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Platforms for Facebook Contests
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FB Rules of the game – You Must
FB Rules of the game – You Can’t
FB Rules of the game – You Can
DIY or outsource ?

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  • Facebook contest platforms

    1. 1. Platforms for Facebook Contests @ogillin 08/2012
    2. 2. Facebook Promotions and Contests in US• North Social www.northsocial.com Starting Price: $19.99/mth• Wildfire www.wildfireapp.com Starting Price :$5 per promotion plus $0.99 per day• Strutta www.strutta.com Starting Price: $99/mth for their Social Suite• Votigo.com www.votigo.com Starting Price: $30/week• Woobox www.woobox.com Starting Price: $29/mth for promotions• ShortStack www.shortstack.com Starting Price: Free for Pages under 2000 Likes• Buddy Media www.buddymedia.com• Involver www.involver.com• BigPrize.com www.bigprize.com• Promoboxx www.promoboxx.com• Yunno www.yunno.com• BlazonApp www.blazonapp.com• Engage Sciences www.engagesciences.com• FanAppz www.fanappz.com• Offerpop offerpop.com• EasyPromos www.easypromosapp.com• Appbistro appbistro.com Starting Price: Free• Faceitpages. Starting Price: Free• FanPageEngine. Contest App Coming soon Facebook do not support tabs and all application live on tabs on Mobile Solution: microsite + let mobile users know
    3. 3. In EU• KontestApp: 499 - 999EUR/game• Halalati 159 – 799EUR (DE)• SocialShaker• TigerLily• digibonus.com• Agorapulse• facebook.tribeca.fr• komunityweb.com/application-facebook (dev agency)
    4. 4. FB Rules of the game – You Must• administer ALL contests, promotions, and sweepstakes on Facebook using a third-party application and never use the Facebook platform such as your Page wall, the Events app, Groups or any other Facebook functionality to run your promotion. Note that a third-party application also includes any applications you create yourself.• include a complete release of Facebook and acknowledgment that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.• have clear contest rules that are visible directly on your application Page.• + Follow your local laws https://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php#promotionsguidelines
    5. 5. FB Rules of the game – You Can’t• Use Facebook’s like, share, comment button, use the photos/videos tab as a voting mechanism/registration for a promotion.• Contact winners inside Facebook (via direct messaging, chat, posting on the winner’s wall or posting on your own Page wall).• Choose a fan for a random draw since this means that you would use Facebook to collect entries unless you do it somehow through a third-party application.
    6. 6. FB Rules of the game – You Can• upload photos or videos for a contest but it has to be done via a third-party application and not through the default Facebook photo/video tab on your Page.• have users like your Page, check into a Place, or connect to your app before entering your promotion as long as the promotion is administered through a third-party application and is not used as a voting mechanism or a registration for your promotion.• collect names and emails from the contestants. This is actually recommended especially for the purpose of contacting the winner(s). This doesn’t give you the right to add email addresses to your mailing list unless you specifically include it in your terms and allow for opting out.• Promote a contest on your Facebook page…”as long as there’s no requirement to do anything on Facebook; e.g., like your page, comment, upload content, etc. You can simply post a link on your page to the contest. And, to be fully safe, I would also include this disclosure, This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.”• Mari Smith said the same, “…provided you comply with the rule to use an app to run the contest, you CAN use all the Facebook features to promote the contest, whether ads, wall posts, adding milestones, pinning to the top etc”.
    7. 7. North Social (US) Pricing: Game Customization Hosting Publishing Analytics Mobile ? As Agency $1k/month 18apps, 50 fan pages + $400/m Publishing & Analytics ======== $1400 / month As SME$3/day 18apps, 1 fanpage, max 25k fans+ $400/m Publishing & Analytics========$490 / month
    8. 8. WildFire (Google) As SME $5/day 1app, unlimited fans, design custo + $250 per promotion ======== $400 / monthSweepstakesCouponsUser-Generated Photo, Essay, and Video ContestsPick your FavoritesQuizzesTriviaGroup Deals Cases: wildfireapp.com/customers
    9. 9. Shortstack (US)
    10. 10. Kontestapp (FR, Paris) Microsite w/ url custom QR code0€ 499€ 999€ 1999€DB recovery 0.75€/u Classic games White label Photo/blindtest Kontest logo Statistics Custom CSS Like mandatory Multilanguage Form, colors custom Custom Email, Twitter, FB email/Twitter/FB Work with Agencies And SMEs
    11. 11. Digibonus (FR, Paris) As SME €15/day 10 days, 10 Apps, 10K fans, like + €149/m fan gate, stats, light custo, photo/videos ======== €299 / month As Agency €499/month 10apps, 1 fan page, unli. fans multi languages, white label, custom flow, daily prize draws, Data export API ======== $499 / month
    12. 12. SocialShaker (FR, Paris)By comshaker.comTABs:Photo ContestVideo ContestQuiz VisuelQuiz-ConcoursF-CouponF-CodesSong BattleSweepstakesInstant WinSlideshowRss ReaderFAQ & SupportMap itNewsletterGoogle+ ReaderContact FormLanding TabHTML TabYoutube ✔ Mobile
    13. 13. Halalati (DE)
    14. 14. DIY or outsource• Focus on core vs Cash Cow (really?)• Cost of maintenance? – Frequency of update• Market demand – # games offered vs external providers• Frequency of demand• Interest of a partnership