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Ed Weatherall

  1. 1. The Big Five Openness How open to new experiences, artistic interests, abstract thought Closed: 31% Open: 69%
  2. 2. The Big Five Conscientiousness How organised, diligent, competent, dutiful, achievement striving Unconscientious: 47% Conscientious: 53%
  3. 3. The Big Five Extraversion How outgoing, gregarious, high activity, positive emotion from high activity Introverts: 40% Extravert: 60%
  4. 4. The Big Five Agreeableness How ‘warm’, tender minded, sentimental, trusting, modest and to some extent friendly Disagreeable: 45% Agreeable: 55%
  5. 5. The Big Five Neuroticism How anxious, tendency towards depressive thought, vulnerability, even hostility is predicted by this Emotionally stable: 35% Neurotic: 65%
  6. 6. Ogilvy Lab Day Attendees busy people, with short attention spans who like things to be dramatic and emotional
  7. 7. Prone to abstract thought and extremely open to new experiences
  8. 8. They find the miracle of childbirth pretty amazing. Sales People They don't like being on their own, won't just sit back and listen.
  9. 9. Likely to go running after an argument. Account Managers Practical thinkers and good listeners. They're comfortable in social situations, but are happy to be on their own.
  10. 10. At a party, they're the ones telling the jokes. Client Marketers Logical thinkers who like to take the driving seat.
  11. 11. If something breaks, they go to find the instructions. Planners Practical thinkers who enjoy their own company.
  12. 12. Likely to turn up late, and get angry when things don't go their way. Creatives Abstract thinkers who feel inspired when they're alone.
  13. 13. Girls drink pints and boys wear makeup
  14. 14. The Evolution of The New Me In evolutionary terms, we began as physical organisms, single cell creatures responding to simple stimuli. At this point we were purely physical.
  15. 15. The Evolution of The New Me …and zooming through evolution a few billion years we arrived at an aware and feeling being
  16. 16. The Evolution of The New Me …and more recently, another part of us has appeared – our digital me
  17. 17. The Evolution of The New Me In the last 12 months, we have seen an explosion of new technologies linking the physical and digital self – Quantified Self. Clever devices designed to process physical data
  18. 18. The Evolution of The New Me VisualDNA is a technology that connects our digital being with our emotional self.
  19. 19. The Evolution of The New Me We enable connections for a more complete relationship between all aspects of ourselves with the potential of making the digital world more real and a more complete representation of our true self.
  20. 20. Edward Weatherall Client Director T: 020 7749 0219 / M: 0771 509 1536 edward.weatherall@visualdna.com @edweatherall