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Heuristic Evaluation


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Heuristic Evaluation of Application Line

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Heuristic Evaluation

  1. 1. Heuristic Evaluation Application Line By 10020104
  2. 2. Heuristic Evaluation •The 10 most general principles for interaction design •They are called "heuristics" because they are more in the nature of rules of thumb than specific usability guidelines
  3. 3. Application Line – Heuristic Evaluation
  4. 4. 1. Visibility of system status • When “Timeline” is loading, there is a circle which shows that it is loading new posts • When there is a new post, it shows a message “New posts” • If there is no connection with network, it shows a message “Not connected to network” (I am using Line in order to check my network connection) • When there is a message, it gives a report signal. If a user turns off the sound, it only shows the number of messages received • Shows time of posts • When someone “likes”/ “great”s/ “funny”s / …. and mentions a user in comment notification comes
  5. 5. 2. Match between system and the real world • “Not connected to network” is simple and understandable enough. Better than phrase “Error …..” • “New posts” is also understandable • When “liking” something, the usage of icons is useful. The meanings and icons match each other • “Save Success!” message is understandable
  6. 6. 3. User control and freedom •There is isn’t exactly undo/redo functions. Line allows a user to edit, delete posts and “likes” of his/her friends. However, it is not so fast for novice since these options are inside “Settings” •The application interface varies according to devices too. therefore, if a user switches from one device to another, it
  7. 7. 4. Consistency and standards The app follows the standards. The icons of related fields like “Friends”, “Chats”, “More” is consistent
  8. 8. 5. Error prevention When searching a name, all names with same letters appear. It may be useful for users who forget new friends’ names
  9. 9. 6. Recognition rather than recall A user should not have to remember date and time of posts; it automatically shows
  10. 10. 7. Flexibility and efficiency of use The basic actions are easy to do for novice too. For example: messaging, posting, adding friends, etc. There is isn’t exactly undo/redo functions. Line allows a user to edit, delete posts and “likes” of his/her friends. However, it is not so fast for novice since these options are inside
  11. 11. 8. Aesthetic and minimalist design Everything, including messages, is related to its function
  12. 12. 9. Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors All error messages are understandable and use plain text
  13. 13. 10. Help and documentation Network connection error is pretty understandable (mentioned above) New post message is pretty understandable (mentioned above)
  14. 14. Interview Result Privacy
  15. 15. Timeline Post Comments One complain came from one user of Line whom I interviewed. She says that in timeline, the comments to a post are seen by everyone/friends of a user. This means friend/s of a user do not know each other but can read comments of each other. She doesn’t want others to read her comments.
  16. 16. Scenario User A has friends B, C, D Friend B is friend with Friend D. Friend C is not friend with Friend B, Friend D. User A posts one photo. All friends comment. Friend B does not want Friend C to see his/her posts because he/she does not know User A Friend B Friend C Friend D
  17. 17. Thank you!