triple or more your current results for no additionalmarketing cost. Hire the best copywriter you can afford, and don’t skimp because this one-timeinvestment can be the best investment you make.
  4. 4. Hiring a web designer to come up with the custom solution that you need can set you back a fewthousand bucks. But you can do the whole thing yourself and make it drag and drop simple for merepennies with a tool like Breezy Websites. See for details!Flash website : End of Part IIWebsite content & usabilityWriting for the web is totally different to writing for printed matter. We tend to scan content on theweb hunting for the information were after, as opposed to reading word-for-word. As a result of this,there are certain guidelines you should be sure to follow when writing copy for your website:1. Use clear and simple languageReading from computer screens is tiring for the eyes and about 25% slower than reading from printedmatter. As such, the easier the style of writing the easier it is for site visitors to absorb your words ofwisdom.Some techniques for using clear and simple language include:- Avoid slang or jargon - Get your grandmother and ten year old nephew to read your site - if both canunderstand the page content youve done well!- Use shorter words where possible - ‘Begin rather than ‘commence, ‘used to rather than ‘accustomedto etc.- Avoid complex sentence structures - Try to include just one idea or concept per sentence- Use active ahead of passive words - ‘We won the award is shorter and easier to comprehend than,‘The award was won by us2. Limit each paragraph to one idea
  5. 5. If you assign just one idea to each paragraph site visitors can:- Easily scan through each paragraph- Get the general gist of what the paragraph is about- Then move on to the next paragraphAll this and without fear that theyll be skipping over important information, because they will alreadyknow roughly what the paragraph is about.Limiting each paragraph to just one idea is especially effective when combined with front-loadingparagraph content.3. Front-load contentFront-loading content means putting the conclusion first, followed by the what, how, where, when andwhy. The first line of each paragraph should contain the conclusion for that paragraph, so site visitorscan:- Quickly scan through the opening sentence- Instantly understand what the paragraph is about- Decide if they want to read the rest of the paragraph or notBecause each paragraph contains just one idea, users can do all this safe in the knowledge that if theyjump to the next paragraph they wont be missing any new concepts.Front-loading also applies to web pages, as well as paragraphs. The opening paragraph on every pageshould always contain the conclusion of that page. This way, site visitors can instantly gain anunderstanding of what the page is about and decide whether they want to read the page or not.
  6. 6. Unfortunately many websites dont adhere to this guideline and end up writing page content in a story-format. On each page theres an introduction, middle and conclusion, in that order. Unfortunately, whenscanning through web content we dont tend to read all the text nor read all the way to the bottom ofthe screen. As such, you may easily miss the conclusion if its left until the end.So remember, conclusion first, everything else second! For a great example of front-loaded content, justread any newspaper article. The opening paragraph is always the conclusion of the article.4. Use descriptive sub-headingsBreaking up text with descriptive sub-headings allows site visitors to easily see what each section of thepage is about. The main heading on the page provides a brief overall view of what page is about, and theopening paragraph gives a brief conclusion of the page (because youve front-loaded the page content).Within the page though, there are various sub-themes which can be quickly put across with sub-headings.Theres no hard and fast rule for how frequently to use sub-headings, but you should probably beroughly aiming for one sub-heading every two to four paragraphs. More importantly though, the sub-headings should group on-page content into logical groups, to allow site visitors to easily access theinformation that theyre after.5. Bolden important wordsAnother way to help users locate information quickly and easily is to bolden important words in someparagraphs. When site visitors scan through the screen this text stands out to them, so do make sure thetext makes sense out of context.Bolden two to three words which describe the main point of the paragraph, and not words on whichyoure placing emphasis. By seeing these boldened words site visitors can instantly gain anunderstanding of what the paragraph is about and decide whether or not they want to read it.
  7. 7. 6. Use descriptive link textIn the same way that bold text stands out to screen-scanning web users, so does link text. Link text suchas ‘click here makes no sense whatsoever out of context so is useless to site visitors scanning webpages. To find out the destination of the link, site visitors have to hunt through the text both before andafter the link text.7. Use listsLists are preferable to long paragraphs because they:- Allow users to read the information vertically rather than horizontally- Are easier to scan- Are less intimidating- Are usually more succinct8. Left-align textLeft-aligned text is easier to read than justified text, which in turn is easier to read than centre- or right-aligned text.When reading through justified text the spacing between each word is different so our eyes have tosearch for the next word. This slows down our reading speed. Right- and centre-aligned paragraphs slowdown reading speed even more because each time you finish reading one line your eye has to search forthe beginning of the next line.Conclusion
  8. 8. These eight guidelines are nothing revolutionary nor are they difficult to implement. Yet so manywebsites structure their content so poorly to the detriment of their site visitors. Have a quick look overyour website now - how does it do with regards to these content guidelines?Hiring a web designer to come up with the custom solution that you need can set you back a fewthousand bucks. But you can do the whole thing yourself and make it drag and drop simple for merepennies with a tool like Breezy Websites. See for details!Flash website : End of Part III