Vancouver Greentech Exchange Presentation 120118


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Presentation at Vancouver Greentech Exchange on January 18, 2011

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Vancouver Greentech Exchange Presentation 120118

  1. 1. Vancouver Greentech Exchange Yasuhiko Ogushi, MBA, MSc2012/01/18 Industry Consultant Business Development Manager at Etalim Inc.Five Cleantech Opportunities Director at Modo the Car Co-opto Work with Japan
  2. 2. Social/technological trends and key drivers The anti-nuclear rally of 60,000 demonstrators Tokyo, September 19, 2011
  3. 3. Need for independent clean power + conservationJohnan Shinkin Bank (credit union)• Aims at a society that doesn’t depend on nuclear power• Switched from TEPCO to PPS (Independent power producer)• Installed solar PV and fuel cells• Renovated offices to increase insulation• Thorough conservation throughout offices• Provides no-interest loans for solar PV installation
  4. 4. Need for independent clean power + conservation Enefarm: fuel cell micro-CHP Natural gas for residential: ηelectricity=37~45% (LHV) ηthermal=42~50% (LHV) 2011 models: ¥2M(C$25,000) Electricity Hot water
  5. 5. Disaster-proof • Experience of blackouts after 311 earthquake/tsumami and following rotational blackouts • UPS/batteries • Multi-fuel micro-CHP • Electric vehicle to Home (V2H) system – Now third-party conversion kits – Major automakers are also developing
  6. 6. Opportunity 1: Seek TechnologyToilet bike “NEO” by TOTO
  7. 7. CASE Supply of EV quick charger • Leading manufacturer of EV quick chargers • 50 kW, DC50-500V • 10-minute charging  40 kilometres (iMeEV) 50 kilometres (Leaf) • From 0 to full charging takes 30 minutes (conventional: 14 hrs) • Takaoka also makes other Charging station at Science World electric equipment for utilities (being moved from Olympic Village)
  8. 8. CASE (Supported by Supply of NaS batteries Clean Energy Fund) Energy storage project at Golden / Field • 2 x 1MW NaS batteries • Reduces the risk of capacity shortfall at Golden substation which runs at near- capacity • Improves reliability and eliminates diesel backup • First in Canada • Only and leading manufacturer of NaS batteries • High energy density, high efficiency, long life
  9. 9. CASE Supply of FIRST system Radiator (Grill) Light Light Energy Energy Radia Radia nce nce • Far-infrared radiation based • Established in 2009 in Richmond, BC space heating and cooling • Aims to provide sustainable living • Painted radiator + ceramic paint solution on wall/ceiling • Exclusively sells FIRST system in Canada • 185 units installed as of Dec ‘11
  10. 10. Opportunity 2: Seek Market
  11. 11. CASE Supply of solar PV modules • Canadian Solar Japan: • Established in 2001 in Ontario Japanese arm of Canadian Solar • Produces solar PV modules Inc. and systems • Established in 2009 • Mono-crystalized PV cells • Sources components from • Shipped 803 MW in 2010 domestic suppliers except PV • Operates in 9 countries modules
  12. 12. CASE Supply of lithium-ion batteries • Established in 2009 in Richmond, BC • History in the marine and battery industry • Leading-edge lithium-ion battery technology • Based in Fukuoka, Kyushu • Dedicated to eco-friendly power and propulsion solutions
  13. 13. Opportunity 3: Seek Strategic Assets + Market
  14. 14. CASE Joint venture Ebara Ballard Corporation (1998-2009) Demonstration in Japan (1998-2000) 250kW-class fuel cell Joint development/ cogeneration (CHP) Supply of stacks (2000-2009) 1kW fuel cell cogeneration (CHP) for residential application Mk1030 fuel cell stack
  15. 15. CASE Potential market for Micro-CHP product• After 2000, micro-CHP (co- • Established in 2006 in Vancouvergeneration) market has emerged • Specializes in the development• Current technologies: gas of next-generation Stirling engineengines and fuel cells called TAC • Low cost, no maintenance, and high durability & reliability “TAC” Thermal Acoustic Converter = next-generation Stirling engine + generator
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Opportunity 4: Seek Investment Capital
  18. 18. INCJ: public-private partnership for open innovation beyond the boundaries of existing organizational structures¥800B (C$10,667M) capitalguaranteed for the next 15 yrs ¥82B equity (C$ 1,093M) Government INCJ ¥10B (Innovation Network Corporation of Japan) Private (C$ 133M) Established 2009 companies Investment, Funds Management Technological support investment expertise People Target new business – cleantech, electronics, Universities IT, life science, etc. Based on and AZCA Inc.
  19. 19. THE WORLD AFTER 311
  20. 20. Illustration by Misato Yugi
  21. 21. Illustrative Illustrative
  22. 22. Illustrative
  23. 23. Reactor #3 ‘hydrogen’ explosion (March 14) #1 hydrogen explosion(March 12)  Reactor #4 Explosion? (March 15)  Reactor #2 (March 15) ima.html
  24. 24. Japan says Fukushima Facts: It’s not over yet • We still don’t know wherereactors now stable melted fuels are, what they look Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda like, and how we can recover them • The release of radiation from the plants hasn’t stopped • Risk of contaminated water flowing into Ocean • Risk of structure failure ofDecember 16, 2011 reactor #4 spent fuel pool
  25. 25. ‘Decontamination’ Cost: $$$$$ Risk: high Effectiveness: ?????
  26. 26.
  27. 27. Histological myocardium composition of a 43-year-old Dobrush resident(sudden death case). Radiocesium concentration in heart – 45,4 Bq/kg. Duffisiousmyocytolis. Intermuscular edema. Fragmentation of muscular fibers. Colored byhematoxylin and eosin.Source: Bandashevsky (2009),
  28. 28. Opportunity 51. Safely decommission Fukushima Daiichi plant – Molten fuel – Contaminated water – Structure of reactor #42. Measure radioactivity – Environment – Food – Human body3. Reduce radioactivity – Environment (soil, water) – Artifacts (buildings)
  29. 29. Summary: five cleantech opportunities with Japan Disaster-proof Need for independent 1. Seek and clean power 2. Seek technology (to market use or sell) Conservation and energy 3. Seek strategic 4. Seek efficiency resources + investment market capital 5. Alleviate radiation contamination
  30. 30. “We in Canada have observed that, under extraordinarycircumstances, it can be very beneficial to have the adviceof outside experts who bring fresh eyes to bear on theproblems and who have no need to defend pastpronouncements or justify decisions that may have beenpreviously made.”Dr. Gordon Edward, PhDPresident of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility and is therecipient of the 2006 Nuclear-Free Future Award
  31. 31. Thank you “Protect” Yasuhiko
  32. 32. ResourcesCleantech• Cleantech matching: Osaka Chamber of Commerce Digital Concept Partner program through JETRO Vancouver (also business matching and trade show info in JETRO website)• Japanese Smart Energy Products and Technologies 2011Impact of radiation• Status of Fukushima and Japan: Fukushima Daily, EX-SKF• Impact in Canada: Canadian Collaborative for Radiation Awareness and Monitoring• Impact on Fishery in Pacific Ocean: Montreal Gazette article