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30 Lead Generation Ideas That Rock !


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Discover 30 creative lead generation ideas to build your email list effectively. Email marketing is king of any online business. Start adding thousands of fresh prospects, grow your marketing channel using top notch email marketing methods from the best email marketing practices of the leading experts.

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30 Lead Generation Ideas That Rock !

  1. 1. 30 Ways To Promote an Email Newsletterbrought to you by Max Greenflame, resellrightsmuseum.comEmail marketing is probably the best way to generate passive income off yourweb-based business. Your email list is an address book of people who arerelevant and open to your business. You filter your traffic flow and collect realprospects for your sales offers. Nothing else can give you better conversion thanyour own reserve of email leads. As soon as you launch an email newsletteryouve got to start adding new subscribers. Dont you limit yourself promoting itonly on your website. Your newsletter needs a web wide buzz!Lets analyze the most effective lead generation opportunities, methods andstrategies that shouldnt be overlooked if youre serious about email marketingrealizing its power. As well, why not trying some innovative solutions?On-Site Lead Generation1. If you only have a static website, create a blog to promote your newsletteron. Promoting your blog you promote your newsletter too.2. Use multiple opt-in baits to increase sign-ups. Put a different opt-infreebie for every category and subcategory on your blog. See the detailedtutorial.
  2. 2. 3. Launch your own blog library. Learn why and how.4. Split test your subscription forms and landing pages.5. If you broadcast regular e-zine issues to your list, place a sample issue onyour landing page. Allow your visitors to evaluate your works before theyreveal their emails. They dont want to sign up for trash.6. Use different kinds of opt-in freebies, not only ebooks but videos,software, graphics, etc.7. Include calls to action in your blog articles, videos, ads.8. Refer to your opt-in freebies or locked blog library books content in yourblog posts. Give them an excerpt or a screen shot of something thatsinside.9. Broadcast digital products with give away rights to you mailing list.10. Allow some free ad space for people to promote their stuff in yourebooks. They wont market your free ebooks with your links only.Off-Site Lead Generation.1. Announce your opt-in freebies in social networks. Stumble them, tweetthem, etc. Offer them in social groups.2. Announce your opt-in freebies on forums in your niche.3. Writing and distributing articles, link them to your newsletter landingpage.4. Recording and distributing videos, link them to your landing page.5. Create and distribute press releases for your ebooks exposed as opt-inbaits.6. Write reviews for your blog library and pay to submit them on other sites.7. Recommend your opt-in freebies as must-read in online readers clubs.8. Write free ebooks, link them to your landing page and submit them toebook directories, online stores and libraries.9. Write short reports linking to your landing page and submit them todocument sharing sites like Scribd.10. Create slide show presentations for your opt-n freebies and submitthem to slides show sharing sites like Slideshare.11. Write short reports linking to your landing page and sell them atlow prices on online marketplaces like Clickbank.12. Launch an affiliate program, pay your affiliates a commission forevery product sold through your newsletter.13. Launch a CPA affiliate program and pay your affiliates per sign up.14. Create audio podcasts, link them to your landing page and submitthem to podcast directories.15. Regular email ad swaps.16. Purchase E-zine ads to promote your newsletter.
  3. 3. 17. Advertise your newsletter on other blogs in your niche.18. Create ebooks with links to your landing page and market them tomembership sites. More about it.19. Create and distribute a software with opt-in requirement.20. Optimize your landing page for search engines and build more backlinks to it and you will increase organic traffic arriving to see it.If you dont want to work hard creating tons of content for your newsletterpromotion, you can outsource it to content writing experts any time. So theseare the thirty awesome ways to explode your email list with fresh high qualityleads.Unearth the most astounding email marketing, blog marketing and affiliatemarketing experiments, best practices, tips and tricks onresellrightsmuseum.comMust read by Max Greenflame:Email Ad Swapping StrategiesKeeping Your Email Subscribers with YouLead Generation Mechanism for Your Blog©2013,